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Here's our final video in our Bionic Track-By-Track video series which has Christina Aguilera talking about the song "All I Need." Be sure to leave a comment below letting Christina know what you think!

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  • A.D.N 06.05.2010

    Esta cancion es sencillamente espectacular, el tono de su voz y el sentimiento que proyecta al cantarla, me recuerda al nacimiento de mi primito...=)

  • All I Need. this song has the rhythm of life of Christina. I get emotional whenever I hear. I'm waiting to hear all i need live. Thank you Christina! I love you!

  • RayRay87 06.01.2010

    Cant wait

  • trafficcop 06.01.2010

    beautiful song, and i love the relaxing vocal so much

  • Katrina 06.01.2010
  • 3milixtina 06.01.2010

    i LOVE youuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • honeyM83 06.01.2010

    awwwh what a cute song to do...i will def take a listen to that track.

  • vinogradov 05.31.2010

    Christina eres la mejor y tu album es el mejor de todos!!! a todos los fans de latinoamerica voten en MTV por NOT MYSELF TONIGHT!!!

  • amayrani 05.31.2010

    eres lo mejor de lo mejor te doro chris

  • Vitty2020 05.31.2010

    you are the best..... XDXD

  • Markoo87 05.31.2010

    i love youuuuuuuuuuuu so much!!!!

  • Lovebird. 05.31.2010

    Ohhhh Im sooo excited cant wait to hear it! :]]]

  • xtnafnatic 05.31.2010


  • jjony mube 05.30.2010

    You, CHRISTINA AGUILERA is All I Need! cause i love ya

  • saleh 05.30.2010

    you give hope when i can't breath
    you give me love you ALL I NEED
    one of my fav <3
    xtina 4 ever

  • PRISCILA 05.30.2010

    O Brasil te espera, volta.
    Ouvir suas músicas me deixa mais forte.
    Quando estou pra baixo é só colocaar sua música que meu astral muda completamente.

  • JoeMusic1 05.30.2010

    Can't wait to hear this one. Smile I agree with you John. Her music needs to be heard more and please EVERYONE by the album on June 8.

  • john1112 05.30.2010

    All of us Christina Aguilera Fans. Let's support her music by calling to the local radio stations and buying the album jun 8th, lets bring "Not Myself Tonight" and "Woohoo" back up to the first positions on the charts, They are not playing Christinas new music, so us fans need to step up for her, she delivers to us good music and great performances lets do this for her. Call or Text to request for her new hit singles on your local radio stations (pass this message on to all the fans)

  • xtiZa 05.30.2010

    maxtina <3

  • PrncsPeach 05.30.2010

    Can't wait for the album. So excited!!!

  • lilianxxx 05.29.2010

    the song really made me cry when I first listen to it. amazing song.. max ♥

  • Fighter77 05.29.2010

    Man makes me wanna just go have a baby so I can play that song for my child too lol.

  • texas_xtina_fan 05.29.2010

    Aww very sweet!! I bet he will love it when he gets older!!! Can't wait to hear it!!

  • PatiiSofia 05.29.2010

    so sweet *___*

  • LEFOU IBIZA 05.29.2010


  • lehner 3434 05.29.2010

    Your fans cannot wait to hear Bionic, see you on tour next year, and be witness to your big screen debut in November with Burlesque. Rock on Christina!

  • sayhello 05.29.2010

    every word and comment you said is so sweet, touching, warm and beautiful. you're giving people such an amazing inspiration, what a fantastic artist u r!!!! I love u so, so much, and thank u Lengendtina, with all my heart, from Seoul ♥

  • all i need is a song that is purely beautiful!!!! its soooooo sweet of her! I CAN'T WAIT FOR {Bi~ON~iC}!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andrelegnani 05.29.2010

    I sloe dance to it too! Such a beautiful song. She should've made an entire album dedicated to would be amazing.

  • Athenxtina 05.29.2010

    I Love you Christina!!!!Please come to Greece!!!You are the best singer in the whole world!!!

  • Xtina4ever 05.29.2010

    Damn, I thought she was gonna talk about every single track on the album. Sad

  • filipposmak 05.29.2010

    just an amazing song...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alex_0308011 05.29.2010

    Xtina this is way much better than Lift Me Up!!!
    but i still think You Lost Me is the best ballad in the whole album!!!it'll be a hit!the melody of You Lost Me is better than this one,and i also like I Am,You Lost Me,All I Need,I Am made the best three! but NOT Lift Me Up!i have listened to the whole album for over hundred times,trust me please!Alex with luv

  • DiegoRey 05.29.2010

    my favouite song in the album

  • dionne 05.29.2010

    All I need make me cry.

    I love her.

  • Alezxz 05.29.2010

    I CAN´T WAIT!!

  • DitoParlo 05.29.2010

    This is a perfect song! is just totally different. ♥

  • crabcake 05.28.2010

    Gorgeous song, Christina! Smile
    This album is going to be absolutely perfect.

  • amy89 05.28.2010

    it's a beautiful song, i love your music..!! Smile

  • JNATHANIEL 05.28.2010

    ALL I NEED truly one of the best song very mellow yet raw and honest.

  • edin69 05.28.2010

    i love xtina...Laughing out loud

  • tongas_ca 05.28.2010

    This a beautiful!!! Is a song from your heart! I love you Xtina!!! Please came to Argentina!!!

  • wmajid 05.28.2010

    Beautiful song beautifully sung. Love it.

  • Dr_Jr 05.28.2010

    This is the real heart of the album...I just wanna have a baby everytime i listen...Cute lyrics...just perfect...another incredible job Christina + Sia...Love u Both!!!{X/J}.-

  • headaches 05.28.2010

    This song is so beautiful! I'm sure Max will be very proud of his mom when he gets older.

  • Thiago 05.28.2010

    It's such an amazing song! The melody of the verses is so sweet! Great great song!

  • I love the song great work Xtina

  • lenny362 05.28.2010

    I definitely loooove All I need!!! Its amazing song! And I love that intro of Max and Jordan! Unbelieveble! Great IDEA!! Smile

  • marz 05.28.2010

    i love you queen x! all i need is xtina!

  • patrik140 05.28.2010

    I can't wait for this one! I'm so proud of you Christina! I can't wait to buy bionic deluxe here in CROATIA! Please come to visit us on bionic Tour! <3<3<3

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