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Beautiful song....Autism! Please read

Beautiful song....Autism! Please read

- Beautiful

I understand the concept of your video....and yet I see a new approach.

I'm about to turn 50 yrs Ole.....and I have never requested major singer/ any way what I'm about to say....

Our grandson of
almost 6 yrs ole has High Intelligent Autism....and there's many others...yet these kids are still placed in the spectrum of Mentally Retarded aka "RA". NOT right. Wish you could meet him.....and understand how powerful this song is for the Autism community.

He is powerful....he can spell over 400 words...he can read at 1st grade level and beyond...yet he can't communicate at a whole....but he understands all. He's SOoo loving...hugs...kisses....and LOVES to sing...learning the piano. Please consider what I'm talking about in regard to our special kids of this new world epidemic. When our children were was 1 in 1,000. My child's child.....1 in 90! Something is trying to prove itself....environment and food? Any way you might think...this song belongs to our Bray Bray. For so many don't understand the inner "power" thinking of such children.

Can you help us dear?

Gammie Pamie

  • phantom11 02.07.2012

    One of the mods did say they do pass on certain messages to Christina, I believe this would deffinately qualify.

  • Stripped713 02.07.2012

    Christina Aguilera does not post on this forum. If she does view it at all, we are unaware of it because she never responds to anyone or posts anything. However there are moderators here who may or may not be able to review this message and possibly forward it to Christina's camp. Good luck & God Bless.

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