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One Wish....To Say To Xtina

One Wish....To Say To Xtina

If you had one wish and it was to meet Christina. What would you tell her.

Something that you be dieing to tell her for a long time but didn't want to put it in a letter or e-mail.

  • "I wanna ____ your body tonight's your lucky night you know you want it"
    Lol jk. I would tell her that she has no idea how much impact she's had on my life. I've learned so much from her and have become a better person because of her. I am not afraid to be myself or stick up for my self. I would tell her that when I hear the word "perfect" I think of her because she is such a strong, amazing, talented beautiful person inside and out and on top of that a wonderful mother. I would thank her and give her a huge hug! That is if I could get any words out of my mouth haha.

  • phantom11 08.22.2012


  • psb 08.22.2012

    phantom11, did you just tell me to shut up?

  • Rosane_Xtina 08.22.2012

    I have much dreams...but, one of them is to meet Christina! If one day I have this opportunity, I would thank her for every lesson she taught me throughout her lyrics and songs, for an amazing woman she is, and such an inspiration she has been for all her fans, including me. But, of course before I say those things to her, I would cry a lot and probably freeze in front of her...LOL

  • phantom11 08.21.2012

    At this moment, cut it out.

  • psb 08.21.2012
  • psb 08.21.2012

    Well, I think, among many things, I would tell her how I have been singing All I Need to my daughter every night since she was born,, eight months ago. How I loooove this song and how beautiful it is. But, that is ONE thing I would tell her!!

  • MarBarr 04.10.2012
  • MarBarr 04.10.2012
  • XtinaObsession 04.06.2012

    I would scream my head off. Then beg her to let me work for her. I would be her b****.

  • Bionic.Girl 04.03.2012

    I know I would be shivering... I tell her that she has been my inspiration in life ♥

  • johnpeezy 03.31.2012

    I would just tell her

    No fear. Because I'm with ya
    "sidekick for hire"

  • MarBarr 03.27.2012

    I would probably be in a state of shock for even being given the honor to be in her presence. i would tell her how important she is, the effects of her raw and natural talent on not only my life but others as well. i have so much to express to her, from profound gratitude to feeling special being a fan and sharing her music. Her music is therapy for everyone. that's my opinion.hmm i think i would also be at a loss of words.

  • lIG 03.14.2012


  • Ghislaine 03.05.2012

    @candee2 ... I have been among the tailgate lights at a very good school, which is why I still do feel the twinges of envy... yet, despite turning greener than a well-groomed golf lawn, I am - strangely - also happy! My heartfelt congratulations! Smile

  • Criss Tareyton 03.05.2012

    I can't answer that question.....But I would like to meet her

  • AllaneZ 03.03.2012

    Tell her to live in Australia or Asia..
    So it' more possible to see her around Tongue

  • candee2 03.02.2012

    lmao @ Ghis and ijamseeds

    Ghis, I was exactly like that, almost passed out and I had major brain farts. The first time I felt her up like I was a guy, the second time she was so fresh and clean in her white I wasn't touching her, she hugged me instead. Both times I told her I could put her in my back pocket. That was not what I hoped to say.

  • ijamseeds 03.02.2012

    she said that to cher and it worked... so, id give it a shot

  • Ghislaine 03.02.2012

    Apart from the probability that I'd most likely pass out or even pass away from the excitement, I hope I'd be consistent enought to say something like this:
    "I owe you a lot,
    't was hell where I've been;
    if trouble you've got,
    'cash' this voucher in!"

  • candee2 03.02.2012

    lmao @ ijamseeds

  • Stripped713 03.02.2012

    I would probably tell her some ideas I had for her to see if she liked them or not.

  • phantom11 03.02.2012


  • ijamseeds 03.01.2012

    hire me. i'll drink your bathwater.

  • phantom11 03.01.2012

    Thank you for everything

  • xtinarox1113 03.01.2012

    I wanted to edit my comment earlier but the website wouldn't let me do anything in this thread. I would never be able to say anything about what I had before lol. I would probably die right then and there! If I didn't die or feint, I would just say "I love you and your music! Thank you," if I could get it out.

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