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The Beautiful People

Check out this just released montage of clips from Burlesque set to Christina's "The Beautiful People." This song really gets you on your feet! Take a look below...

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  • AllaneZ 02.24.2011

    Burlesque is an amazing work Christina!!!
    Can't wait for the next movie and album...
    Love you all the way!!

  • Shantell1209 02.22.2011

    Can't wait to get Burlesque on DVD. March 1 is the Day I'll be at the store. Buying the best musical.

  • JoeMusic1 02.17.2011

    I love this movie and soundtrack, Xtina. ROCK ON, Christina. I love you.

  • justgiri 01.25.2011

    such an awesome mashed-up song.. like it!

  • XxtinaA 01.22.2011

    love u.. Sexy

  • helurd 01.22.2011


  • The Voice Within 01.18.2011

    This song is amazingly AWESOME!

  • legentina 01.10.2011

    Awesome song! It's a fun dance beat and i luv the "beautiful people" whisper! Xtina can do all kinds of things with her voice! This song is addicting! I bet Manson would love this. Looking forward to your next album xtina! still going strong no matter what!

  • Teen 01.06.2011

    just seen burlesque for the 2nd time its truley awesome.!!

  • HayamoneChone 01.06.2011


  • kdmiranda 12.30.2010

    Happy birthday and congrats on all the good recent news!!
    We LOVE you and please consider Primadonna as a new single.. PLEASE!!!!!

  • AllaneZ 12.29.2010

    Love you Xtina!!!
    You did so amazing on Burlesque... Sexy

  • XxtinaA 12.28.2010

    I like it very much <3 <3

  • parcos80 12.23.2010

    Have you seen Burlesque yet??? What are you waiting for??? It's in a theater near you and it's awesome, you won't regret it... it's the best movie of the year... I've seen it twice and I can't wait to see it again so bring all your friends and experience the best movie of the year starring the best singer of our generation!!! GO SEE BURLESQUE!!!

  • Kris99 12.23.2010

    Yes! "Desnudate" for a single - and also "You Lift Me Up". Come on girl - it's time to re-market Bionic!!!

  • GlamourMomma 12.21.2010

    gorgeous!! And the movie went beyond my expectations! It was proud of you, girl!!! Sexy

  • bionicaguilera 12.21.2010

    awesome!!! i wish you all the best.feliz cumpleaños, tarde pero seguro. le doy gracias a dios por haber creado a un ser..... no tengo palabras para describir lo especial que eres para mi. eres mi inspiracion.

  • ROXAS 12.21.2010

    a goddess of beauty..

  • luchoargentina 12.20.2010

    please christina DESNUDATE can be a single!!!

  • PriPrisel 12.20.2010

    beautiful people.. we love.. so we REALLY love Xtina! ♥

  • dreamgurl 12.20.2010

    me too!! will premiered in february next year in Phils..heheheh

  • AllaneZ 12.19.2010

    Vote Christia for The Bes Solo Female artist on Virgin Awards

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • rondp86 12.19.2010

    I can't wait to see the movie! I <3 XTINA! I <3 BURLESQUE!

  • P.A.M.E 12.19.2010

    Ooooo coo:-D

  • mynix 12.19.2010

    Happy Birthday Christina!

  • AllaneZ 12.19.2010

    Please come to Indonesia for the premiere!!! Shock

  • AllaneZ 12.19.2010

    We are The Beautiful People!!!!

  • isalicious02 12.19.2010

    Happy Birthday Christina!

  • Stripped-tease 12.19.2010

    Happy Birthday Christina! Austin, Texas Loves YOU!Love this song too!

  • cruzieboi 12.19.2010


  • Sexymermaid 12.18.2010

    Everytime I hear Christina sing it takes me back to when I first heard her as a tween. YOUR VOICE REMAINS THE SAME,CHRISTINA!HOPE IT NEVER CHANGES!!!By the way, loooveee the trailer

  • DOHNI 12.18.2010

    Happy Bday. Xtina Luv u So Much...!

  • iambobblehead 12.18.2010

    I love this song i know its by m.m but its so addicting ....i hear it everyday

  • candee2 12.18.2010

    If you DO NOT want your comment deleted, keep capital letters at a minimum, there is a rule here on the usage of capital letters.

  • Jusell 12.18.2010

    I didn't find a better place to wish Christina a happy b'day! i'll stay in contact to congratulate her all this day in different places! all my love for her! god bless her!

  • _light_ 12.18.2010


  • Parabéns Xtina!!Happy Birthday Xtina!! Brazil i love You!!

  • ruststain 12.18.2010


  • IvorySOS 12.18.2010

    Happy BDay Christina!

  • hernan 12.18.2010

    happy birthday xtina!!!

    feliz cumpleaños! de corazon !!

  • marion 12.18.2010


  • 91029967 12.17.2010


  • kate_poland 12.17.2010

    sh*t... in poland i won't see the movie until february
    Sad gotta search in torrents:P

  • marushka 12.17.2010

    Great song!

  • KevinD 12.17.2010

    That's: ChristinA. lol.

  • KevinD 12.17.2010

    You should have used this for the promotions Christin!! LOVE it.

    Boston, MA

  • texas_xtina_fan 12.16.2010

    Nice montage! Much in love with "The Beautiful People!"

  • ol1457 12.16.2010

    great great great !!!!!!!!

  • AllaneZ 12.16.2010

    I love this songgg...
    We are The Beautiful People.... Shock

  • Epiclera 12.16.2010

    This video's not playing for me, but anyway. I just want to mention how much I love "The Beautiful People". It's a very fun, energetic, EPIC song.

    I especially love the part where you can hear Christina do her epic scream in the background.. you know, the scream she does at about 2:15 and again at 2:40... SUPER EPIC!! CHRISTINA HAS THE BEST VOCALS, WORLDWIDE. I will never get over it!

    Christina has the best sounding voice ever. I mean, I love Etta, Mariah, Whitney's voices.. they are all very fantastic and some of my favorite singers.. BUT if I could choose, I'd have Aguilera's EPIC singing style and voice.
    Now, excuse me while I logout to blast the Burlesque soundtrack while I drink some hot lemon tea! Smile
    BURLESQUE IS THE BEST MOVIE SOUNDTRACK EVER since 1998's Mulan! lol (Actually, I only like Christina's "Reflection" in the Mulan soundtrack.)

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