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Change Twitter username to @ChristinaAguilera

Change Twitter username to @ChristinaAguilera

Who's agree with me??
@ChristinaAguilera will get more followers than using @therealxtina..
I hope Christina or her team read about this thread, because it really help on promoting Christina..

  • Chris_jc_xa 05.02.2012

    I checked again today, and once again, her official twitter account is the no1 search result, both in twitter search (search words "Christina Aguilera"), and in google search (search words "Christina Aguilera twitter").
    I fail to see how anything would improve with a change in the name, when everything works perfectly already.

  • AllaneZ 05.02.2012

    I just checked it...
    @ChristinaAguilera is too long for username..
    She should change to @Xtina

  • phantom11 05.01.2012

    I figured as much.

  • candeetwo 05.01.2012

    The one she has now was chosen for a reason, even though they got rid of those fake Christina Aguilera twitters, the name she uses on twitter now made sure that fans will know the difference, no matter how many fake ones pop up.

    That @ChristinaAguilera one was already a fake one on twitter when she got there and maybe they don't want to identify with what that person had done on twitter as a fake Christina.

  • phantom11 05.01.2012

    Riddingthewagon(my twitter)

    Not too long to be used.

  • James 04.10.2012

    Im pretty sure their is a limit to the length of twitter usernames, and Christina Aguilera's name is to long. It can't happen.

  • Stripped713 04.10.2012

    I think if someone wants to follow her twitter, its very easy to find. If they follow the Voice twitter or go to the voice website, christinas official page or facebook, or ANY fan page, they can easily find it.

  • MarBarr 04.10.2012

    I dont have a Twitter but i dont mind her current account name

  • Fighter 04.08.2012

    I agree... I like @TheRealXtina, is so unique... but too many people don't know Christina has a Twitter account, as if they search something like @ChristinaAguilera

  • TheRealJulie 04.07.2012
    I like the current title... and if she changes the name, that means I'll have to change mine, hehe.
  • AllaneZ 04.07.2012

    I know, It's not fully run by the artist.. But the account @Beyonce already got verified acc..
    Christina doesn't have to make new acc, only change the username.

  • mird2794 04.06.2012

    AllaneZ, @Beyonce isn't actually Beyonce. It's a team or manager or something. And Chris, you don't have to make a new account, just change the name. No biggie!

  • AllaneZ 04.06.2012

    She had twitter and no use it for promote her new music??
    I have no idea about it..
    Maybe @TheRealXtina is different, but many of them don't now about Xtina so.

  • Rosane_Xtina 04.06.2012

    In my opinion, I prefer @therealxtina, because is very different from the others. Otherwise, @ChristinaAguilera as U said will probably give to her more new followers. But, I really like @therealxtina.

  • Xtina4ever 04.05.2012's not like X really uses her twitter so why would she care about how many followers she gets?

  • AllaneZ 04.05.2012

    For example, @Beyonce..
    She only 1 tweet and already get 3 more million followers.

  • Chris_jc_xa 04.05.2012

    It comes first in the google results when you look for her twitter. I suppose it might be confusing closing one account and opening another at this point... It would make sense in the first place to do it, but right now, perhaps it wouldn't be 'the perfect idea'?

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