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Christina on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Part 1:

Part 2:

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  • __XtinaAguilera 11.01.2013

    u look so pretty ♥

  • __XtinaAguilera 11.01.2013

    I love you xtina ♥

  • xtinaloverboy12 10.24.2013

    xtina is the Voice !!! i just Love Herrrr !!!

  • Ronipp 10.03.2013

    Christina, how appropriate that you Star on a TV program named "The Voice". I feel that it was (or should have been) named after you! After all you are The Voice of the world! Better than Whitney, better than Adele and better than Etta! NOBODY does it better than YOU!

  • natcorres 10.02.2013

    Christina first of all I must say you look stunning & I have always thought you were gorgeous! Such a natural beauty!!! You are such an inspiration and set such a good example for all of the celebrities and artists out there. This world could use more people like you <3 It's so good to see you back on The VOICE, it wasn't the same without you XOXO <3

  • Bigfoot Hunter1 10.02.2013

    U look great, great mommy, great humanitarian, great work ethic, great focus, great sense of humor, and still yet very humble... Good for U Smile

  • sellout25 10.01.2013

    You're My hero! XOXO!

    Love Your Body ( and I'm a boy!)


  • AllaneZ 09.30.2013

    Buy Christina Aguilera's new single "We Remain" on
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  • you are the greatest person ive ever known i really want meet you in personal couldnt god grant that wish for me i love so much

  • mpat5318 09.22.2013

    Hey christina! I look forward to hearing that album! I have back to basics too! Glad to hear those as well. I think i'm gonna love lotus! That's just too good and they are so magical. A heavily adorned collection it is! They always surprise me in a big way...i will listen again, and on and on <3 very valuable songs that just made me happy. There's just so much there it is really a treasure right away. Smile

  • mpat5318 09.22.2013

    Hey...i don't know what i would do without your bionic album it brings back so many memories. i
    kept it going on repeat all night. and still
    going. It keeps me company while i'm online.
    And is the best. Just brings back some memories
    of when you had your radio station. That was

  • lah2500 09.22.2013

    Congrats! Christina on your new look and back on "The Voice". You will always be beautiful inside and out. You are AWESOME!!!! much continued SUCCESS!! We all LOVE!! you Christina!

  • mpat5318 09.21.2013

    I think honestly that jay leno is the most wonderful talk show you could have did. I had to see this and everything you have out there <3 it's not just any day that you can see what's put on t.v. so glad it was here. Nice view...thanks much and enjoy it. It has jay leno!

  • Mohanned_oun 09.21.2013

    awesome Xtina .. yes u are sexier than ever <3

  • Gary 09.20.2013

    Very Beautiful young lady

  • AllaneZ 09.20.2013

    Looking hot Momma!!!

  • I Am Fighter 09.20.2013

    God your amazing... that's all I can say!

  • Dearest Christina,
    I cannot agree more, you are sexier than ever. I saw Adam last night in Houston, say hi to him for me when you see him on the voice. Keep up ALL the good work with all that you do.
    Yours Always, HenryO

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