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Christina Is Nominated for 3 Billboard Latin Music Awards

Xtina is nominated for Crossover Artist of the Year, Female Hot Latin Songs Artist of the Year, and Hot Latin Song of the Year for the Billboard Latin Music Awards! Be sure to tune in to Telemundo on April 24th at 7pm ET!

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  • Tin_Tin12T 06.01.2014

    Xtina i luv u so much! I hope your next new album will come soon!! You are a talented singer! I am your biggest fan when i was in nursery I like the Genie in a bottle.. I wish you will come in the phillipines!!I love u!!!!!!! <3

  • xtinalover98 05.01.2014

    Xtina love you so much! <3 please come to finland,1 hope that your new album is coming soon! you are so beautiful and amazing singer. Your songs give me strenght when I have hard particularly Fighter, Best of me, Army of me, Lift me up, Stronger than ever,Soar and Voice within. Don´t ever stop doing music! love you so much<3

  • imonflux 05.01.2014

    xtina i love u so much... i've been with u since the very beginning. please, don't ever stop making music. u are a ray of light in the music industry. i love u so, so, so much... love from Sabah, Malaysia... XOXO baby jane

  • igarinmrk 04.17.2014

    Awesome. She must perform at this event. It will be amazing opportunity to showcase her talent. We need to see more of her in Spanish speaking networks!!!

  • Leaghan Moller 04.16.2014

    congrats Xtina may the next few years be your time to shine rooting for you all the way from Africa.

  • Franck Baudoux 04.14.2014

    Hi Christina !

    I have been a fan of you since the beginning of your career! The most striking feature in your wonderful personality is first and foremost the beauty of your voice. What a thrill to sing along ‘you are beautiful”, “Hurt”, “somos novios”, your amazing performance in Steve Antin’s movie Burlesque…I was somewhat puzzled by the album Bionic where the warmth of your tone was distorted and truly turned down to an inaudible level. What a joy to RE-DISCOVER the beauty of your powerful voice –it was high time! – in your latest tune “your body” and especially in your duet with Alejandro Fernandez “Hoy engo ganas de ti!”… Lo escucho en bucle…I can’t stop listening to it all day long! Qué maravilla, what a joy! Bravo and thanks for making us dream and sing, both in English and en español! Siga por ese camino por favor!…Y come se dice en Francés “merde” for the next Latino Awards! You simply deserve them…
    (mierda significa ¡mucha suerte! Pues En la bella época, los espectadores se hacían deponer en coches de punto delante de la entrada del teatro. Durante esta parada, los caballos no dejaban de manchar el ladrillo de deyecciones … Al ser directamente proporcional la capa de estiércoles de caballo en total de espectadores, su importancia era el signo que la obra encontraba un cierto éxito. De donde la costumbre de desear a uno " !mierda!" a los artistas!).
    With all my love and hope to see you soon in concert in Paris.

  • Dios te bendiga Cristina , you are The best !!

  • mpat5318 03.11.2014

    Hey this is real good and you will keep pressing forward as i said. Let's own the new chart and
    continue to lighten the path for outstanding
    musical deliveries. As the new breaks ground
    a life of encouragement will place our faith
    into greater realms. And you'll want to get
    new awards for the thrilling music that shares
    a foliage of feeling on that course. All in line
    for deserving attributes. There is none to guess
    because we knew it. Of this we can say it's well
    fought to win those awards in huge strife. And
    our chains are breaking with these new families
    of music as you will tell on the site. We well need
    nice things in status the works will and can't deny
    that. This is extra is for you to greet all of last
    impressions. and you wow all that is indearing. And
    it's well to you. And lives Michael
    Jackson said don't stop till you get enough, and
    although he's gone we have his listenings and
    have exacted to the whole swing of things.
    and it dusts one feature that those bringing
    folks we held backended. And that was the
    shot of a gust of winning over the whole
    moment. And i have reckoned with all
    the doubts. And ought to get actually
    what's first. An unkindly world spaces
    no sparking to any of it. It still hones
    in normally and we would like a lost
    feeling says over bearing worlds as
    this there as it is has to be important
    as old as everything is so you won't
    get better out there... and in this
    does talk to you in a way each is
    just as that was...and you would
    all keep this of the mind and under
    wraps that's true...and is nice to

  • I Am Fighter 03.08.2014


  • MildredRivera 03.01.2014

    Hi Christina.Im so glad for you and for us all of your fans that love you and appreciate you so much.I hope you win.I wish you the best.Your fan Mildred Rivera Im very proud of you!!

  • X - jl 02.21.2014

    suerte y bendiciones x-tina

  • X - jl 02.21.2014

    you can do it..... we here stay... te amo

  • MaryyMess95 02.20.2014

    Go girl!!!!! <3

  • CHRISTINA YOU ARE THE BEST!!! <3333333333333333333

  • Xtinaismyidol22 02.13.2014

    I'll be praying you win.You deserve it.You work so hard to get where you are.I will always be a proud fan <3 Thank you for being there for me when no one else was.

  • blueyes343 02.11.2014

    She dersves it!

  • CandyGirl 02.10.2014

    Great! I love this song! *_*

  • Merche 02.10.2014

    bravo! ojala y cante más en español, su voz es tan hermosa ♥

  • woooooooooooooooow i live Christina!!!! are the best...I wish thee good luck ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥................................please ''Hoy tengo ganas de ti''...please ♥

  • Yo tambien espero que interprete "Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti", me encanta al final cuando xtina alargA ese tiiiii......

  • seria magnifico que ganara

  • Super

  • AllaneZ 02.07.2014

    Congrats Christina!!!
    I hope you perform Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti and win the awards!!

  • rickw1010 02.07.2014

    I am a huge fan of Christina and I really she wins Christina I am for you all the way.

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