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Christina Aguilera Perfoms "You Lost Me" On American Idol

Watch Christina Aguilera's show-stopping performance of "You Lost Me" on last night's American Idol season finale!!!

Then check out the girls from AI perform a medley of Christina's hits!

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  • Nathalija 05.27.2010

    The best voice ever !!! You are my icon !!! I love you all my heart <3

  • washingtonalves 05.27.2010


  • OMFG!!! Indeed, she's the voice of her generation.

  • H2° 05.27.2010

    congratulations xtina

  • latinqueen86 05.27.2010

    The other girls do not hold a candle to Xtina, but she showed them how it is done with her entrance. Magnificent performance!

  • Adham 05.27.2010

    Great Vocals XTina....Amazing New Song ''You Lost Me''
    I Just Loved It...

  • herecomesthesun 05.27.2010

    Never have I been more proud to be a Christina Aguilera fan. Stunning performance. Absolutely wonderful.

  • segurosquiallday 05.27.2010

    She was so amazing last night You Lost Me was my favorite song when i hear the 30 second preview and now that she sang it live it has prove whose the boss...I hope people stop comparing her to others who can come close to her talent...

  • dragonfliesangel 05.27.2010

    Christina's entrance for starters was amazing and I just get this rush when she hits those high notes. Keep rocking the stage Christina!!!

  • gaston 05.27.2010

    te amo christina

  • audiojosh 05.27.2010


  • BiOO 05.27.2010


  • baldidamnation 05.27.2010

    xtina is back

  • Dhydi 05.27.2010

    OMG! Xtina is beautiful. Shes's great.

  • senorsteve 05.27.2010

    the house was silent u could hear a pin drop in there people were totally drawn in shes the f***in s*** i aint even mad she canceled the tour she jus preparing it so it can be the s*** for us how u doeeehhnn!

  • Danito Ferro 05.27.2010

    I love this song! is it another song for her father??.

  • billybillos 05.27.2010

    one great voice sings a masterpiece!

  • Wyampsy 05.27.2010

    The Best !

  • omargonzalez 05.27.2010

    Woooooow. GaGa eat your heart because Christina is back!! Amazing

  • SANTIAGO 05.27.2010

    the best.... te amoooooooooooo

  • MissV 05.27.2010

    some good talent!

  • MerMonster71 05.27.2010

    I just cannot stop watching this video. Hopefully, it will keep my Christina withdrawal satiated until June 8th.

  • Wee Muckle 05.27.2010


  • MeneerBartels 05.27.2010

    it's beautiful! <3

  • Chenox 05.27.2010


  • KekiFace 05.27.2010

    Pure bliss everytime I watch Her sing!!!

  • luquitete 05.27.2010

    Amazing, Wondeful, Perfect... S2

  • sayhello 05.27.2010


  • Bego 05.27.2010

    Her voice looks great!!! Xtina yo are the best voice..and this song is fantastic. Thanks for this amazing performance. Thanks Xtina Smile

  • FynkyDiva 05.27.2010

    <3 Your voice is stunning. Breath taking. Ist just amizing how you can sing like that at with soo much passion. Falling in love with Christina Aguileras voice all over again! <3

  • carsi 05.27.2010

    LOVE U BABE! U R DA BEST!! <3!!!!

  • Rachel87 05.27.2010


  • Edo1993 05.27.2010

    Perfect <3

  • zionwing 05.27.2010


  • eddie75069 05.27.2010

    loved the performance this is why i am your #1 fan.. you inspire me

  • omerr 05.27.2010

    I did not take my eyes were great yesterday I was growing very romantic di

  • Kike 05.27.2010

    I always know that when she grabs the mic, she's about to deliver!!!

    No one can do it like Christina does it! Smile

  • ThiagoPereiraS 05.27.2010

    That's why I'm w/ U since 1999!!!
    I'm who I am today, in part, 'cause your voice and lirics.
    Congratulations for the amazing presentation!

  • JNATHANIEL 05.27.2010

    truly she's one of the best.

  • contred 05.27.2010

    Me encantó!

  • aims 05.27.2010

    this was ABSOLUTELY incredible. OUTSTANDING.

  • BoBo 05.27.2010

    Amazing ... Stunning ... We all love the performance and the song needs to be the 2nd single!

  • ronald_joseph 05.27.2010

    SO AMAZING!!!! I love how flawlessly your voice flowed throughout this song! PURE BRILLIANCE!

  • DimrymaN 05.27.2010

    Amazing performance! Love that song, Love that beautiful singer!!!! Laughing out loud

  • Vdrstar 05.27.2010

    This performance showed exactly why she is the Best and my favorite EVER. The voice, the emotion, and the performance were breathtaking.

  • negritochulo1984 05.27.2010

    u are the best love it u have a lot of passion i almost tear up!!! i love this song is so emotional!!!

  • Epiclera 05.27.2010

    It's almost as if Christina was singing to the people who doubt her or hate her for whatever kind of ridiculous reason. It's like she was singing : "If you don't like me, it's YOUR LOSS. NOT MINE." Hahahahah! Christina's voice punched everybody last night!!! She's the best, it can't be said enough times. Smile

  • beccajeand 05.27.2010

    all those other fairly talented girls singing before her just made it even more obvious how far ahead christina aguilera really stands. she is amazing, and in the respect of vocal performance, she had no competition.

  • Xtinafan 05.27.2010

    This song is fantastic and your voice is amazing!!! You've done a hell of a performance. Thanks Xtina!

  • lenny362 05.27.2010

    I was waiting for this performance whole night. And it was simply AMAZING!!!!!!!! Smile LOVE YOUUUU!!! <3

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