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Things Are Heating Up on The Voice!

This week marked the final week of the infamous battle rounds on The Voice. Find out who is heading into the next stages of the competition from Team Xtina by catching the full episode below!

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  • debbie cox 04.02.2012

    love this show

  • that was awsome

  • I agree! where in god's name is that new album?! you know what? I love you christina, but you really have milked this voice show thing a little too much! I wanna see you back making new music and touring again like I loved you for!

  • Twaz 03.29.2012

    Everyone needs to vote for Xtina!! Avril is winning! =(

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Brian Andrew 03.29.2012

    Well,I'll try to find the new album of xtina....But I couldn't find it...<a target="_new" href="">free antivirus</a>

  • marcuswright 03.28.2012

    where is a new xtina album ?

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