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Christina Performs "Say Something" with A Great Big World on The Voice

Get "Say Something" now on iTunes.

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  • judyagrioz 01.06.2014

    I can't see this video Sad it's blocked for peru

  • Christell 12.15.2013

    I can't see this video Sad It's blocked for Switzerland!

  • Amandi 11.25.2013

    Thank you this song!! I love it Smile

  • LOU-LOU 11.16.2013

    I Saw This Performance. I Loved It. Loved The Song.

  • Xtinaismyidol22 11.12.2013

    So beautiful.I will forever be a fighter.Can't wait to see what is coming next.

  • MizHead 11.11.2013

    Wow, the two of you need to do another song together. Your voice is amazing, I've loved your music since I heard Genie In A Bottle. I first heard you seen when you sang on 90210, my cousin Adam Watts was on there playing with you. You and he should do a song together. This is now one of my favorite songs...

  • leenee 11.10.2013

    ok, what good is this if my country, Canada, get see the video on this website. We are your biggest trader of goods, United States, at least let me see the video here. !!

  • BornToBeFighter 11.09.2013

    You got me goosebumps, seriously.
    While I was listening to the performance, I cried a tear of sadness and joy..You make me feel so peaceful, free and blessed. if I hadn't met you, I don't know what would have been of me. I love you, CHRISTINA MARIA AGUILERA. ♥

  • escucho esta cancion y me dan ansias por escuchar el nuevo album de xtina

  • Denise Lynch 11.08.2013

    I had heard the version of this song without you singing it and it was wonderful. But sweetie, listening to this with you singing...I was literally bawling like a baby through the whole thing and for 15 minutes after the song was over. I didn't even know why! Your voice made that song connect with something buried deep down in me, the original version did not do that. Not sure whether or not to thank you for may have just opened up a can of worms for me. Haha ;o) I'm so glad that you are "feeling inspired" lately. The way you sing when something really touches you or you are passionate about...Well, there really are no words to describe it! Stay true and follow your heart, screw what anyone else thinks. Oh yeah...Thank you for the Letter and LTBL! This old fart Fighter is extremely grateful. ♥

  • cvthumper 11.08.2013

    this is beautiful,just like your heart

  • Epiclera 11.07.2013

    It was good watching that performance live on television. I was proud of Christina, she always remains epic and majestic no matter what anybody thinks, good or bad.

    It's nice to see "Say Something" stay at number 1 on itunes. But I'd still adore the song, even if it currently was at number 1000000 instead.

    Christina is THE BEST, with or without the sales or awards. It is an undeniable fact of reality.

    I love that Christina continues to bring new music! Nothing will ever stop Christina from singing!

  • Merche 11.07.2013

    No valido para Venezuela, quiero verlo pero no puedo Sad

  • jonathan_warner 11.07.2013

    Not available in this country either

  • Beautiful!

  • Ana Simão 11.07.2013

    Not available in Brazil. Never available in Brazil. Why does youtube do that? ='(

  • Saw it live. Saw it here again. Amazing video and vocals! Team Xtina is the team to beat this year. Good luck, Christina. Looking fantastic, too!

  • Theresa Mancini 11.07.2013

    First time hearing this and can't get it out of my head! So beautiful....

  • Mr Sofrida 11.07.2013

    Why the video is not available in my country? Its not fair

  • lah2500 11.07.2013

    Very beautiful song. You GO CHRISTINA! and A Great big world.

  • Mafalda Kearns 11.07.2013

    Not available in my country! Why? :c

  • AllaneZ 11.07.2013

    I love this performance, oh my...
    so beautiful

  • FarrahP2001 11.06.2013

    Christina, you amaze me every time. I hope to see you in concert soon or even at a performance. OH GOSH!! I can't even describe how much you inspire me to sing, and I'm not as nearly as good of a singer as you, but I fight every day to hit and sing the best as I can to reach your singing potential. Smile From screaming in the kitchen when I was younger, I'm 30 now, to screaming now, trying to hit those high notes as you do. LOL You and your voice are simply amazing. Keep it coming! I love this performance as well! It was so sensual and emotional!!! The artist form A Great Big World was amazing as well!

  • Bribee 11.06.2013

    Not available in my country?? Canada? Seriously? HMPH!

  • beautiful voice

  • SaucyKatie 11.06.2013

    This performance actually brought tears to my eyes. Christina, you clearly have a connection to this song. What does it mean to you? That was simply beautiful. You are amazing, my dear.

  • yimmimegue 11.06.2013


  • bitterman 11.06.2013

    Thank u so much for the gift of ur voice in such an amazing zone... I´m still waiting to see you live. Come to Chile someday dear Christina... Good luck with all ur projects, and keep fighting we´re here 4 u...

  • MaidenShade 11.06.2013

    Loved this and bought it - love you lady!

  • SusanZuke 11.06.2013

    No one and I mean NO ONE can sing or has a voice like the one and only Christina!!! She has so much emotion, volume, clarity, pitch and her voice literally moves my soul no matter what she sings! You are a hero not only for being a great mom, humanitarian for all your causes but also because your music and voice can sincerely spark all kinds of emotions in a person and we not only hear it, are moved by it but it touches a place in our souls that actually causes a person to experience a certain type of euphoria! You truly are the best and never forget that!

  • coqeandres 11.06.2013

    perfecta <3 <3

  • Dearest Christina,
    This one hits home, thank you for bring it to us. This is a must have.
    Yours Always HenryO

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