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BIONIC On "Christina Aguilera Radio"


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A.P.E. Radio Channel Streaming Full-Length LP with Exclusive

Aguilera Audio Segments before Its Official Release of June 8th

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Millions Tuned in to March’s “Not Myself Tonight” Single Preview

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 3, 2010) - Multi-platinum artist Christina Aguilera has been giving the digital airwaves a state-of-the-art sonic update once again, and her fans now have just several more days to hear the five-time GRAMMY-winning singer’s debut of her long-awaited new album, Bionic, exclusively streaming on her A.P.E. Radio station, "Christina Aguilera Radio." Available now, the sneak peak of Bionic will only be available though 11:59 pm EDT on Monday, June 7th EDT, the night before the album’s official retail release.

Listeners can tune into the station now to experience the worldwide premiere of Bionic in its entirety, interspersed with exciting audio that Aguilera has recorded exclusively for the channel, including her thoughts on the album as an expression of her sexuality, which new song her best friend is walking down the aisle to at her upcoming wedding, and the inspiration of the singer’s son Max on the song “All I Need.” Aguilera also fully utilizes the interactive opportunities of her A.P.E. station, and incorporates selected messages that fans email to or call in at 1-866-686-1010. The most creative messages are played on the air.

Excitement for Bionic picked up steam earlier this year, when “Christina Aguilera Radio” premiered the record’s first single, “Not Myself Tonight,” on March 30th. Distributed by the iheartradio network, the song’s debut was given an unprecedented promotional push spanning on-air, online and mobile outlets. As a result, millions of music fans tuned in to preview the track, and “Christina Aguilera Radio” was the #1 online station across the entire Clear Channel network, with 500,000 individual launches of the station that day. Aguilera discussed Bionic on air, as well as her experiences as a mother, musical inspirations for the album, her charity work with the United Nations World Food Programme and more.

Bionic (RCA Records), due June 8th, features songs co-written by Aguilera along with her much buzzed-about collaborations including Sia, Tricky Stewart, Polow Da Don, Le Tigre, Hill & Switch, and Ladytron among others. The album also features a ballad produced and written by Linda Perry titled "Lift Me Up.” The title Bionic reflects Aguilera's ability to take her range to new levels and use her voice in various ways never heard before.

In addition to completing the album, which was all recorded from her home studio after the birth of her first son, Christina also completed production on her first film, Burlesque. The film, which co-stars Cher, Stanley Tucci, and Kristen Bell will be released by ScreenGems this fall.

When the public first tuned into Aguilera's channel in the summer of 2009, they heard the singer discussing everything from music to motherhood to fashion. Aguilera's personally selected playlists of some of her favorite songs, including a diverse catalog of artists such as Santigold, Nina Simone, Black Sabbath, David Bowie and many more.

"Christina Aguilera Radio" strengthens an already diverse A.P.E. station roster including "Radio Weezer" and "Eagles Radio Hosted by Joe Walsh" -- which are frequently among the highest trafficked stations on the Web. The channels are distributed across Clear Channel Radio's "iheartradio" network (, which includes hundreds of local radio websites; the popular iheartradio mobile app, which has been downloaded by 7 million people; widgets; and the artists' own official websites. iheartradio now reaches 22 million unique listeners a month, with millions of downloads on iPhone, Blackberry, Android and other devices.

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  • tuflotas 06.07.2010

    I HAVE MY FAN EDITION NOW!!!!!!!! im sooo happy, last days were so bad to me but when i see my fan box edition at home almost cry (because of my happiness). THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!

  • mannequin_face1 06.06.2010

    I heard Christina Aguilera's song called "Bionic" and I really liked it. It is such an amazing song. Very sensual and upbeat. Great to hear her voice again. She sounds great.

  • gwadehunter 06.06.2010

    XTINA FANS: By now you have probably all realized that BIONIC is one of the greatest pop records of all time. Follow my lead. Buy multiple copies and give them as gifts to haters or Gaga fans. You guys, they're trying to say she's over. Xtina has produced a masterpiece, but it's up to us to promote it in this negative environment! Peace!

  • i am kerri 06.06.2010

    i love the album and thanks xtina for all your hard work, this was just what i needed!! some fun tounge and check with stunning ballads, great beats and music like no other the delux is amazing!! monday morning, birds of prey, i hope everyone buys the deluxe! prima donna, vanity, iam (my fave i am) bionic, my girls ah its all sooo PERFECT i hate boys, desundate, glam, bionic love love love it, woo hoo!! hahahahahhaha i even have the girls at work hooked xox just sperading the 'xtina perfection'...dont stop your not allowed hahahaha, but seriously dont :)xox

  • texas_xtina_fan 06.04.2010

    Can't wait to get this album!! Just got an e-mail that the Bionic fan edition was shipped today!

  • Beverley 06.04.2010

    Recieved my Bionic album today in the post It's AMAZING

  • PaolieBracho 06.04.2010

    Xtina make a twitter to get closer to the fans

  • genie_2.0 06.04.2010

    i just got my bionic deluxe edition Laughing out loud the album is AWSOME !!! Laughing out loud

  • Baby B 06.04.2010

    xtina, please please please please release Desnudate as a single!! it's an awesome song Smile i love your entire album i've listened to it so many times on youtube and christina aguilera radio, but Desnudate is my fav track along with vanity and sex for breakfast Smile thanx xtina Laughing out loud and please bring your tour to australia again, im old enough to go to this one now Smile

  • Fausto aguilera 06.04.2010

    Hope the album will be best selling ever hehe

  • amweea 06.04.2010


  • wmajid 06.04.2010

    cant wait to get my hands on the album, its on the way.

  • i am kerri 06.04.2010

    i have the album!!! its out in australia and i love it!!!!!!!!!1 cool lenticular cover thanks xtina perfection yet again those bonus track are killer too!!! birds of prey,monday morning, little dreamer xoxoxoxoxooxoxooxxxx

  • parcos80 06.04.2010

    I've heard part of the album and I love it!!! It's a great album and it just gets better and better as it plays. There's definitely a lot of songs that we will remember for years to come!!!

  • dan_pichardo 06.03.2010

    You have always had a fearlessness that is beyond your years and though people may see it as vain I think it is nothing more than a desire to evolve that moves you.

  • nicholasfelix 06.03.2010

    f*** i love the songs!!!!!!!

  • latindude29 06.03.2010

    omg! i sounded funny on my message i recorded! But i said the truth lol I love ya christina!

  • katharinelvr54 06.03.2010

    seriously cant wait to get the album! i hope it sells out!!! and they cant keep em on the shellfs!!! i love her so much!

  • antom 06.03.2010

    xtina i am so exaiting to have the album on my hands , extina you owng the throne!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just hear monday mornigs is so hot track, christina please never stop i love uuuuuuuuu 4 ever. san fransisco ca

  • lucas 06.03.2010

    A.P.E Radio Channel just keeps getting better!!! Smile

  • Blu 06.03.2010

    That's wassup. Y'all should put more exclusives on there.

  • tutuaguilera 06.03.2010

  • candee2 06.03.2010

    I'm glad the radio station is doing so well so far

  • I would get the fan edition but I don't want vinyl

  • negritochulo1984 06.03.2010

    i cant wait to recive my exclusive fan edition!!!! love u

  • rantana 06.03.2010

    Best album yet Christina! Can't wait to buy it!

  • dustinzero 06.03.2010

    YAY! sooo excited!! xoxo

  • Kruegerite 06.03.2010

    I <3 Xtina's Radio Station Smile

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