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Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton Perform "Just a Fool"

Christina and Blake teamed up to perform, "Just a Fool", on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Get your copy of "Just a Fool" here.

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  • utsumakitero 06.21.2013

    The Ellen DeGeneres Show is one of the best show I've ever known. She discovers new talents all over the word with lots of artist and singers as guest like Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton. What a beautiful song to hear "Just a Fool", nice collaboration.

  • Zara Bulcock 05.13.2013

    Blake Tollison Shelton is an American country music singer. He is very famous and people adore him for his good looks and his work. After several years in Nashville, he signed to Giant Records in 2001. He wins many Awards.

  • bcarfer 02.14.2013

    I absolutely love Christina's new song with Blake Shelton! He is the perfect duet partner for her!

  • Kelly3hearts 12.23.2012


  • Xtinaismyidol22 12.12.2012

    Amazing job Christina & Blake.This is why she will always be my idol she can sing anything.Still one of my favorites from Louts.First is and always will be "Sing For Me".

  • vikandres 12.11.2012

    hiiii does anybody knows if the are doing the video for this song???? there will be a lotus tour???' please some information....

  • _kolo 12.11.2012

    excellent!! but when a concert? also in Italy? I love you unbreakable flower!! <3

  • Jônatas Zac 12.10.2012

    Como sempre... Cantando e encantando!! TE AMO Xtina' (:

  • AllaneZ 12.10.2012

    There was an interview too

  • Andy66 12.09.2012

    Wow xtina sounds perfect I love this song it's been quite a while she hasn't been on Ellen iz there an interview or iz it just the performance???

  • clshepard 12.08.2012

    I love this...

  • SanT VM 12.08.2012


  • QueenXTinaLove 12.08.2012


  • Rafikolors 12.08.2012

    This is why I support this woman. I really get and love her message... I am comfortable in my own skin.

  • Russ12283 12.08.2012

    I love this duet! Can't wait for a music video. ; )

  • AllaneZ 12.08.2012

    I love this performance Smile
    Christina sounds perfect

  • universe66 12.07.2012

    Nothing but the best you Cristina thank you for sharing your amazing voice

  • omerr 12.07.2012

    I Love song

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