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Christina to play Jazz Fest 2014

Just announced! Christina Aguilera will perform at the 2014 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on Friday, May 2, alongside many more great artists. Check it out:

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  • Sorprendente , Christina tuvo un buen rendimiento teniendo en cuenta que esta embarazada.... 100% en vivo

  • Dear Christina,
    Absolutely Wonderful, Loved It!!!!
    Thanks for singing one of my all time favorites, Makes Me Wanna Pray.

    Forever Yours, HenryO

  • @what_I_sea 05.03.2014

    She should come to Old Sacramento's Jazz (now "Music") festiva Memorial day weekend. It's one of the oldest and biggest Jazz festivals on the west coast. I'll get her a stage and backup, plus she could stay at my house while she's in town.

  • UnbreakablePacho 03.10.2014

    I'm going to the jazz fest. Fighters add me on Facebook I would like to meet you there. Francisco Nocua

  • AllaneZ 02.03.2014

    People in New Orleans / USA are so lucky
    I hope she wouldn't cancel it

  • Kelly E'lon 02.01.2014

    Yeaaaaaaah im so excited! Im just accross the river and I WILL BE THERE

  • ya quiero saber que va a interpretar

  • lfanale 01.30.2014

    It is really frustrating to know I have the week before this festival off! I work at a school so it can not be changed....Maybe I can explain the situation to the school director? Since it is a special needs school, she might understand my special need to see Christina !...

  • I'm coming from Pennsylvania just to see xtina and its gunna be sooooooo worth it I'm so excited Its not even funny haha <3 I love you xtina!!

  • patrizio45 01.28.2014

    rock Smile

  • You can not imagine how much I would like to see you, but I do not have a chance, and maybe you've come to the concerts that I could see you one day.♥ ♥ ♥

  • LovingX4X 01.25.2014

    I'm coming all the way from Ohio! I'm so excited to finally see her live.

  • Can't wait!! Wish I could go there! :"( hope could sing fighter? That would be so awesome Laughing out loud any some u sing will be Awesome! Xx

  • Dearest Christina,
    This is my TOP song picks for Jazz Fest.
    Bound to you
    Makes me wanna pray
    Mercy on me
    See you there.
    Yours Always, HenryO

  • I Am Fighter 01.17.2014

    I wish I could go... but I'm really excited for Xtina! She's gonna SLAY it!

  • Dearest Christina,
    Are you going to do any Meet & Greets at the Jazz Fest?
    Yours Always, HenryO

  • Dearest Christina,
    We ALL have been waiting for a long time, I will see you there.
    Yours Always, HenryO

  • katharinelvr54 01.15.2014


  • mpat5318 01.15.2014

    Yes, a cool up to the moment video...has to approach
    some excitement. Anyone can see that it was just a
    climbing moment on such a surprise. And that's what
    we need is a little bit of animation Smile and to raise
    the stars. Happy at the moment and thus it's all in
    what they wanted and with these we hope says everyone. They are tackling it all it's truth
    and i am all with them in the journey...they'll
    make it a thing no one will forget. Those are
    them who watch and enjoy the environment it's
    what they'll create...

  • Christina is singing in jazz??

  • Genial me muero por ver su presentacion

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