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Marie Claire Cover

Check out Christina’s cover shoot and interview for the new issue of Marie Claire out on newsstands now.

Marie Claire

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  • m cecilian 03.18.2012

    She is my queen!

  • Xtine 01.25.2012

    I love this clean chic side of you!

  • ilovextina_389 01.24.2012

    i love this cover, beautiful.

  • angel613 01.24.2012

    are there two covers this month? the issue i got in the mail doesn't have her with the white jacket, only a black!

  • aivina 01.22.2012

    She is so beautiful here!

  • Juliya Anikina 01.21.2012

    She is my ideal. I iove her)))***

  • x-iram 01.21.2012

    She looks so beautiful

  • Nht.Sayuri 01.21.2012

    You're so beautiful. Thank God so much for giving you a voice of an Angel. Just be strong, stronger than ever. I love you.

  • Nelson 01.20.2012

    Sad by the death of Etta James

  • karahershey 01.20.2012

    you are so pretty in this mag

  • Nelson 01.19.2012

    Te Amo

  • X - jl 01.17.2012

    go xtina go......

  • X - jl 01.17.2012

    x-tina... tu eres massssssssssssssssss
    te amooooooooo


  • EvelynTL 01.16.2012

    I Love You Aguilera!!!

  • Juliana Paciliio 01.15.2012

    beautiful forever you are pretty @TeamXtinalovers

  • Aritina 01.14.2012

    I love that picture. Your eyes are shiny in that. You're the most talented singer in the univers.
    I love you very much Xtina. Kisses x-x-x

  • MarBarr 01.13.2012

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I am going to go out and buy this issue! Laughing out loud

  • Yazmin 01.12.2012

    I love Christina!!

  • AllaneZ 01.12.2012

    Happy birthday to Max Liron Bratman ☺

  • Mari 01.12.2012

    No matter what people say 'bout u!!!!!!!
    You're amazing!!!
    Love you!!!

  • Finally...a beautiful picture of Christina

  • yimmimegue 01.11.2012

    love u Xtina!

  • aguileraP.R. 01.11.2012


  • traceyf01 01.10.2012

    You are beautiful!! Check out the You Tube video of the pole dancing puppet by Lee Zimmerman. She's beautiful, too!

  • AllaneZ 01.10.2012

    I #LoveYourBodyXtina
    No matter what people say!!
    Love you Sexy

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