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Team Christina Rocked The Voice

Team Christina rocked the house last night on NBC’s The Voice, with an inspiring duet of her own hit "Beautiful". In addition, the coaches set the tone of the evening with a killer performance of “Under Pressure".

For the full performances watch the videos below and don’t forget to tune in for the season finale of The Voice tonight at 8/7c to see who will be named "The Voice"!

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  • klt68 09.18.2011
  • thec 08.05.2011

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  • milesperhour 07.31.2011

    I have always loved the song beautiful - as a survivor of domestic violence this was my theme song. As a volunteer teaching abused women self-defense and trying to make the public more aware of domestic violence I ask that people play this song in October ... because no matter what you go through, or what you are told... beautiful has message to carry.

  • BettyHorrid 07.15.2011

    You should sale team XTINA t shirts asap!!! I want one!

  • jackie M. 07.11.2011

    ur right aguilera P. R xtina iz #1

  • jackie M. 07.11.2011

    Ii am soooo pumped 4 the next seaso n of the voice!!

  • Noelia22 07.10.2011

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  • vocalrangediva 07.03.2011

    The Burlesque album is on itunes lets put it at the top!!!! number 1

  • vocalrangediva 07.03.2011

    (i recieved this from youtube <a href="" title=""></a> a person left this comment please do this pumkinchunkin124 left the comment) ATTENTION CHRISTINA FANS
    On JuLY 31, 2011 (before or later if you can't make it) we will all watch"H.U.R.T." in honor of the greatest singer ever with the most amazing voice. Let's give her the best present ever: the highest viewed video on YouTube!! Let's give her what she deserves and what other does not deserve to have!

    Copy and paste to all Xtina videos and all music videos let's get this noticed quickly! AND THIS TIME LET'S DO IT REALLY WITH VERY MUCH ENERGY!!!! Laughing out loud

  • Holly X 07.03.2011

    Cannot WAIT for the next album Christina!

  • nightmoveskat 07.01.2011

    I thought you were a fantastic coach and I'm happy to see that you signed on for the 2ns season..I voted for Beverly but I think she got a little to c***y and that may have cost her some votes for the win...she is talented though don't get me wrong, she was awesome on the duet Beautiful for sure....

  • mynix 07.01.2011

    It was great, finally she is getting better vocally and that is the whole point.

  • JotieS 07.01.2011

    look forward to your next album !!!!

  • vmercel 06.30.2011

    Awsome. We love u christina.
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  • Noelia22 06.30.2011

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  • vocalrangedive 06.30.2011

    The note you hit in "Under Pressure" was amazing!!! You really did show us why you are known as "the voice of our generation!" Wonderful as always!!! =) Great rendition of Beautiful!!!

  • Xtina'sTopFan 06.29.2011

    Beautiful and amazing! Love seeing Christina perform-she always steals the show and rules the stage!

  • AllaneZ 06.29.2011

    Congrats for Javier Colon

  • VintageDoll 06.29.2011

    Christina i love yya doll! U R MY IDOL, I look up to so much. u r so gorgeous. I so want to meet u. u have a cell?

  • AllaneZ 06.29.2011

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  • AllaneZ 06.29.2011

    Hope Beverly win!

  • aguileraP.R. 06.29.2011

    Team xtina is the best #1

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