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Behind The Scenes Of "You Lost Me"

Watch this exclusive Behind The Scenes video of Christina Aguilera filming the official video for "You Lost Me." Remember, the video airs THIS THURSDAY July 22nd on!

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  • jd27_9 08.07.2010


  • princessjkfox 07.28.2010

    Such a heartfelt song! it really touches me!!!

  • lourdes 07.25.2010

    next time, no vevo anymore...

  • Lips 07.23.2010

    I loove this song and nmt no matter what anyone says! However, ballads scream xtina and what she does best....singing! But i'm not going to downrate her in anything else becuase she known for more than just her voice. That whole copying thing was ridiculous. Iknow xtina is best at ballads but i respect everything she does...she's known for singing all kionds of music..not just ballads. people need to remeber that. Xtina is and will always be a legend..she's proved her longevity as an artist and has nothing more to prove...she said it herslef in billboard mag. One tiny part in the you lost me vid reminds me of the voice within....i guess how xtina manouvers around the room. Love xtina..they can mess with you..they make you stronger.

  • candee2 07.22.2010

    the video is on the front page or you can check the 'world news items' side, but it's not gonna be in here unless they place it in here later.

  • nan0 07.22.2010
  • B-nas 07.22.2010

    still got one hour....

  • broni90 07.22.2010

    where's the dying to wait....

  • pamelaserrano 07.22.2010

    el video de cristina aguilera puedes verlo aquí <a href="" title=""></a> checa la info <a href="" title=""></a>

  • pamelaserrano 07.22.2010

    el video lo pueden ver aquí <a href="" title=""></a>

  • lourdes 07.22.2010

    CONGRATZ XTINA!!!! LOVE YOU Laughing out loud

  • lourdes 07.22.2010

    i can't see it...
    please some one upload it....

  • omerr 07.22.2010

    We do not have patience, yes, now no longer publish video, please hold us Christina

  • Cristine87 07.21.2010

    People need to chill! I'm sure other places on the internet will have the video too.

  • xdrigo 07.21.2010

    i just want to see the video, cant wait anymore!!!!luv xtina

  • TIN 07.21.2010

    Wowwwwww! I´ve seen the video and she looks so beautifulll! I LOVE THE EFECTS!!!! Laughing out loud



  • Oxcarlima 07.21.2010

    She deserves to have millions of views on her official videos (and she does not)...please NOT TO COPYRIGHT RESTRICTIONS to other countries!

  • missbenzy 07.21.2010

    does the video air at midnight? i hope so!

  • candee2 07.21.2010

    RCA just posted on this page, that's your answer. You may not like the answer, but what good is it for anyone to comment on your comments officially, if you can't appreciate the time it took to come on and reassure you all?

    There will be places other than vevo that will show it at the same time tomorrow.

    Just because you don't get the answer you want exactly, doesn't mean you haven't gotten a reply, everything humanly possible is being done for all to view the video.

    Diego, if you continue posting the same thing all over the site, it's spamming and against the rules, please stop.

  • DiegOo 07.21.2010

    HELPPPP!!!! whyyy VEVO is not available in my country!!! im from mexico and a have many friends in latinamercia and we can see video in VEvo in not fair! Sad

  • iloveaguilera 07.21.2010

    You have her fans complaining about not being able to see her videos and the reply is basically that they won't do anything about it. It's so annoying to be a Christina fan, we wait half a decade for an album and have to deal with decisions like that. I don't think there's partners all around the world and that the general people will look anywhere for it other than Youtube.

  • gvergara 07.21.2010

    I am soy happy i want see the video you lost me now¡¡¡¡ i love your music christina.
    estoy tan feliz, quiero ver el video you lost me ahora¡¡¡¡ amo tu mucica christina.

  • bartbart85 07.21.2010

    omg soooo damn excited!! love youuuuu soooo much!!! <3

  • Sam 07.21.2010

    Only one more day to gooooooooooo

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwww i can't wait Laughing out loud

  • RCA ED 07.21.2010
    VEVO will be the U.S. premiere location, but the video will also be unveiled simultaneously with different online partners across the world. Stand by for updates.
  • Sonny 07.21.2010


  • AguileraFan 07.21.2010

    They literally just showed it. I typed that in as soon as the video came on.

  • Bobblehead 07.21.2010

    @aguilerafan, are they showing it now like or your just saying they will be showing it on Mtv Hits??!! Thanks!!!

  • AguileraFan 07.21.2010

    They're showing it on MTV Hits!

  • omerr 07.21.2010

    Waiting for it so yeah here

  • lowry 07.21.2010

    it's not available in my country... i completely agree with @lourdes...

  • FeFelicia 07.21.2010

    can not wait I am so curious Laughing out loud

  • lourdes 07.21.2010

    please for next Movie Clip, do not use VEVO... it is not available in Indonesia, and many other countries. because we want to watch it, and make it until 1 billion watchers .....

  • lourdes 07.21.2010

    love that.....
    shake the off XTINA.......
    always supporting you.....

  • jark 07.21.2010

    I love xtina!!! for ever the best!!!!! Smile

  • Ricky 07.21.2010

    Her hair color is a little bit ugly, but i can't wait for the video!

  • alexj86 07.21.2010

    i love ur album christi......

  • love4xtina 07.20.2010

    Everyone who didn't buy Bionic, GET IT! And those who already have it, buy it again! She already sold over 200,000 copies. If we all buy like four extras... BAMMM! Platinum record! Do it for your queen!

  • Splendid 07.20.2010

    here's the link for those who can't watch vevo.
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • annask93 07.20.2010

    I love this song and i can't wait to see the video!!!

  • Isabel1555 07.20.2010

    love it!

  • I can't wait! >_<

  • gebherland 07.20.2010

    espero se pongan las pilas los de RCA records y difundan bien el disco de una buena vez y por todas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BeautifulFighter 07.20.2010

    OMG!!!!!! I so can't wait!!! This is 1 of my favorite songs off Bionic!

  • nan0 07.20.2010

    I want to see Christina's videos but VEVO is blocked in south america and I think is stupid because most of south america speak spanish and Christina has music videos in spanish Sad VEVO should allow us to watch her videos

  • Claudus 07.20.2010

    I can't see it

  • catty 07.20.2010

    como se les ocurre conparar cristina con lady gaga.

  • AndreZole 07.20.2010

    2 dias para el estreno de "YOU LOST ME" anciosaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Laughing out loud

  • C-B. 07.20.2010

    Become a fan of 'You Lost Me' ! <a href="" title=""></a>
    & join us to trend #YouLostMe in 23 minutes on Twitter !

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