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VH1 Storytellers

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Sunday Jun 13th
VH1 Storytellers , VH1- TV

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55 comments for VH1 Storytellers
  • Rewatching this while on vacation here in Mexico....I'm ok Wink

  • mika_v 12.08.2010

    What an amazing and moving performance! I love your voice, it is truly one of a kind. Keep up the strong work!

    Does anyone know where to purchase those sparkly leggings? They're a must have!

  • Mitto 12.08.2010

    I love Christina

  • BROOKEYDIVADIVA 10.17.2010

    christina u are soooooooooo gifted u have the most amazing voice ive ever heard it gives me chills i cried so much when u sang im okay, i think ur soooo beautifull and strong u definetley showed all the haters ur the best christina!!!!!!!!! never forget that xxxxxx

  • jhaypswiss 09.24.2010

    She it`s amazing

  • SplatMusic 08.28.2010

    I'm just back from the hospital and saw the VH1 Storytellers on 20-08 by MTV Latenight here in the Netherlands. When I was in the hospital for the recovery of an very, very tough form of meningitis. It was the sixt day I was in the hospital when I saw your preformance, and it was great! The first night I really slept good, and the day after was the first day I felt me a bit like myself. I had a great night, and that all thanks to your beautifull voice, and honoust words of your ideas about life, and your personal life.

    It really helpt me to my quick and 100% recovery!
    It would be great if you sell DVD or CD, or both!


    (The Netherlands)

  • AlexBalabum 08.28.2010

    Please sell DVD or Bluaray disc on this concert full version!!! Please! Please! Please!

  • Xmoore 08.17.2010

    amazing! she looks beautiful and her peformance was so personal..

  • kkyoung 08.09.2010

    chrissy i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for singing "i'm ok" i have always wanted to see u preform that song because it is my favorite and it means so much to me. your performence of that song was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, there was mascara all over my face by the time u were done thanks again girl! and because of u and god, i'm ok

  • dustinzero 07.13.2010

    XtinaNation : <a href="" title=""></a>

  • wanderson2 06.16.2010

    Laughing out loud

  • Forcis X 06.16.2010

    She's fkn wonderful!! Please sell this on DVD!

  • I'm I had to stop crying from it! I loved it!

  • Alezxz 06.14.2010

    OMG I'm OK

  • thierry 06.14.2010

    velo en vh1... o en mtv.

  • Jasmine423 06.14.2010

    I love your VH1 Storytellers Christina!!!!! I get teary eyed EVERY time I watch you perform Live! Te amo Christina!!!!! Para siempre!!!

  • alexbarea 06.14.2010

    alguien sabe donde verlo???

  • wolveriens110 06.14.2010

    loved storytellers last night

  • mnmdavid 06.14.2010

    Can't wait for the tour!

  • Jaxmol 06.14.2010
  • Jaxmol 06.14.2010

    OMG! Where is the concert? I'm in Iowa. Hook a girl up, Christina. Your voice is incomparable. Madonna, Mariah, are truly today's most under-rated voice. They should have billboards on highways proclaiming your voice as the strongest and most beautiful. U R adored!

  • faithhopelove 06.14.2010

    i am so happy to be a christina fan, its a blessing to have her share her voice and self with the world! love you christina

  • Epiclera 06.14.2010

    I can't watch this in Canada. I need to see this, somehow!

  • ChrisDidi87 06.14.2010

    I truly loved it, just a true musical artist!

  • Splendid 06.13.2010

    It was awesome...Legendary...I recorded it on my DVR!

  • DanniDezno 06.13.2010

    i cried my eyes out during "i'm okay".. as i'm sure every other fan did.. she's amazing, pure genious

  • Kruegerite 06.13.2010

    AMAZING !!!

  • cfoxsing 06.13.2010

    Awesome and a wonderful and beautiful person!

  • CHRISDAL03 06.12.2010


  • alvarezcandi 06.12.2010

    it was an honor to be in the presence of you filming this!! You are an inspiration to all!

  • XSAU 06.12.2010

    I AM A MAN
    I AM YOUR FAN...


  • xtinasman 06.11.2010

    shhhh i cant wait!!!! va a estar de lujo.... a big big hug chrisss... love ya!!!

  • juliourribarri 06.11.2010

    Locoooooo por verloooo!

  • sofi 06.11.2010


  • NastyNaughtyBoy 06.11.2010

    I can't wait to watch this!

  • AlexaRon 06.09.2010

    I can't wait to watch

  • urbanzmom 06.08.2010

    I can't wait till it airs, I did not go to the event....

  • Lovealwaysjordan 06.07.2010

    I am so happy your doing a Storytellers! I love those! John mayer's was really good so I'm very excited to see yours! Smile

  • Shealyn9686 06.02.2010

    I was lucky enough to be in the audience for the taping. Only teared up about 4 or 5 times haha. It was truely amazing to be able to witness her pure raw talent and passion up close. Extra lucky that I get to be in the audience at the MTV Movie Awards and cant wait to see her shut it down again!

  • allysonc99 06.01.2010

    I was there~! Second row too! How unbelievable of a performer she is. All her concerts are amazing, but seeing her so up and close and personal just blew me away! Love her!

  • Kruegerite 06.01.2010

    Can't wait to watch You perform and see what outfits You'll wear too Smile

  • bebelyn_10 05.29.2010

    what timeee is???

  • guerrero87 05.28.2010

    please sing loving me 4 me. and I turn to you

  • gran_chaparro 05.26.2010

    damn i got to see this...cant waiitttt

  • EVG 05.25.2010

    can´t wait to watch you on VH1 sweetie

  • Chelz. 05.24.2010

    I am soooooooooooooo excited for this!

  • SokySoak 05.24.2010

    I was there! Look for me, 2nd row, center aisle... Yellow top, leather jacket. I walked out of this show in more appreciation of Christina and her god given talent... plus, she touched my hand!!!! I love her!

  • EFBROWN85 05.23.2010

    I went to this event! All I have to say is AMAZING! Best concert ever! So intimate and raw! and her outfit was FIERCE!!!!!!

  • J.McSherry 05.22.2010

    THIS WAS SUCH AN AMAZING EVENT. I'M SO JAZZED I GOT TO GO!!! Christina, you were amazing and so inspiring!

  • Xtina.2.0 05.21.2010

    Am soooo looking forward to this! Can't wait!

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