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~The Voice~ TeamXtina

~The Voice~ TeamXtina

I can't wait until 2/5/2012. Not Because Super Bowl but because of THE VOICE. I'm So excited...... R U!

  • Xtine 04.19.2012

    i think both are great singers and performers, miss jesse tho. I think its very open from now on, i think it depends on song choices and what they make out of the moments they get , its very interesting as they are so different as artists. i think christina is very drawn to lindsey coz it seems she really likes this girls style and energy - and wants to hear her future album.

  • MarBarr 04.19.2012

    Who do you think will ultimately represent Team Xtina? Lindsey Paveo or Chris Mann?

  • ijamseeds 04.18.2012

    seriously chris? hashtagging bieberfever and saying the biebs... o god. come here. ok no more caffeine for now. decaf?

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 04.18.2012

    I didn't agree with Christina's elimination. I feel that Lindsey had the weakest voice on Team Xtina and he should have been the first one eliminated. However, I do respect with Christina's decision on keeping Lindsey

  • xtinarox1113 04.18.2012

    I was completely shocked & saddened when Ashley was sent home. Ashley's performance was great imo. I wish she had stayed. :'(

  • MarBarr 04.18.2012

    when Jesse was eliminated i was shocked my body literally jolted. and in the beginning i wasn't impressed with Ashley but i saw her grow and said wow this girl will go far so i am surprised. also since Lindsey's audition i was captivated but didn't care for the rendition of "Part of Me". I was okay with Ashley's survival song performance and i wasn't completely thrilled with Lindsey's performance but she does allure me somehow, its her energy or something. Christina in tears made me teary eyed and although i didn't want her to be sad it was nice to see that side of her. i think Ashley would have possibly won, maybe, but i respect Christina's choice because it was her decision and she ultimately knows her team mates more then we do.

  • Stripped713 04.18.2012

    Loved the performance and I absolutely dig the country intro. I hope to see more of that in the future from her. I am really sad about Jesse being eliminated. I personally did not agree with the decision. I know Lindsey is a versatile team member and had a unique voice. I also know Christina pointed out she is the top selling Voice contestant on itunes. BUT judging strictly on the performances that night (which is what the coaches and America is supposed to be voting on in all honesty) I felt Jesse and Ashley did much better than Lindsey. So I disagree with the decision, but I understand Christina's perspective as well.

  • MarBarr 04.17.2012

    I liked the country intro it poked fun at Blake Shelton's comment of having male strippers and imagining Christina throwing ones at them. that was funny. I also loved the fact that she let her team show case themselves without taking control of the spot light, but i agree with ijamseeds. i do think she could've done better. it did get my attention and held it there but it didnt make me say "Wow" like i know she can and usually does.

  • Beautiful93 04.17.2012

    Hmm.. I didn't really like her performance either..

  • ijamseeds 04.17.2012

    the way she executes her live singing still remains to be the anti-thesis of singing. kill me hate me for this but she couldve done better. she stands by honesty so that is my honest opinion of her. i am so sorry christina. why is she better in covering other people's songs than doing her own songs?

  • Xtina4ever 04.17.2012

    Did u see X in that outfit she wore during her and her team's Fighter performance?! I was like "Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin' everywhere, rockin' everywhere, rockin' everywhere!" Sexy!!

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 04.16.2012

    @Xtina4ever I know right? The Voice can do better than having Bieber on the show

  • Stripped713 04.16.2012

    Christina tweeted today! : BIG show on The Voice tonight. Performing with TeamXtina then have to send someone home. Never easy. Love my team! XoXtina

  • Xtina4ever 04.16.2012

    Ugh...Justin Bieber, really?? I suppose that would draw in a lot of viewers but still...blah!

  • lIG 04.16.2012

    HEY fans

    Watch the voice, eliminations, Justin Beiber, other singers, and the judges singing, this week the show is on fire. AND PLEASE VOTE EVERY WEEK, IT IS IMPORTANT.

  • ijamseeds 04.13.2012

    hey you guys. just wanna share something. i got to be a judge in a singing contest in my little hometown. i found myself wanting to do it ala the voice style, but people would find me weird. but anyway i enjoyed the experience while channeling how christina does things. i was laughing at myself when i realized that i went overboard with my comments that i even took the score space just to make way for my comments. hahaha. Wink

  • lIG 04.11.2012
  • lIG 04.11.2012

    We all have to vote next week, It is really important.

