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The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Friday Nov 19th
The Ellen DeGeneres Show, NBC-TV

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36 comments for The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • Steven2893 03.17.2011

    Great performancee & the cake was awesome too =]

  • karahershey 02.26.2011

    loved the performance

  • mynix 11.22.2010

    One of the bests performance ever! It was totally amazing vocally, I absolute loved it!

  • AllaneZ 11.22.2010

    You are so gorgeous here !!!
    Fantastic Shock

  • ol1457 11.21.2010

    super as always she is super xxxx

  • RandyE352 11.20.2010

    Spectacular as always.

  • ol1457 11.19.2010

    super xxxx

  • luquitete 11.19.2010


  • iambobblehead 11.19.2010

    mmm Sad i hate myself for missing the show just very busy packing and getting ready to leave on a small road trip just to get away from this darn HouSTON city

  • candee2 11.19.2010

    loved it! She was sexy and awesome!

  • AllaneZ 11.19.2010

    Christina Aguilera's Interview on Ellen DeGeneres (November 18, 2010)

    <a href=";feature=player_embedded" title=";feature=player_embedded">;feature=player_embedded</a>

  • AllaneZ 11.19.2010

    Christina Aguilera performing 'Something's Got A Hold On Me' on Ellen DeGeneres

    <a href=";feature=player_embedded" title=";feature=player_embedded">;feature=player_embedded</a>

  • AllaneZ 11.18.2010

    Tune for Xtina on Ellen tomorrow :

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Leejoy 11.17.2010

    Love yah Cristina A.!!!!

  • AllaneZ 11.17.2010

    Don't forget to watch Christina on Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday, November 19, 2010

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • sdunkelberger 11.16.2010

    christina and ellen! two of my favorite celebs!

  • Mariel 11.16.2010

    I just saw the commercial on TV saying she will be at Ellen show and I just cant wait to see it!!!

    btw, does anyone know if she will perform???

  • dreamgurl 11.14.2010

    love love love it!

  • parcos80 11.14.2010

    I can't wait! She's gonna perform on Ellen!!!

  • PatiiSofia 11.12.2010

    I love Ellen! She's amazing! and I can't wait to see xtina again on this show! They are amazing together! =D

  • undercitylights 11.11.2010

    this chould be fun love you

  • ol1457 11.08.2010

    cant wait xxxx almost there

  • xtinarox13 11.08.2010

    can't wait!!
    this is gonna be good!!

  • ol1457 11.07.2010


  • love4xtina 11.06.2010

    Christina and Ellen! This will be hilarious!

  • RobinaSouilljee 11.06.2010

    Christina and Ellen will be so great indeed! Can't wait either.

  • ol1457 11.06.2010

    come on Christina xxxx

  • Marie Lisa 11.05.2010

    Can't wait to watch it !! I miss you my Xtina !!

  • haylie 11.05.2010

    LOVE U

  • haylie 11.05.2010


  • ol1457 11.05.2010

    cant wait xxxx Christina u are a super

  • DirrtyLuver25 11.05.2010

    yay cant wait

  • P.A.M.E 11.04.2010

    Nice:-)lo voy a ver...

  • varelacr 11.04.2010

    buenisimo. hay que verlo

  • AllaneZ 11.04.2010

    Christina & Ellen will be great. .
    I will see. .

  • lia1825 11.04.2010

    I Love Ellen DeGeneres show!
    Can't wait to see Xtina with Ellen! Xtina always makes funny interviews with her!!

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