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Christina Performs "Let There Be Love"

Dez Duron and Sylvia Yacoub joined Christina on her new hit, "Let There Be Love" during The Voice.

Download "Let There Be Love" here.

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  • jamescrown947 07.01.2013

    Dez Duron and Sylvia Yacoub joined Christina on her new hit, "Let There Be Love" during The Voice.

  • Mike_Ruiz 12.07.2012

    i love u Chris... Smile

  • dylanmc21 12.02.2012

    awsome video iliked it when the two peoplein the christina's chair like in the blind adition's

  • dylanmc21 12.01.2012


  • dylanmc21 12.01.2012


  • dylanmc21 12.01.2012

    Cool awesome you rocked

  • Xtina.Fever 11.27.2012

    ---(¯ `v´ ¯ )


  • Poodles 11.26.2012

    One of my favorite song from her new album. Don't ever stop what you love to do. <3

  • QueenXTinaLove 11.26.2012

    this is a great preformance!

  • swrepn203 11.25.2012

    so still tryna figure out how to color my hair like that!

  • ferpereva 11.25.2012

    Nice album i am just worried about two things: sells an promotion of it

  • AllaneZ 11.24.2012

    Please do more promo, Christina Smile

  • Russ12283 11.24.2012

    That was such an awesome and fun live performance. You and your team were having a blast. I was loving all of it. ; D

  • pilation 11.24.2012

    Great performance!Smile

  • Austin Powell 11.23.2012

    You deserve to be on top the charts I feel as if your not appreciated or promoted enough
    Girl were going to have another stripped album it's going to be success and the real Xtina will be dominating the charts once again:))) you can do it don't try to conform to that kind of take yourself back and create a whole other back to basics stripped album combo

  • kayereyes02 11.23.2012


  • AllaneZ 11.22.2012

    Love you X!!

  • _kolo 11.22.2012

    Every time you create a new album always create songs that help me... Thank you! <3
    You have made ​​the history of music and even now you're doing!
    This performance is beautiful and fun, which makes you want to jump and dance!!! (sorry for my bad American/English) Smile

  • QueenXTinaLove 11.22.2012

    Queen Christina i love you so much! you are my big inspiration!

  • safaripoet 11.22.2012

    Great performance!

  • HaroldoXgurgel 11.22.2012

    How pretty and perfect you are?

    Love u, xtina! come to Brazil, please!

  • Jmlatinboy 11.22.2012

    Hi christina I hope you really read this message!!! I've been your fan since day one I can say that we have grown up together with your music, I've been to every concert you've had, even went to New York from Seattle to see you're back to basics tour because that was the only place I could get first row ticket Smile I love every single one of your albums and lotus is one of my favs I don't understand why a lot of people just can't see how amazing you are and I guess is because a lot of them are just use to fake people and artist and the fact that you are who you are a astrong independent woman and very taleted!! I guess is too much for some people to handle, I really wish people can see what all of your fans see in you and why we stick with you and always will! I really do hope that this album does a lot better that what it's done so far and with that said, I really wish you can promote a lot more this album start working in videos, tv appearances and any kind of promotion you can do, you deserve to be on the top and I know you will is just a matter of time! And for all those haters out there screw them! you know they're just jealous cuz they don't have your talent;) don't let that bring you down and I know it won't because you are a fighter and always will, just like me! I'm looking forward to your lotus tour I will be there in first row like always have been , cheering you up!! Like I said I hope you really do read this message!!! I love you very much and hope i can meet you some day!! have a great thanksgiving!! Xoxo Joel Martinez!!!

  • QueenXTinaLove 11.22.2012

    I love you so much!!! you are so good!

  • Xtina.Fever 11.22.2012

    Beautifulest Voice and Lady !
    " I pray we'll meet inside my dreams "

  • CandyGirl 11.22.2012

    SUPER! usual..

  • geoXge 11.21.2012


  • Madblush 11.21.2012

    Christina you're amazing!! Loving the "Lotus"!

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