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Team Xtina Performs “Fighter” on The Voice!

Ms. Aguilera took to The Voice stage last night performing her explosive hit “Fighter” with the rest of her team. Catch her killer performance below and stay tuned for more videos from The Voice after the heated results show airs tonight!

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  • AllaneZ 04.22.2012

    See Xtina rehearsals with her team <a href ="">here</a>

  • natalie_16 04.21.2012

    I'm just want to say that it was amazing performance. Christina was the best and so damn perfect as always. Her team did great job Smile

  • AllaneZ 04.19.2012

    Xtina looks f*ckin HOT!! Booty!!

  • Alejandres 04.18.2012


  • linla 04.18.2012


  • Stripped713 04.18.2012

    I too am shocked and disagree with the decision. I understand Christina's perspective. Lindsey is a versatile & unique voice to have and as Christina said, has been the number one selling voice contestant on itunes. BUT judging strictly on the performances given that night (which frankly that is what the coaches and the audience should be judging on in all honesty) Jesse & Ashley gave better performances than Lindsey. But even IF you decide to look at a contestants entire body of work instead of just the latest performance, again, Jesse has delivered consistently throughout the competition. I agree with others who believed he was a front runner. I honestly thought him or Chris Mann could very easily win this competition. If ever you want someone to be able to face up to the likes of Jermaine on Team Blake, then having Chris Mann & Jesse Campbell would have been my obvious choice to be able to take it down. She still could have kept Lindsey if she truly felt she was so unique and let Ashley go who has been rather hit or miss throughout this entire thing. She is 18 so she has much growth potential. I know Christina went on about showing growth and I get that. But why not keep the guy who really did not need to grow because he was already a winner? Jesse delivered some of the most flawless performances and even Adam told his team he was the guy to beat. I cannot believe Christina made this decision and I do not agree with it. But ultimately I understand she did not come to the decision lightly and she has her own reasons for making it which she has already explained. I just hope her decision does not end up costing her the chance to win this season of the VOICE.

  • DDM 04.18.2012

    Really???? Jesse Campbell are you nuts he's your best player have you seen him sing along with a sax he's amazing!!! I was hoping you would of let him ad lib with a sax and showcase his ability song choice did not do him justice at all yet he still did great job! The world should of got the chance to see him perform this way crazy good! Check him out on singing note for note with a sax incredible. Love you as an artist Christina just stunned at your choice!

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