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Your Body

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Your Body
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  • indrajaya 07.02.2014

    best song

  • indrajaya 07.02.2014

    I can not do anything, I can only support my
    sorry ... I'll support you to death ..

  • rickw1010 02.08.2014

    I am in love with Your Body. and yours to Christina Rick England

  • hay dos cosas que me encantan de "YOUR BODY" en primer lugar esa candente portada que evoca sus tiempos de Stripped y por otro lado, es que a diferencia de "NOT MYSELF TONIGHT", esta cancion si suena como Xtina

  • i love this song very very very much!!!!!! i love you Christina very very very much ;* ;D Wink ......i'm your biggest fan!!

  • Hot and SExy
    me encanta esa portada .

  • Agus_Ayeleen 12.06.2013

    Amo su musica, aprendo cantando sus canciones, y me encanta su estilo

  • "Your Body" es bueno y pegajoso y la potente voz de xtina se luce en esta cancion, pero sus ritmos son tan
    casuales y comunes en la industria musical al igual que los de "let there be love" y si hay algo que amo de xtina es que siempre trae algo innovador y arriesgado, pero agradable al oido...
    Realmente espero con ansias el nuevo disco de xtina, ojala lo mas pronto posible porque me disgustaria mucho que xtina siguiera decayendo, cuando no se lo merece y que este traiga algo agradable pero totalmente nuevo, con la esencia aguilera.

  • cuando vi el video teaser de your body pense xtina vuleve como una "chica Dirrty moderna"... Genial

  • Christopher Cooper is the best

  • Robbo 10.22.2013

    i simply loved the song and i loved christina

  • universe66 08.30.2013

    I love my Queen

  • I love your single " Your Love " Kisses Christina

  • lordseth 04.25.2013

    My fave, gotta say Laughing out loud

  • Henry Penta 03.27.2013

    That song and the way u can sing it is fantastic, lol, henry

  • TheRealXtinaFans 03.02.2013


  • TheRealXtinaFans 03.02.2013


  • momo59100 01.25.2013

    I love this song

  • Bionic Bitch 01.22.2013

    Great Single! Amazing Video!

  • Studmuffin 01.15.2013

    Great song!

  • Tazkhiyyatunnisa 01.15.2013

    Love this song!is very cool♥

  • Bella_McK 12.20.2012

    LOVE THIS SONG! SO great love the background sound effects!

  • Queenxtina1 12.18.2012

    Amo esta musica e o video esta fantastico!!!

  • AllaneZ 12.15.2012

    When will you perform this song, Christina? Sad

  • Alytza123 12.11.2012

    Well Honey Xtina,You Should Thank Me Because You Are Up There Because Of Me XXX,I Just Kidding ,But I Made All My Friends To Love And We All Are Thankful That You Were Borned!!!ROMANIA LOVE'S U Sexy XOXOX

  • khalil shehab 12.06.2012

    christina you always give the best i wish to kiss you in v

  • Christina S 12.05.2012

    i love this song!

  • shamanjedi 12.02.2012

    Hey Christina, I will be honest with you, I am a fellow artist ( a painter) and I wasn't a fan at all before, but for some creative understanding, I have now found you to be quite talented. I spent a bit of time listening to some of your tracks, and I watched the video for this track titled: Your body...I think the artistic direction is really incredible. It has a ton of sass, class and brilliant fashion/sense that I think really establishes you quite differently from a lot of the other female singers in your genre. Im more of an electronic music appreciator, but your style and uniqueness found in this small sample of your creative output (this video) really blew me away. I have a newly discovered appreciation for you and your diverse gift. Im not going to get into the whole ( OMG christina thing that Im sure gets a bit redundent), or that your just so so so beautiful thing, but what I will say is this: THANK YOU FOR BEING VERY UNIQUE IN THIS PARTICULAR VIDEO. You really stand out, this style of yours here is so f***in cool in my books.....anyways....bliss!

  • Sabinutza 11.27.2012


  • Chris_jc_xa 11.15.2012

    People we are trying to trend #JustAFool on twitter and get everyone to know that we need to buy the song on iTunes and get it top 10 so that Christina will surely have to release it as a single after such a success! Please help us get it to trend and chart!

  • AllaneZ 11.14.2012

    VOTE : Christina won the battle against Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Demi Lovato and One Direction!!! Now vote for Your Body against we are young as fuse Top Music Video of 2012!!
    You guys can cast your vote <a href ="">HERE!!!</a>
    Vote as many as you can!

  • tinachickiemama1 11.10.2012

    LOVE this song. Video is wild as hell.

  • Rosane_Xtina 11.09.2012

    This is a F***in' song!! I LOVE YOU XTINA... And I don't have words to express how this song is amazing, and the CD is gonna rock on the radios!!!! Bring it on Xtina...

  • safaripoet 11.08.2012

    I LOVE this song and already know I'm going to feel the same about Lotus.

  • Dannyboo83 11.08.2012

    I looooove this cd I per ordered already!!!!! But I got to say I looooved bionic just as much!!!!!!love u mama!!!!!

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