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Ever wanted to see yourself on Christina's BIONIC album cover? Christina Aguilera is inviting you to remake yourself in her BIONIC album cover. Click here to see how you can do it!

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  • nAuGhTy bOy 05.13.2012

    How can I get Bionic again??

  • samunin 06.19.2010

    PLEASE COME PREFORM IN SEATTLE OR TACOMA...ethier one works for me

  • gpantos 06.14.2010

    I read at the internet that BIONIC is #1 album at the UK charts. Congratulations to Christina.

  • gpantos 06.12.2010

    I bought via internet the Deluxe Fan Edition. Incredible package. The new cd is by far her greatest work. Especially the ballad session (Lift me Up, You Lost Me, All I Need). I love the new futuristic versatile sound, always reinvent herself. Great artwork.
    Christina i love you.

  • STRONGER THAN EVER! That is my fav song right now

  • lakersfan 06.10.2010

    Album is great. Prima donna should be the next single.

  • Kruegerite 06.10.2010

    BIONIC is my Favorite Album EVER Smile And B2B is My Second Favorite Wink

  • Juana2teddy 06.10.2010

    WOOHOOO I got the cd, and i loving it so far.

  • anis 06.10.2010

    please, whenever I post a comment, I don't find it !!! what's up ?? I'm a great fan of Miss Aguilera

  • Fan_of_You 06.10.2010

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    vote for

  • Holly_B_lo 06.10.2010

    I went out and got the Deluxe ed. of your cd on the day it came out.. Your new stuff is bad ass. I have loved all your stuff and i love how you reinvent yourself. You will go down as one of if not the best singer of this time. Your voice is the best. In your power ballads i turn them on and the way you sing some of the stuff just makes me wanna cry. And your club songs turns me into somehting else makes me feel like im not myself tonight. Basically you are my favorite all time artist and i love ya. By the way your son is adorable. I have a son around the same age. GOOD LUCK and i hope to catch you on tour.

  • CHRISDAL03 06.10.2010

    ALBUM REVIEW: Christina Aguilera – BIONIC | The Patchwork Of Pop Music’s Progression In This Decade
    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • MrBubulino 06.10.2010

    I finally got it today!! It's amazing, I love it!

  • Jamake1005 06.10.2010

    Im going to be soo pissed if this album doesnt do well b/c of haters! Straight bs if it does b/c it def does not deserve the horrible reviews and backlash its getting! What the hell is wrong with the music industry today all these new cats come in and we just throw the consistent great real artist to the side. Drake, Nicki Minaj, Gaga i mean damn these ppl havent even dropped albums but they getting more respect than ppl with proven recores and success. I mean come Chrsitina is consistent we all know she can sing her butt off and she does that on the ballads on the Bionic cd also. Even the electro songs she still sounds great. Im sick of all the hate she is getting wheres the Respect. Your true real fans love u and love the album b/c its really a gr8 damn album not just b/c we are fans b/c its a gr8 album fan or no fan! I love you and keep up the good work and God bless you and your beautiful fam!!

  • Jamake1005 06.10.2010

    I cant stop listening to this album great great great album Christina! Christina there is no one like you who can even touch your vocals. Ppl need to stop hating and get this album! How the hell they going to compare you with some non singing heffa Gaga! Dats an insult to you and your fans! Im not hating Gaga getting that paper and got the game on lock right now it is what it is. Im hating the RESPECT your not getting and damn well deserve!! You been in the game 10 yrs Gaga isnt the only other act to come out and get hott her star already fading and she cant sing she going to sing dance music for 10 yrs ha I give her 1 more 2yrs to be nice to still be relevant. You did your thing you had fun on the album you gave exactly what you promised us years ago b4 anybody even knew who a lady blah blah was. I love you and ur music and I love this album!!!

  • diepmayer 06.10.2010

    I love your WORK. THANK U FOR ALL

  • jjony mube 06.10.2010

    i just wanna say: i love U SO MUCH CHRISTINA ...Bionic is my favorite album ever, i love U love U love U love U

  • quron 06.10.2010

    I have to admit it.. You are as hot as they come. I love the fact you are taking chances in your carrer & growing with every album. Its amazing that some people call themselves fans, but dont appreciate how creative you are. Keep up the excellent work!

  • quron 06.10.2010

    I am amazed with this album. Honestly, there seems to be a lot of biased opinions out there and these people are keeping others from the truth which is "Bionic" is an amazingly well done album. You won't be able to believe the dynamics of the album and the intense creativity that has molded the tracks into creations that could have come from the 80's or somewhere in the future. The deluxe version is amazing and I must say out of all the songs "I Am", "Lift Me Up", "Prima Donna", "Vanity", and "Birds Of Prey" are my favorites.

    Either be a sheep and follow the negativity of a flock who most likely hasn't even listened to the album or be your own critic and give the album "Bionic" a spin. MAKE SURE YOU TRY THE DELUXE VERSION TO GET THE BONUS TRACKS.

