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Thank you Christina

Thank you Christina

I just wanted to thank Christina for her songs with all my heart, they have truly helped me through many good and bad times. They speak what I never was able to but trying to now and that is thanks to her of course. She is biggest idol and I would love to meet her someday to thank her personally (((Might just end up crying like a baby))) She really is a wonderful and kind person and that is the reason I wanna meet her. So again, thank you Christina so much, you sang these songs and put so many feelings in them that I feel them now.

xoxo chrissy

  • MarBarr 04.19.2012

    I know what a tape is too! cassette tapes. aww i remember VHS. oh how i miss child hood... Anyway, back to Christina. today as I drove home I played "Fighter" loud enough for the construction workers to hear and some of them smiled... that was random but I had the urge to tell that story. haha

  • Haha we know what tapes are Stripped713! Tongue I bet you aren't old so don't feel like that Laughing out loud

  • Stripped713 04.19.2012

    You guys make me feel old. My first TAPE (the things that came before cds) was soundtrack to the Bodyguard movie with Whitney Houston.

  • Same here! Laughing out loud I love all of her songs actually and I'm actually listening to one right now, she really is amazing!

  • MarBarr 04.19.2012

    AHH! me too!!! i love singing that song! although at that time i didnt know it was Christina until i watched the video that Disney played.

  • Haha that's cute, when I first heard her sing it was Mulan's song Reflection, I love that song till now I have to listen to it everyday

  • MarBarr 04.18.2012

    I was six when she released her debut album, i saved up for weeks to get it haha

  • Thank you so much MarBarr. I really hope I do, I have been her fan since I was like 10 or 9 Laughing out loud

  • MarBarr 04.17.2012

    It is nice reading positive remarks such as the one you have written, too much negativity in the media. I hope your dream of meeting her comes true!

  • Christina is lucky to have fans like everyone who I know are loyal even though she doesn't know them. Smile

  • Stripped713 04.16.2012

    Thank you so much for sharing. Christina is lucky to have a fan like you! Smile

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