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Billboard: BIONIC Is 'The Best Mainstream Pop Album Of The Year"

As Christina continues to promote her new album BIONIC, critics are coming out to show their support for the creative and futuristic new project. Billboard has just proclaimed BIONIC to be the "best mainstream pop album of the year" and we couldn't agree more. Check it out:

We may have love affairs with all kinds of gimmicky divas, but it takes Christina Aguilera to remind us that singing really matters. That's not to say the pop star's latest release, "Bionic," is all about her voice, a muscular acrobat that's become more elegant with age. Combine it with the inventive work of a diverse cast of producers and you've got the best mainstream pop album of the year thus far.

Talk about an amazing album review - click here to read the full Billboard article!

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  • 624722972 08.09.2010

    I'm a big fan of X-tina and i come from China.I love X-tina because of her perfect voice.I desperately hope that Desnudate could be released.X-tina――加油!我永远支持你!

  • 624722972 08.09.2010

    I'm a big fan of X-tina and i come from China.I love X-tina because of her perfect voice.I desperately hope that Desnudate could be released.X-tina――加油!我永远支持你!

  • Kestral 07.27.2010

    Of course it's great! I love it! Christina is the best!

  • ALEX_BOY 07.24.2010

    i love it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,xtina you´re the best this album is amazing as all that she makes

  • Christina 07.23.2010

    for suree!!!!!

  • lourdes 07.23.2010

    love it!!!!
    let's make bionic #1...
    good job XTINA Laughing out loud

  • jumperjj 07.22.2010


  • jumperjj 07.22.2010

    is the best , love your christina, via mulher arraza Smile)

  • bayonik 07.20.2010

    the best!

  • MYGIRLXTINA 07.18.2010

    I'm so proud of everything you have done definately have that staying power girl and congrats on all your success!!!

  • genieyue 07.18.2010

    go ahead x'tina

  • lickylickyyumyum 07.17.2010

    This was a given from the get go. lol

  • fahmi 07.17.2010

    4 me....
    the best song on Bi~on~ic is "MONDAY MORNING"
    it was so simple yet catchy!!!

  • Quintoia 07.16.2010

    I am not suprised to read this wonderful news. My two favorite songs on Bionic are Prima Donna and You Lost Me. Congratulations Christina!

  • lourdes 07.16.2010

    Have You ever seen this
    <a href="" title=""></a>
    Not Myself Tonight (International Version)
    The Video have difference point of view...
    Watch it...

  • Oxcarlima 07.15.2010

    VANITY and MY GIRLS should be singles!!:.. we need hits hits!!!!

  • REC 07.14.2010

    it is the album of the year...

  • lourdes 07.14.2010

    please realesed "vanity" or "my girl" ... i think, thoose will be help the album selling performance....

  • joey15hbic 07.13.2010

    SWEEETNESS!!!! There are so many songs i want 2 put out as singles such as Vanity, Desnudate, Elastic Love, Monday Morning, Primma Donna, Bionic, and Lift Me Up. Bionic is an amazing album!!!

  • dustinzero 07.13.2010


    XtinaNation: <a href="" title=""></a>

  • ALEJ88MEXI 07.13.2010


  • VixenRose 07.13.2010

    I'm sorry to say this; or not. But where is the promotion on this amazing album?

  • enychris 07.13.2010

    Dios es testigo de todo el trabajo que ha hecho xtina, además voz como esta jejejeje vamos a fabricarla, se tiene en cuenta que hay buenas voces en el mercado pero objetivamente la mejor la de Christina eso sin discusión y claro el que sepa de música

  • softsable79 07.12.2010

    Please release Prima Donna! ASAP!

  • yaki-kun 07.12.2010

    LOL I wanna see the f***ing faces of Xtina haters LOL
    This would make their stupid mouths shut Laughing out loud
    YAHOO XTINA!!! CONGRATS!!!! Laughing out loud

  • beamAdisak 07.12.2010

    i love you!!

  • breannas 07.11.2010

    Congrats! You derserve it girl! Bionic is such an amazing album, I totally agree it's the best of 2010!!! You have been a busy girl and deserve a break. Cant wait to see the video of You Lost Me. I've seen some clips looks beautiful. You always do more than deliver! Love you girl! You are #1 in my eyes!

  • Bionic Love 07.11.2010

    Christina is coming out with a new video go check it out:
    please rate,leave comments: <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Gan Yuri 07.11.2010

    Christina doesn't need number one hits., its just a bonus for her., what she wants is that there are people like us fans that appreciate and love her music and relate to it. its her talent and artistry what matters most. no one does it like Christina, even Whitney, Celine, Etta James among others praised her for her talent alone. Beyonce? Britney? Rihanna? Gaga? they're no match for Christina's Whale like soprano voice and it will carry Xtina for years to come.

