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Christina and T.I. Collaborate on "Castle Walls"

In case you haven't heard, Christina Aguilera and T.I. have joined forces to release an unbelievable track called "Castle Walls." Fans and critics have instantly fallen in love with the song. "We’re loving this tune," exclaims AOL's Idolator, "a bright spot for both T.I. and Xtina." Read up on Idolator's "Castle Walls" featured here, then listen to the track below!

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  • Zackory321 06.14.2011


  • AllaneZ 02.28.2011

    Where is the music video?
    Please release it soon!!!

    I can't wait longer Christina!!
    We love you!!

  • The Voice Within 02.10.2011

    This songs amazing!
    Although she has a small part in this song.
    She still nails it! XXX

  • AllaneZ 02.09.2011

    Please release the video!!

  • tones 01.27.2011

    AWSOME SONG!!!!!!Xtina you are amazing!!!!!

  • helurd 01.22.2011

    love it

  • Ducs 01.17.2011

    i adore it!

  • Keshia 01.09.2011

    Wow ;D

  • Keshia 01.09.2011

    Wow ;D

  • misssy3 01.02.2011

    I LOVE THIS SONGG!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Angela 12.22.2010

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!

  • TMM 12.22.2010

    Love it <3

  • AllaneZ 12.19.2010

    Vote Christia for The Bes Solo Female artist on Virgin Awards

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Yazmin 12.18.2010

    It´s amazing I oving this tune

  • ol1457 12.17.2010

    Just perfect I believe is gonna be a huge hit as well amazing video just see Christina in a medie eval castle spoonbill is perfect go Christina make this a hit with a perfect video sure you gonna do it

  • ol1457 12.17.2010

    GREAT GREAT love how christina can do anything she is amazing love castle walls can't take it out of my head..........

  • trriley2008 12.16.2010

    Love the Song!!! Listen to is all the time!! Smile

  • legentina 12.15.2010

    Looove this song!! Go xtina! TI did a good job for choosing her. thankyou TI! They abandoned xtina on the radio this year so THIS should get her back....and there's nothing the radio people can do about it! It's about time the REAL music comes back ot the radio! All haters can eat xtina's dust caue she's ain't going anywhere! luv the beginning of song...soo hauntingly beautiful.

  • TheTwaz 12.14.2010

    GREAT!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  • love4xtina 12.14.2010

    Amazing as always!

  • mynix 12.13.2010

    Way too much rap to me. Less T.I. more Christina, or shorter song and I would like it. Hope to got a remix soon.

  • Oliviafriis 12.13.2010

    wow... What a song! I'm really looking forward to see the music video ( If you make one Laughing out loud)

  • miss-wonda 12.13.2010

    Best vocal+rapartist song ever!! I'm listing to it whole morning.. damn christina, great job!!

  • parcos80 12.13.2010

    I love this song, Christina sounds amazing!!! I wasn't a big fan of T.I.'s but now I kinda like him, this is gonna be a HUGE hit, I just know it!!! We need a hit from Burlesque, let's keep voting!!!

  • dang 12.13.2010

    omg i love her singing1 sooo much better than rihanna....

  • lilcmj6006 12.12.2010


  • RajibDavid 12.12.2010

    Fantastic song!

  • DaguskaXxXtina 12.12.2010

    lovee Xtina:D zjedwabisty kawałek Laughing out loud

  • diepmayer 12.12.2010

    Flawless..... Video clip should be released asap

  • AllaneZ 12.12.2010

    The video has been shoot!!!!
    Guys, it will be amazing... Shock Sexy

  • christtinna 12.11.2010

    i am speechless and i cannot stop listing to it!!! love it <3!!

  • chazzer100 12.11.2010

    Amazing, This is going to be epic!

  • zigfrid 12.11.2010

    i looveed this song from first hearing and cant stop listening to xtina vocals GREAT JOB BOTH OF U

  • 91029967 12.11.2010

    This song really speaks to me! I love it!

  • Yearbook 12.11.2010


  • MYGIRLXTINA 12.11.2010

    Love it and they sound great together!

  • ol1457 12.11.2010

    great great great great

  • wolfofavalon 12.11.2010

    This song is amazing!!! You have a fabulous voice!!

  • Krisztina 12.11.2010

    Love this song and wish i were see your concert!!!!

  • xtina1512 12.11.2010

    fantastic song!

  • Zippy 12.11.2010

    it's very catchy, im in love with this song!! Smile

  • pedrojose2009 12.10.2010

    Castle Walls great song !!!! Christina the best!!!

  • Natasha25 12.10.2010

    I Love it. Your music always makes me happy. Bionic is a great album btw. Hopefully ill see you concert someday.

  • cruzieboi 12.10.2010

    Christina you've done it again i love you and this song AND FOR THE RECORD FOR ALL YOU HATERS OUT THERE I LOVED BIONIC IT WAS AMAZING. whats next christina??? Smile can't wait Smile :) Smile :)

  • ol1457 12.10.2010

    GREAT song cant take it out of my head xxxx

  • AllaneZ 12.10.2010

    It suppose to be hit!!!
    Christina's voice also adorable!!
    Love love love Sexy

  • omerr 12.10.2010

    beautiful song Wink

  • PatiiSofia 12.10.2010

    I love it Laughing out loud

  • Yapzer 12.10.2010

    ow yeah, she back, and how ;O
    she should spot the charts! (Grade
    amazing song and voice!

  • TIN 12.10.2010

    I looove this track! A really good combination of Xtina and TI.

    Hope there will be a video Smile



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