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Christina Aguilera Talks Charity, WFP

As Christina Aguilera continues to get tons of press coverage for her work on Bionic and her upcoming major motion picture debut Burlesque, our pop superstar took some time to chat about her recent charity work and her involvement with helping others through the World Food Programme.

MSN Music recently interviewed Aguilera about her involvement with the WFP organization and its new, interactive Web initiative,, designed to deepen participation for people committed to addressing a chronic international issue. Click here to read the great article and interview!

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  • johncyril 10.22.2010

    Christina I hope you will read this. I watched your Back to Basic Tour here in the Philippines last July 2007 and it was so amazing hearing you live. We hope that we could have you again here to sing with us. I have a complete set of your albums including your latest BIONIC...One of the catchy tracks there is Monday Morning..I love the beat. Christina Aguilera continue your music coz we truly believe in you specially your influence that could bind people. -John Leif Guiruela

  • johncyril 10.22.2010

    She's really an icon...not only in her music but also in extending help to others..Love you Christina from the Philippines.

  • BiOO__1995 10.19.2010

    Voote for her
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  • X - jl 10.18.2010

    you are beautiful...
    no matter what the say...!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    increible..... X-tina is the best...........

  • SixtyNine 10.17.2010

    Christina you are a great artist and a very strong woman! i hope you take time to read the comments! we love u!

  • Karlochesco 10.16.2010

    Christina I really love you

    You make me fell allive with you music everyday

    you are such an amazing singer


    And I will always love you

  • KenAguilera 10.16.2010

    Xtina are my goddess ... Burlesque will be a great movie
    I assure you, and the album Bionic is an excellent album ...
    I love you ... All your fans do, and always will
    Included in my ... You are my idol, my goddess, my inspiration
    to follow each step I have to give in my life ...
    I Love You ..
    Ken - Peru ... PS: I hope someday you come to Peru

  • Xtino 10.16.2010

    You are an amazing person ... Can't wait to watch Burlesque... I love Binic album, it is just an EXCELLENT proyect. This time you must to be strong, and remember that all your fans are with you..
    I Love u FOr make me a Fighter and Stronger PERSon...
    Hugs..From BOLIVIA Laughing out loud

  • texas_xtina_fan 10.16.2010

    Christina, you are one of my idols and inspirations. I've been hearing your music since the Mulan movie when i heard the song "Reflection" when i was 5 or 6.

    Now I'm about to turn 15 5 days before your birthday and you are still amazing and i idolize you more than ever!

    Thank you so much for everything you are doing to help change the world and end hunger.

    Remember you're a fighter and thanks for making me a fighter!


  • islandgirl26 10.16.2010

    You are such an inspiration in many ways to us. Keep your chin up during this rough time and keep doing the wonderful things you do.

  • BuseNemesis 10.16.2010

    i love you christina! you are the queen! i'll love you forever and ever! you are my truly inspiration! keep on singing your song!!!!

  • Bolun 10.15.2010

    I love you aguilera!!

  • 91029967 10.15.2010

    I love you christina! Where always here for you. Remember your a fighter and nothing can hold you down.

  • amayrani 10.15.2010

    eres mi mejor inspiracion chris te quiero tanto

  • varelacr 10.15.2010

    ERES LA MEJOR, saludos desde costa rica

  • love4xtina 10.15.2010

    I love you so much Christina!

  • alexs3105 10.15.2010

    It's so great that your helping so many people. Thanks Christina! We love you!

  • Timea 10.15.2010

    I admire you very much. You are amazing. I love your music. You give something more to songs with your voice. I wish you just the best things in life. I hope you and Jordan stay together. Stay strong as you sing it in "I will be". You are a great person. I own all your albums. Your music helps me to be stronger every day. The world needs you in every way. I love you. Timea

  • PatiiSofia 10.15.2010

    you're the best christina <3

  • Beautiful93 10.15.2010

    She does an amazing job! Smile

  • I love you Christina!! You are so nice to people, always laughing and so beautifull.
    Hope to see you soon in Belgium.


  • candee2 10.15.2010

    I urge everyone to read the article. Christina is so precious.

  • MiaBellaCFA 10.15.2010

    I think Christina Aguilera is embodies qualities that all young women in positions of privilige should aspire to have.

    I am an owner of a small boutique and I support her in every thing that she dose. She is simply the real deal.

    Mia Bella Contemporary Fashion & Accessories
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  • BionicHoney 10.15.2010


  • jesus1974 10.15.2010

    yeah she is still promoting bionic. that has made my day

  • omerr 10.15.2010

    We love you always deserve to be happy

  • Marie Lisa 10.15.2010

    You are just stunnin girl! Keep doing your thing madame X ! I love you so much !

  • AllaneZ 10.15.2010

    I love Bionic and Upcoming Burlesque... I loved everything you did...

    I love you Xtina Smile ...
    Keep child alive..

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