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The Voice Weekly Highlight!

The elimination rounds started off with a bang this week bringing the competition to the next level of intensity. TeamXtina rocked it but she had to say goodbye to two of her team members, Sera Hill and Moses Stone. Although it was a rough decision for Christina, we loved seeing her get on stage and offer her support to Sera and Moses. Check out the clip below and see how things played out from start to finish by watching the full episode here.

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  • lIG 04.16.2012


  • loverboy250 04.12.2012

    sexy christina xxx

  • lIG 04.11.2012



  • lIG 04.10.2012


    You were given the JOB of being a judge, and I think you do did an awesome job last night.

    their is something to be said about obtaining a prize at the end of it all because you are the best, and not because someone helped you win it through some back door way. I love you Christina.

    Hey I guess the truth does hurt, sorry tony but she is the judge. And I am sure she has been observing it all, thanks to Tweet tweet.

  • I pray that this year's MTV vmas, they honor you with a nice vanguard award like they did with your old time friend, britney spears. do you agree?

  • PeacE4LovE 04.09.2012

    I like her very much & more then that i love her songs .. I prefer her over Britney & yes she is beautiful offcourse

  • Fighter 04.08.2012

    My favorites now are Lindsey > Chris > Jesse. I don't like Ashley, I like Sera, Jonathas and The Line.

  • JackieDavis 04.07.2012

    I love the voice so much. The people on the show inspire me to be a singer, which is my dream. I may try out next season.. I have such a tremendous respect for all of the people on the show, because they are brave enough to try out to be on here. The Rocker Chick is personally my favorite. <3 thats all i got to say! Oh btw, when u picked heart shaped box as i song to sing for the show, i legit DIED! I AM THE BIGGEST NIRVANA FAN ON EARTH! never stop singing christina, you inspire me so much every single day.

  • Naachi 04.06.2012

    Lov U Chriistina ! From Argentina ♥ I love Lindsey Pavao and Chris Mann !

  • alejandro88 04.05.2012

    i love that show of course to see my real xtina!!!
    xtinateam will rock

  • lIG 04.04.2012

    I love The Voice, I am a super fan. For some reason I like last seasons lay out better. The extra episodes, is a little too much for me. I Still watch them anyway, but I hope that they return to the previous seasons schedule or close to it. Also The cameras seems to move around so much that I miss some of what the judges are saying. My observations, and I hope NBC pays attention to it's fans...

  • _heeymath 04.04.2012

    i'm loving the new season, can't wait next monday to see you there Christina! #TeamXtina

  • AllaneZ 04.04.2012

    Can't wait for the next episode!!
    #TeamXtina rocks!!!

  • FlorieMaeXtina 04.04.2012

    even though i can't watch the whole video she's very beautiful .. i hope i can watch this :">

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