  • quron 06.10.2010

    i don't understand why gaga fans think lady gaga is so original and is the first artist to be weird and do electronic pop music. clearly lady gaga has been ripping off other artists fashion style like roisin murphy, grace jones, madonna, dale bozzio and bjork. artist like kylie minogue, madonna, goldfrapp, cascada have been doing electro pop for years and years before lady gaga became famous. christina was talking making a futuristic eletronic pop album years before lady gaga. gaga fans are giving this album bad reviews to bring down the ratings

    this is a great album christina loves experimenting and reinventing herself. this album delivers a variety of genre filled with effort, emotions and fun. my favorite songs are
    elastic love
    morning desert
    sex for breakfast
    prima donna
    lift me up
    you lost me

    overall i think christina is just having fun trying something new because that's what she all about. this album is great and i can't stop listening to it

  • quron 06.10.2010

    I just find it odd that she gets pitted against someone else who came out AFTER her.

    With over a decade in the game to her name, I think it's pretty safe to say that Christina knows what she's doing, even if her harshest critics fail to realize it. The music speaks for itself.

  • quron 06.10.2010

    The thing that divides Christina from many of her peers is the fact that she knows music--she gets it--and she knows how to craft an actual album. She's an artist, apparent in the way she reinvents her sound with every release. She takes her time, which is evident in the 3-4 year gap in between her projects. She researches her options and isn't afraid to 'go there,' which is why she rarely repeats producers and collaborators. You get that if you know music, you don't if you're more accustomed to what radio feeds you and content with the smoke and mirrors of the industry.

  • LoveXtina4Life 06.09.2010

    xtina you did it again!!!1 another amazing album!!!!!


  • holy s*** how cute is max at the end of vanity btw when i got my copy here on puerto rico there was only one copy left and i said do u guys have deluxe edition and it was all sold ahhh so happy madam x is showing how its done

  • negigirl05 06.09.2010

    LOVe the album its all I can listen to but can someone plz explain to me whats the difference between the song "I Am" and "I Am (Stripped) on the deluxe version?

  • katharinelvr54 06.09.2010

    i bought the delux edition at the target closest to my house!! i love it!! so glad i got it!!! its so aamzing!!! i have been waiting 4 years for the next album and u def didnt let me down!!!! i had rly high expectations and they were exceeded!!! love u!

  • mjxtinafan22 06.09.2010

    I got my deluxe copie lovin bobble head thats songs is hot !!!

  • natanielgi 06.09.2010

    i have it... by itunes and fan edition...

  • pavipop 06.09.2010

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  • ErikaJoann 06.09.2010

    The album is AMAZING!!! I got it as soon as the stores opened. Max being on the album is adorable he sounds so sweet! I love you Madam X!

  • beckytompkins94 06.09.2010

    The album is AMAZING! I am not going to be listening to anything else for a while Smile I bought the deluxe edition album last night, and I'm glad I did! The extra songs are amazing! I really like Bobble head, I Am, and Lift Me Up! <33 Xtina

  • XtiNADiRRtY1 06.09.2010

    I've been a Christina fan since day 1. I'm so impressed with this album. It's definitely on the next level! Comparing it to any other artist is just ridiculous, Christina is one in her own, definitely the queen who owns the thrown! Hearing Max on this album was just precious, loved it. Can't stop playing this album!!

  • Francashley 06.09.2010

    I am always Christina’s fan. Though I had bought Lady Gaga’s last album, in my point of view that was her best already. The latest album is so so only.

    Bionic has good music with enriched rhythm, lyrics, arrangements and of course good singing technique.

    Bionic is a very good album with substance. So, as a fan and music lover, I only wish Christina to continue giving good performance and sing well. Extreme performance or MTV is not necessary.

  • irisbionicsoul 06.09.2010

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    Who do you support Christina or Lady Gaga?
    Christina fans; please vote for our girl!

  • CHRISDAL03 06.09.2010


  • CHRISDAL03 06.09.2010


  • Yoghurt 06.09.2010

    What A Good Idea!!
    ฉันรักคุณ "Christina Aguilera"

  • Josue 06.09.2010


  • I had to go to three different stores to find the album, every store I went to was sold out!
    I was listening to the album in the car and when I got home, I wanted to keep driving and listen to the rest of it. This album is AWESOME, there are some songs, of course, that I cant relate to being a dude, but I really think its an AWESOME album. And the album art is AMAZING! Thanks XTINA!
    Te Amo

  • larirong 06.09.2010

    <3 <3 <3!

  • Gan Yuri 06.09.2010


  • paushy 06.09.2010

    Thank God.. after 4 years of waiting.. I got the BIONIC.. all songs are fantastic.. hope you release the deluxe edition here in the PHILIPPINES... According to the record bar where i bought the Album.. It sold many copies as of today.. Good Smile

  • albelnox 06.09.2010

    You haters should stay off the site and find something more positive to do with your life. It's a suggestion. Take it anyway you want.

  • Gan Yuri 06.09.2010

    why is it that all the critics that reviewed Bionic always compared her work to Lady gaga? is lady gaga the standard of electro-Pop music? geesh. says that it lacks genuineness? the album itself is like Stripped, lots of things going on, but it depicts Female empowerment, self expression and love ^^. and ONLY XTINA can do that in one single album, she can go into diff genres and excel in them.

  • chadformeloza 06.09.2010

    pls do more live performances im craving for you xtina Smile weew

  • BionicHoney 06.09.2010

    haha, it looked weird

  • RachStripped 06.09.2010

    Bionic is awesome!! I love it so much!!! I got the deluxe edition!!!! Love you so much Christina your voice is so amazing <3 RachStripped xxxxxx

  • mlvcrlive 06.09.2010

    Have the deluxe edition

  • Cati 06.09.2010

    I love it BI-ON-IC!
    I Love Christina!

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