  • Xtina4ever 04.11.2012

    Christina's a b****! But that's why I LOVE her! She keeps it real no matter what and c'mon even the judges agree with what she says. They just sugarcoat it a bit more than she does. Like whenever Adam is about to give a negative comment he always has to go on and on about how much he loves that contest and they're great and blah blah blah and then finally says what he disliked about the performance instead of Christina who gets straight to the point.Smile

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 04.10.2012

    Definitely. People don't like it when a strong woman speaks her mind, it makes them feel powerless, so all they have to do is criticize. I am actually a fan of Tony's, partially because we was on MMC with Christina, but I do think he is just an O.K. singer. @xtinarox1113, you're definitely right, she was giving him constructive criticism. I also think Christina can be tougher on him since they go way back and understand each other more than any other coach. Christina was helping him to get better. I don't know if Tony took Christina's critique as something negative, but if he did, and makes it through next week, that should just motivate him to try and prove that he is not "one dimensional".

  • xtinarox1113 04.10.2012

    I agree, Christina was speaking the truth, she is entitled to give her opinion, & she said it in a polite manner. While she did criticize, she also said that she still supported him & it's not like she just said he sounded horrible & beat him down. No, she said he seemed 1 dimensional and there were other, better singers in the competition but she also said she still supported him. It's not like her and Tony are strangers either like Christina and many of the other competators; she knows him & was simply giving constructive criticizim. If she had said that to anyone else or another coach had said it to Tony, no one would have made a big deal about it but because Christina knows him (& just because it's Christina), people try to make her seem like a b****.

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 04.10.2012

    A lot of people are criticizing Christina because of what she said on The Voice last night. The truth is, Christina was only saying the truth. Everything she said was right. "Obviously we get a lot of support. You've got me and your old Mouseketeer buddies behind you. And Justin in particular. I hope this is really a contest about the voice. I think there are just better voices on the show, rather than a celebrity sway kind of thing". When Christina was talking, she DID say that she supports him. She was just making a point to the voters who get easily persuaded in voting a certain way just because they like a celebrity that has been on MMC with Tony. Secondly, Christina is right. There are better singers on The Voice than Tony, and there shouldn't be an argument about it. Christina is also a coach/judge on the Voice. She is entitled to her opinion, and it is her job to express it, especially since she is a judge.
    Christina is an outspoken person, and she knows it. She mentions this in many of her songs:
    Here To Stay:I've never been the type to be shy
    I know that some would say I'm too headstrong
    But I’d rather be a woman who voices her mind
    Whether you think I'm right or wrong
    Can't Hold Us Down:So what am I not supposed to have an opinion
    Should I be quiet just because I'm a woman
    Call me a b**** cos I speak what's on my mind
    Guess it's easier for you to swallow if I sat and smiled

  • lIG 04.10.2012

    ijamseeds, Maybe she knows something you obviously don't. And the truth of the matter is that if Adam would have said what she said, you probably would not be loging in to bash him, I recall Adam saying the same thing to someone else last week, and making someone cry, but x-tina's fans did not go to the press with it. So maybe you need to rewind the previous shows and see how Adam has done the same thing.
    Also other artists commenting on a performance is different than implying to the public that a certain individual should win or is the best. Get over it.

  • ijamseeds 04.10.2012

    whatever your comment or issue were, it had certainly nothing to do with tony's performance. so that was downright mean, rude.

  • ijamseeds 04.10.2012

    she was rude with tony. xtina, some celeb endorsements and tweets are even showcased to increase the show's credibilty more. so your comments came off as insecure and bitter. did you forget that diddy rallied for your jesse-anthony duo? alicia keys' tweet was shown on tv after that jesse-anthony battle. i dont remember the other coaches saying anything about it.

  • AllaneZ 04.04.2012

    Delish!! That just I wanna say..
    She looks stunning (as always).
    Lindsey and Jesse are the winner last night..

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 04.04.2012

    I loved Christina's dress last night. She just "Keeps Gettin' Better"!

  • ijamseeds 04.03.2012

    the press has nothing but praises for the voice and keeps on saying that the voice is lording it over american idol. so why is the voice's ratings plummeting every episode? it is disappointing. but i am more disappointed of the fact that for a show that promotes itself as a represention of admirable ideals, it still hires the press to write up manufactured bs. and here i am ralllying for the voice and debating with friends on how this show beats idol. god i feel stupid. truth all along is that american idol's ratings is still light years away from the voice.

