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Here we go Christina fans! The second video from our video series of Christina Aguilera talking about songs from the new album BIONIC. Check out the below to see Christina talk about "You Lost Me."

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  • BionicHarlem1985 06.03.2010

    i love this song!!!!!!!!! your the best Christina !!! you amaze me

  • alex_0308011 05.29.2010

    it's the best undoubtedly!!!
    it's a hit!

  • AleciaB 05.28.2010

    Christina- Your performance on American Idol was breathtaking! Just like a fine wine, your voice gets richer, deeper, truer with age. I sat amazed as I listened, and I cried. Bravo!

  • Sergeh9 05.27.2010

    I loved it on American made me cry....amazing!

  • J.McSherry 05.27.2010

    you did a flawless performance of this song at vh1 storytellers AND american idol! i loved it! <3 you!

  • Jacey 05.26.2010

    Absolutely mesmerizing!!!! &hearts;

  • MerMonster71 05.26.2010

    The performance on American Idol was SPECTACULAR. Now I'm even more anxious to get the album.

  • Milos Zivkovic 05.26.2010


  • Lady Wanderlust 05.26.2010

    such a beautiful ballad, christina never disappoints

  • dulcemnm 05.26.2010

    As a daughter, I can relate to this song with my parents being split up and my own father's neglecting us for more than 5 years.

  • jjony mube 05.26.2010

    i love all Your songs 'cause all songs make me remember someone, and this song make me remember one of my first loves, so this is a very especial song for me ..thank You for made it ... I LOVE YOU

  • ItalianBoy 05.26.2010

    the ballads are your thing !!!!!
    then this is unique!!

  • christianaguila 05.26.2010

    Oh man! This song is so beautiful! It's sounds like Hurt & Mercy On Me... Hope to see a super bionic music video for this one!

  • phxroyalty 05.26.2010

    i cannot wait to hear this when u perform it on vh1 story tellers ! it will be amazing i cant promise ill hold back tears haha

  • PAko. 05.26.2010

    I love that Song Christina Simply amazing!!

  • jhoodsd 05.25.2010


  • jhoodsd 05.25.2010


  • King_Lee 05.25.2010

    i REALLY love this song christina--keep up the good work!!!...cant wait until june 8th to buy bionic!! Smile

  • LoveXtina4Life 05.25.2010

    such a beautiful song!! my top fave ballad off this album

  • LoveXtina4Life 05.25.2010

    such a beautiful song!! my top fave ballad off this album

  • tommye87 05.25.2010

    one of my many favs of the album wish you lots of success

  • Mychris 05.25.2010

    I wanted to say "your" and not "our". sorry =)

  • bjorn 05.25.2010

    the album has leaked...T_T.... this would really affect the CD sales (hoping not in a negative way).... please buy the CD...^^.... i love vanity, my girls, i hate boys, you lost me and you lift me up.... GO MADAM X!

  • filipposmak 05.25.2010

    simple amazing.....every time that i listen to this song i cry it touch my heart...CHRISTINA COME TO GREECE WITH BIONIC TOUR PLEASE....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chelz. 05.24.2010

    I absolutley LOVE this song. Fell in love from the moment i heard it. <3

  • SxxN 05.24.2010

    I just totally in love with these ballads, both you lost me and life me up (since her kind performance 4 Haiti) If I had millions, I'd buy 1000s of your copies! LOVE U!!!

  • Mychris 05.24.2010

    This song is amazing! Thanks to you, I discover Sia and now I love her and our work on Bionic! Can't wait for the album!!

  • Michael 05.24.2010

    i love this song, is the best!!! Esta cancion es hermosa, tiene que ser un single Smile, te amamos christina ,desde ecuador.

  • Dr_Jr 05.24.2010

    As all the Chrsitina´s ballads this is #UNIQUE!!!Goes straight to the point and touches the heart of any living human being!!!Amazing work between two superior minds...Christina and Sia!!!

  • Choco84 05.24.2010


  • I love this song so much! I can't wait to have it!!!

  • faby_lovextina 05.24.2010

    I love iiiit!!!!!!!!!

  • genie500 05.24.2010

    Out of all the clips, YOU LOST ME is definitely one of my favorites!!!

  • Markoo87 05.24.2010

    LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!!!!

  • Vincent Boyer 05.24.2010

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  • Landen 05.24.2010

    This album is EPIC! I was able to listen to 30 second snippets of all of the songs off of the deluxe edition until they were taken off of @ Bilinews, I just wanted to tell you to keep your head up and to try to remained focused on what is important to you without letting it cause you harm over there in in Iran. You are right. Xtina is an amazing artist though.

  • adhambatarseh 05.24.2010

    Can't Wait 2 Hear It !

  • carolina 05.23.2010

    Esta muy buena la letra,me gusta,Idola. Chris,desde la Argentina,te amamos(L)

  • Lane 05.23.2010

    This song is so haunting and gorgeous.

  • Josue 05.23.2010


  • Vincent Boyer 05.23.2010


  • Vincent Boyer 05.23.2010


  • Luizzie 05.23.2010

    This song is beautiful! I love songs like this Smile

  • TheBionicBlonde 05.23.2010

    I really love this song! I love you, Christina! Laughing out loud

  • Mu4uJI 05.23.2010

    Very beatiful song!!! Xtina I LOVE U!!! U'RE PERFECT!!!

  • Vincent Boyer 05.23.2010


  • patrik140 05.23.2010

    THIS SONG HAS TO BE AWARDED!!! IT JUST HAS TO BE! I have total connection with it already!
    You'll always be in my heart, thank you for songs like You Lost Me, C/X <3

  • BionicHoney 05.23.2010

    please do a show in sweden

  • omerr 05.23.2010

    I want you to give concerts in Turkey!/pages/Turkey-is-waiting-for-Christina-Aguileras-concert/123311611027918?ref=mf

  • Sandra Venezuela 05.23.2010

    Christina that song is very very beutiful and u sing it fantastic

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