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Christina On David Letterman Tonight

Tune in tonight to see Christina Aguilera perform on The Late Show With David Letterman - the show airs at 11:35 pm EST on CBS. Be sure to check out Christina!!

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  • dustinzero 06.10.2010

    it was amazing Smile <a href="" title=""></a>

  • smartnsexylatino 06.10.2010

    WOAAHHH i love this song. One of my favorites on the album. One of the top vocal performances of her career for sure.

  • U did great.

  • Claudus 06.10.2010

    Christina wonderful !!!

  • Leonard 06.10.2010

    Mais que perfeita!

  • Abi 06.10.2010

    Add a comment she was flawless Laughing out loud

  • BionicHoney 06.10.2010

    she was amazing, one of her best vocal performances ever.

  • nickless 06.10.2010

    I need the video in this page, because my jod blocked all multimedia websites

  • Fan_of_You 06.10.2010

    <a href=";scrollTo=poll451" title=";scrollTo=poll451">;scrollTo=poll451</a>

    Vote for Xtinaaaaaa

  • candee2 06.10.2010

    Awesome! And that I love it.

  • Fan_of_You 06.10.2010

    you were amazing last night as always

  • ROD 06.10.2010


  • breannas 06.10.2010

    Christina you were amazing on Letterman last night! You looked beautiful (I loved the shoes!)and you put on an extraordinary performance, breath taking... XoXo

  • chadformeloza 06.10.2010

    and yeah, i so love the outfit and your hair.. i agree, you're SEXIER than EVER! i love you Christina!!!

  • chadformeloza 06.10.2010

    your performance was truly remarkable! i adore everything about you and bionic!

  • CHRISDAL03 06.10.2010

    ALBUM REVIEW: Christina Aguilera – BIONIC | The Patchwork Of Pop Music’s Progression In This Decade
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Hinata222 06.10.2010

    I enjoyed your performance. Loved your outfit. Where did you get those shiny stockings from? I'd wear them.

  • CHRISDAL03 06.10.2010

    SEE THIS <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Tom 06.10.2010

    I finally saw it! it's amazing!! it seems like you're never gonna stop surprising me Smile

  • DarkoNarcissist 06.10.2010

    awesome show...!!! xO

  • Sandra Venezuela 06.10.2010

    It was MAGIC!!! u are an angel christina love u....xoxo

  • h_woohoo30 06.10.2010

    It was stunning as usual!!! <a href="" title=""></a>

  • dtuibeo 06.10.2010

    her performance was magic! Awesome Xtina!!!

  • Malchik 06.10.2010

    wow it was just sublime... Xtina ur the best 4ever!

  • wmajid 06.10.2010

    Xtina nailed that song again. it was brilliant.

  • Wo0oW... I really love 2 c ya sing... cuz nobody does like you!!

    I love 'You lost Me' & obviously the whole CD

  • Sam 06.10.2010

    I love you Christina!

    All your live performances are better than the studio records

    LOL... you're the best!!!

  • Katerina 06.10.2010

    It was phenomenal!!!!!!

  • osomarjorie 06.10.2010

    omg I absolutely love you lost me one of the most beautiful songs ever!!! Love the album!!!

  • xtinolima 06.10.2010

    Christina eso fue genial!!!

  • ge8194 06.10.2010

    thank u [dustinzero

  • jucystar25 06.10.2010

    ...I LUVED the performance!!!!

  • Freakychiq 06.10.2010

    @ Neka
    Thanks Neka

  • Neka 06.10.2010

    <a href="" title=""></a>
    AMAZING !!!! Smile

  • Gan Yuri 06.10.2010

    I think Christina should be called as POP'S bionic MEGASTAR ^_^

  • pierejean 06.10.2010

    just amazing! wowww great performance! love it!

  • dustinzero 06.10.2010

    you were amazing, as per usual Wink

    anyone who missed it can watch it here

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • DimrymaN 06.10.2010

    Her voice was perfect!!!! I love her!!!

  • Tom 06.10.2010

    I can't find it Sad

  • Alexa 06.10.2010

    Saw Christina on the David Letterman Show tonight. What a phenominal talent. Love it when she sings a ballad.

  • leo_xtina 06.10.2010

    hola a todos,,,wo q grandiosa presentacion de la reyna,,aguilera,,,,la mejor,,,la amo,,,q sentimiento en la song you lost amo,,,,,bye,,,xtinafans

    christina te amo¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • naugthy_boy 06.10.2010


    <a href=";scrollTo=poll451" title=";scrollTo=poll451">;scrollTo=poll451</a>

  • naugthy_boy 06.10.2010

    good look mi queen Xtina Laughing out loud

  • ge8194 06.10.2010

    help me please!

  • ge8194 06.09.2010

    where can i see the show on the internet??

  • lol1988 06.09.2010

    Xtina.... Allow me to direct your next video... BIONIC, Well... you don't need to pay me... Smile

  • ge8194 06.09.2010

    where can i see the show on the internet??

  • REC 06.09.2010

    great super performance on late night xtine, the song 'you lost me' is amazing, love it,it remind me of a past relationship,love you work and talent,xtina muahh..bye...

  • DanniDezno 06.09.2010

    screw perez hilton!! his blog started cus of his hating on britney.. now all of a sudden, he does the stupid intro to her LAME tour & now christina is horrible? how can anyone in their right mind deny the fabulousness that is xtina?? and that voice?? pure talent, from head to toe. PERFECT rendition of "you lost me".. gorgeous! get 'em girl!

  • chicolane16 06.09.2010

    Im starting to think You Lost Me is the next single and WooHoo was just digital single

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