  • Bionic.Girl 04.03.2012

    She looked amazing last night! I totally loved her dress and hair.

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 04.03.2012

    Christina looked damn gorgeous last night! Team Xtina did amazing and I'm looking forward to see what Christina will wear tonight.
    @ijamseeds, I agree with you. Here's the clip if anyone missed it
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 04.03.2012
  • ijamseeds 04.03.2012

    have you guys watched andy cohen's show? guilliana was there too. everyone was laughing with the xtina-andy banter, but that skinny bch, being a part of fashion police with kelly and joan rivers, has saomething different in her head. even if she was laughing with them you can see it in her face. hope she cross paths with xtina someday to delight us while she's being sat on in the face by our queen.

  • Xtine 04.03.2012

    I loved her hair!!

  • xtinarox1113 04.02.2012

    Christina looks AMAZING!!!!! I loved her make-up and outfit!

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 04.02.2012

    I'm not sure, but I hope so. I love it when they sing together. It would be great if Christina will surprise us with a song from her new album! Smile

  • Xtine 04.02.2012

    so the battle rounds are done, and live shows starts. do you think christina and the other coaches are gonna kick off the show tonight with a performance together? Laughing out loud

  • TheRealJulie 03.21.2012
    I love this show!
  • Criss Tareyton 03.17.2012

    I enjoy watching the Voice every Monday Go Team Xtinia! It bring laughter to my life every Monday
    I digs that

  • phantom11 03.16.2012

    Smile I love that song

  • xtinarox1113 03.16.2012

    That is her best live performance of I Turn to You imo

  • ijamseeds 03.16.2012

    a RARE one of a kind I TURN TO YOU performance...
    truly, her VOICE trailblazed today's generation of divas
    <a href=";feature=plcp&amp;context=C4238cbfVDvjVQa1PpcFMDCgNBq96DYXAQ17TPJvoq78li2EsXrzw%3D" title=";feature=plcp&amp;context=C4238cbfVDvjVQa1PpcFMDCgNBq96DYXAQ17TPJvoq78li2EsXrzw%3D">;feature=plcp&amp;context=C4238cbf...</a>

  • Xtine 03.14.2012

    I think Christina has an AMAZING team this year. waay better than last year. they were really good then too, but i like the diversity this year and also good with some great male vocalists on her team. well done xtina!

  • phantom11 03.12.2012

    "I don't think it matters who the adviser is."

    Well I don't they would be scoring any points if say they had Vanilla Ice and the surviving guy from Milli Vanilli as advisers.

    "I get tired of seeing them in the same clothes too, but it is what it is."

    Somebody get that off her. It looks like she's a frisbee on her head.

  • AllaneZ 03.12.2012

    Only thing I waiting from The Voice, is Xtina release the new song.. And of course wathcing TeamXtina doing battle or performing.

  • BlueRoseT2 03.09.2012

    I get tired of seeing them in the same clothes too, but it is what it is. Family Feud is kind of the same way. Anyone else watch that show? The families are always dressed in the same clothes for every episode that they're on, but Steve Harvey always on a different suit.

    My friend and his family were on there last year and he said they film all of the episodes in one day and in between shows, Steve goes back stage and changes into a different suit while the families have to stay in their same outfits.

  • Stripped713 03.08.2012

    I don't think it matters who the adviser is. They are only there to give feedback and suggestions. In the end its ultimately who did better on the battle round. A person can be coached by God himself but in the end they are the ones who have to perform and give it their all. I also think it would take forever for them to film if the judges have to stop and change clothes every time.

  • ijamseeds 03.07.2012

    OK, so far contestants coming from the xtina-jewel duo are the ones being eliminated. Hope this wouldnt become the more recurring pattern in teamxtina all through out because it would create not so good impressions on their tandem.

  • ijamseeds 03.07.2012

    are we gonna expect the same outfit again for another three weeks? just like in the blind auditions? i thought they figured that out already after season 1.

  • ijamseeds 03.07.2012

    when jesse and anthny were on, that was the first time that the battle ring made sense.

  • Stripped713 03.07.2012

    wow that was the most EPIC performance on the voice EVER! seriously those guys should form a duo and make millions.

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