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Christina On The Today Show Weekend

Tune in tomorrow morning to catch Christina Aguilera for a sit down chat and performance on The Today Show Weeekend (7:00 AM on NBC)!

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  • 5tephanieM 06.13.2010

    You Lost Me performance <a href="" title=""></a>

  • 5tephanieM 06.12.2010

    was it new stuff? seems like not many got to see it. It seems odd its the one thing this week the site didnt post.(maybe thats because its the weekend though)Maybe it'll be up Monday.

  • MerMonster71 06.12.2010

    I was kept up all night.. but I tried to watch it.. but I fell asleep as you were singing -- mad they didn't just show this on Tuesday like normal.

  • FierceDiva 06.12.2010

    hold up? is this a new performance or the same one from tuesday but more in depth?

  • FierceDiva 06.12.2010

    omg i effin missed it!!!!! I mean i was sleep but still i totally forgot!!!!! ahhhhh now ill have to wait for it to be posted here or you tube

  • candee2 06.12.2010

    Woohoooo, it was wonderful to wake up to Christina this morning. Loved It!

  • Shauna17 06.12.2010

    I'm definitely up for this one! Can't wait Christina!

  • DanniDezno 06.12.2010

    thanks daavid!! I'm already feeling much better, and i'm up in time to catch xtina on the weekend today show! so, all is perfect is the world! i made my mother watch her Early Show appearance with me, and my mother cried.. literally CRIED when she seen her perform "You lost me".. she said she could hear it in her voice that the song wsa sung by someone who had experienced a real heartbreak in her life.. so xtina just gained another fan.. my 56 year old mother!

  • christinalover 06.11.2010

    I am not a morning person! But it looks like I'll be getting up at 7 again. Loving all the performances though.

  • Hinata222 06.11.2010

    I am enjoying all this great promo. I can't wait to see what you'll wear and performe. I will be watching Storytellers and Behind The Music.

  • chpchipichp 06.11.2010

    yeaaaaa u rocks!!!

  • Lionel808 06.11.2010

    OMG I've been getting up early, recording and cheering on Christina this entire week! It's not over yet!!! woohoo! GO CHRISTINA!!!

  • daavid 06.11.2010

    I love how Christina appears everywhere Smile btw DanniDezno, get well soon!

  • DanniDezno 06.11.2010

    this has literally been the best week of my life! lol, i have the whole week off from work due to a minor surgery i had, and i get to wake up every morning to another xtina appearance and killer performances... i'm in xtina heaven!! and i SOOOOO can't wait for Storytellers.. that is one my favorite shows, and to FINALLY have xtina on, giving us some background on some of her greatest songs, and of course.. her phenomenal new songs.. is just the perfect way to end this past "xtina week"!!

  • Nathalija 06.11.2010

    yes !! can I watch it live tomorrow online ??

  • MerMonster71 06.11.2010

    I keep waking up early to see Christina on TV.. and it's the summertime -- woo~! Wouldn't do it for anyone else.

  • raphaelalves 06.11.2010

    you wanna get crazy!

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