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Take Christina With You

The new has a lot of amazing features, but one in particular really stands out. “Take Christina With You” is a new way to enjoy Christina Aguilera web content, not just on her site, but on any site you choose, even on your mobile phone!

With “Take Christina With You” you can create an online scrapbook of all your favorite Christina blogs, photos, videos and news that you can share with friends and post anywhere you want!

To use My Christina, first you must be a registered user of To create an account, just click “Sign In” on the top right corner of any page, and follow the instructions.

Once you have created your personal profile on, you are ready to start adding content to My Christina. As you navigate through the site, you’ll notice a set of red lips next to different photos, blogs, videos, and more. Click the red lips icon, and the piece of content next to the icon will be added to your own “My Christina” scrapbook.

After you have added a piece of content, the lips will turn purple. If you want to remove any content, just click the purple lips icon, and they will turn back to red, removing it from your “My Christina”.

Ok, after you’ve collected some awesome content into your “My Christina” page, you can start sharing it with the world! To see your content, go to “My Christina” at the top right hand corner of any page. You’ll be taken to your very own “My Christina” page, where you’ll see all the different blogs, photos, and videos you’ve collected. To share this content all over the web, just click “Yes! Take Christina To My Website!” and then copy the code that appears and paste it into the site of your choice.

To share Your Christina to your mobile device, just click “Take Christina To My Mobile” and use the link provided to access your content.

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