  • Nono 07.11.2010

    Amen !!!

  • M121809 07.10.2010


  • kdmiranda 07.10.2010

    I have always been a huge fan and i would like to see that Elastic Love, Vanity, Primadona and My Girls are considered to be singles....please do it!!!!!!!!!
    Elastic Love is so edgy and NEW i think everyone would love to see a video...
    I would also love to see you collaborate with great directors such as Floria sigismondi, Michael Gondry, Mark Romanek, etc. People as creative as you and them would be fantastic to see and hear!
    Love you.

  • Oxcarlima 07.10.2010

    if the first single didnt work,... you have to RUN for the next step!!! we love you!

  • FierceDiva 07.10.2010

    @biblindona- you need to relax. Where have you been? NO ARTIST is in the spotlight 24/7..there are only so many performance venues and talk shows she can do. She did the promotions for 2+ months. She has been in the spotlight, she has been in public view.

    It's like everyone forgot how the music industry works or something and its all give me give me. She is putting out another video this month, she did a behind the scenes talk the other day, she did the NBA finals. People come on you are trying to squeeze a quarter out of a dime.

  • bibalindona 07.10.2010

    we love bionic but we want more an more perfomances,...whereis christina?

  • Oxcarlima 07.10.2010

    VANITY and MY GIRLS please!!!!! singles!!! be smart!

  • Toto716 07.10.2010

    Congratulations Christina! Bionic is lyrical genius! I can't stop listening! I love EVERY song! Each song plays with a different emotion and new sound. I love it! THANK YOU! WELL worth the wait! PLEASE NEVER STOP!

  • Gan Yuri 07.10.2010

    Critics (whoever they are) they gave negative comments on Christina's Album and try to condition the minds of the people reading them. Bionic shows how Christina plays on different sounds and feel, her creativity by using her voice, sexuality lyrically, she is a REAL ARTIST. unafraid to take risks. Like Stripped, Bionic was underrated by some but it will prevail in the end... I believe the Grammys will reward Christina for her passion in reinventing music and in showcasing her talent & artistry.

  • Gan Yuri 07.10.2010

    these songs are really the bombs of bionic, Desnudate is a good follow up since it brings back the Latin Sound for Christina, Monday Morning brings back (for me) the great fun 80's feel, and I Hate Boys... But boys love me ^__^

  • Gan Yuri 07.10.2010

    i wish christina would release Desnudate, Monday Morning, I Hate Boys soon after You Lost Me i STRONGLY BELIEVE these songs would catapult BIONIC to the top of the charts!!! they have the best hook. it goes on and on in my head. You Lost Me and Lift Me Up deserve a Grammy.

  • bibalindona 07.10.2010

    hi.....we love bionic, but we want more xtina performances and more and more aguilera....where is she ...?

  • orion_damn14 07.10.2010


  • cesitaraldito 07.09.2010

    christina felicitaciones fuiste elegida LA DIVA MAS REPRESENTATIVA DE LA COMUNIDAD GAY MUY ENCIMA DE lady gaga. ERES LA MEJOR TE AMO.

  • Splendid 07.09.2010

    You Lost Me:
    please rate,leave comments: <a href="" title=""></a>

  • bi0n1c 07.09.2010

    we love you christina.. no matter what ^0^

  • jcx21 07.09.2010

    i love the BIONIC album it is true her album was the best this year and very UNIQUE than other artist ! Laughing out loud

  • Ronniello 07.09.2010

    Her voice is so powerful. No one compares to you, Christina Aguilera.

  • oikoish 07.08.2010

    I really love the album. so glad I have read some positive feed backs.

  • JessieLee 07.08.2010

    So glad to hear positive feedback on the album! She always has so many haters! I think the album is amazing, as usual! I have been a fan of hers for as long as I can remember and she has never disappointed me! She takes risks and goes with her heart instead of putting out the bubble gum crap that everyone thinks they want to hear. Thats what sets her aside from all of the other artists that came up with her. That is why she is so much more successful than them, not only in her music career but in her personal life as well! I love you Christina!! Keep doing your thing and follow your heart and pay no mind to the haters! That just means you are doing something right!!

  • XTINABABY 07.08.2010

    christina fans vote. christina is losing. we cant let that happen. VOTE! <a href="" title=""></a>

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