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Christina's Performance Of Moves Like Jagger With Maroon 5

Last night on "The Voice", Christina Aguilera joined Adam Levine and Maroon 5 for a performance of their new single, "Moves Like Jagger". Check out the collaboration below.

Also, be sure to check out the studio version which is now available on iTunes.

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  • vocalrangediva 07.03.2011

    The Burlesque soundtrack is on itunes, it may be only at 43 but with the support of christina's fans we can put it at the top!!! number 1 +)

  • vocalrangediva 07.03.2011

    (i recieved this from youtube <a href="" title=""></a> a person left this comment please do this pumkinchunkin124 left the comment) ATTENTION CHRISTINA FANS
    On JuLY 31, 2011 (before or later if you can't make it) we will all watch"H.U.R.T." in honor of the greatest singer ever with the most amazing voice. Let's give her the best present ever: the highest viewed video on YouTube!! Let's give her what she deserves and what other does not deserve to have!

    Copy and paste to all Xtina videos and all music videos let's get this noticed quickly! AND THIS TIME LET'S DO IT REALLY WITH VERY MUCH ENERGY!!!!

  • Noelia22 06.30.2011

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • AllaneZ 06.28.2011

    Buy Keeps Gettin' Better : A Decade Of Hits on iTunes. Now only $6.99

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Claudus 06.27.2011

    "Moves Like Jagger" great song. Congratulations Christina and Maroon 5. I Love You Christina !!!

  • Holly X 06.27.2011

    Freakin' ADORE this song!

  • sweet vallentine 06.27.2011

    i love she is the best in the world

  • pedrojose2009 06.26.2011


  • brianbrad 06.26.2011

    la mejorr perfoooooo ♥..c ven hermososss ♥ mas mi chris!♥

  • Ya1000 06.26.2011

    Hermosos!!!!lo mejor de lo mejor...!!!!!una cancion espectacular ojala ingrese alto en el billboard hot 100..!!!xtina the best

  • AllaneZ 06.26.2011

    Listen Moves Like Jagger here
    <a href="" title=""></a>
    it will help to reach number 1 on Hot 100

  • AllaneZ 06.24.2011

    Buy Moves Like Jagger on iTunes here :
    <a href=";v0=WWW-NAUS-ITSTOP100-SONGS&amp;ign-mpt=uo%3D2" title=";v0=WWW-NAUS-ITSTOP100-SONGS&amp;ign-mpt=uo%3D2"></a>

    Number 1 right now Smile)

  • LEFOU IBIZA 06.24.2011

    The Best !!!!!!!!Christina Aguilera Diva N1 Gooooo Diva I love You !Wink

  • bionic28 06.23.2011

    wow i love it...!

  • alexdoubleyou 06.23.2011

    total pro. and they wonder why you make the big bucks.

  • billybilly2050 06.23.2011

    wow great song , i never thought them two together would sound as good as they did , EPIC!!!!!!!

  • aguileraP.R. 06.23.2011

    I l¤ve the song
    moves like jagger #1

  • XtinaXkakaX 06.23.2011

    I love that....

  • Legentina4Life 06.23.2011

    Loved the performance
    The Song is #1 on iTunes!!!!!

  • AllaneZ 06.23.2011

    Nice performance Smile

  • figtherviper 06.23.2011

    happy genie in a bottle's b-day

  • IxHeartXtina 06.22.2011

    I love the song, it's a hit! Times magazine wrote on this performance: "NEVER SHARE THE STAGE WITH CHRISTINA AGUILERA... she will steal the show without even trying!"

  • RajibDavid 06.22.2011

    Buy the song! It's #2 on iTunes, let's take it to #1!

  • Alejandres 06.22.2011


  • DOHNI 06.22.2011

    Follow Me Guys!!/DohniElin

  • DOHNI 06.22.2011

    I luv the Song, Great Duet, Luv u Xtina, Te amo Xtina Sigue Cantando para Nosotros! You're So Damn Beautiful And Wonderful

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