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Get The Look - Finale

What an amazing finale. So proud of everyone and so happy for Jermaine. For tonight's finale I wanted to take a play on the classic tuxedo. It was a great way to end the season.

Makeup artist Jake Bailey:
For the season finale we wanted some classic Xtina glamour....smokey eyes and red lips.

I lined her eyes with Covergirl liquiline blast eyeliner and blended a gunmetal Make up for ever Aquacream under her lashline and onto her lids up into the crease. I applied two sets of Ardell "wispies" lashes and coated them with Covergirl 24 hour mascara.

I lined her lips with a CoverGirl liner called "hot" and filled them in with Make Up for Ever Aquacream #8 and glossed them up with Dior Addict Ultra Gloss #856

Follow Jake on Twitter @byjakebailey

Hair stylist Mark Townsend:
For the finale of The Voice, Christina wanted to go for Rock N Roll glamour with her hair and I LOVED her idea! I started her hair by applying a large dollop of Dove Style+Care Amplifier Mousse to damp hair and blowdried with a large round brush. When the hair was dry, I took 3 to 5 inch sections of hair and wrapped each section around a 1 1/2 inch curling iron but left the bottom 2 inches a little straighter. Next I sprayed Sally Hershberger Salon Texture Blast all over and scrunched with my hands to create a cool, second day texture

Follow Mark on Twitter @marktownsend1

Stylist Simone Harouche:
For the finale show, Christina wanted to go with a tuxedo, but have fun with it and make it her own. She wore a dolce and gabbana sequin tux jacket, with a white dolce and gabbana tuxedo shirt and Norma kamali omo studded shorts.

We accessorized with black fishnets, Christian Louboutin boots and loree Rodkin jewels.

Hope you guys enjoyed the look tonight!
Xo Simone

Follow Simone on Twitter @simoneharouche

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  • wiram aguilera 07.11.2012

    you're so hot

  • AllaneZ 07.05.2012

    Excited for The Voice 3!! And your new album Smile

  • Juhangingout 07.04.2012

    Its not often there is a voice that gives people goose bumps everytime they open their moiths. But ever since I ever heard your first song youve had that effect on me and I know so many others. I am also a proud bodacious woman and never feel the need tp be lile others like you. Ive raised my own daughter the same way. You have the voice of an angel and I am proud i get tp hear it and that God blessed the world with you. Thank you so much!

  • YessikahAguilera 06.30.2012

    She's gorgeous with or without the makeup! I love my amazing wife, she has so much talent! For anyone who is commenting negative about her on this site, is not a true f***ing fan! So go else where and talk s*** about someone else! I love you baby girl, keep it up sexii <3 Muah! ;-* I am your true fan & I've never spoke bad about you. People are just jealous of you!

  • XtinaFan4Evaa 06.28.2012

    CHRISTINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA You look better then ever! Cant wait for your new albummmm omg its gonna be so amazing love you chris

  • congaga 06.24.2012

    We LOVE You!!

  • davidor31swales 06.23.2012

    Omg! U r so amzing can not wait for ur New suff my sweety its going 2b amzing loves u hope u r well big kiss me Smile

  • crachat_ordure 06.18.2012

    ich liebe um christina aguilera immer zu lieben

  • crachat_ordure 06.18.2012

    waiting for the queen xtina's new album cuz i know is gonna rock just as the other ones...queen u'll show,why u r the real queen of pop and why every new singer is afraid if ur talent. xoxo crachat_ordure je t'aime plus que beaucoup belle mademoiselle Smile

  • AllaneZ 06.14.2012

    Still waiting for your new album

  • aboli 05.28.2012

    hi christi i love you i love you i kiss you

  • christinafan1999 05.26.2012

    Hey chrisina , i was watching burlesque the other day and it got me thinking that it would be so cool if u and britney did a song together ! love you .. hugs n kisses

  • McGoldrick 05.24.2012

    Only one word to describe Chrissy in that outfit Wow Smile

  • TheNewRobert 05.21.2012

    so amazing i love you

  • Cristine87 05.21.2012


    You are truly amazing! You are beautiful, smart, insanely talented but most of all, you have courage. People say all sorts of things about you but you never back down or let it defeat you and that’s what I love most about you. Cannot wait to see you tour again!

  • Nestor_84 05.20.2012


  • xXtina 05.20.2012

    OMG You're so my hero! I love you Xtina and I hope you're coming to finland!

  • ÜzFermini 05.19.2012

    I love you, you're my star

  • MadamXtinaGurl 05.18.2012


  • leilax pane 05.17.2012

    por favor!!! come early to Argentina!!

  • leilax pane 05.17.2012

    hermosa, muy hermosa!!! Laughing out loud

  • Me 05.14.2012

    You earned it all. I only hope my little girl can express herself with your kind of passion, without the road it took you to feel it.

  • Xtinaloversonly 05.13.2012

    Ps luv the outfit <3

  • Xtinaloversonly 05.13.2012

    I love you Christina Wink you are the light at the end of my daily tunnel and I suppose that being the most beautiful,talented woman on the planet is easier said than done !!! I don't know you tell me<3 from your 14 year old girl you never had: Happy Mother's day Laughing out loud love:: brogan <333

  • candeetwo 05.13.2012

    VH1 never said she doesn't talk to her mom, so let's clarify that ariscape reads dumb gossip magazines that lie about seeing aliens. Christina and her mom are still close and see each other on a regular basis. I'm sure Mother's Day will be special for them both today. Happy Mother's Day to them both.

    And whoever belittles abuse because it ain't 'rape' is an ass.

  • Fantástico 05.13.2012

    Happy Mother's Day Christina. God Bless You. Te Amo.

  • alexdoubleyou 05.13.2012

    you need these heels! <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Cristine87 05.13.2012

    ariscape, her father beat her mother and would come at Christina at times, and had a volatile temper. Just cause he didn't rape her doesn't mean that knocking her down busting her lip is okay. Christina is close to her mom, so I don't know why she wouldn't be talking to her!

  • ariscape 05.13.2012

    het christina,, i was just watching you on vh1.. why do you say that your dad abused you??? you make it sound like he raped you or something! and also, how can you not even talk to your mom? you wouldn't have a career if it wasn't for her! what is wrong with you???

  • Alright, christina! the season's over. so are you gonna start making new music and start TOURING like I have prayed to god a million times that would would after the second season of the voice?!

  • StarJ 05.12.2012

    Best pic to date!!!
    Love tha outfit:) Best wishes Xtina

  • lionardo22 05.11.2012

    woohoo xtina MY QUEEN !!!

  • ghea gartina 05.11.2012

    so gorgeous.. next season, your team will rock the show..

  • AllaneZ 05.10.2012

    Love that shorts!!!

  • AllaneZ 05.10.2012


  • TINA FAN 05.10.2012

    ur son was so cute sitting with u in ur chair Smile i voted sooo much for chris mann!! he was my fav! u rock!! luv ya!! Smile and btw ur really pretty!

  • aliferydooni 05.10.2012

    heloo .christinaaguilera
    Iranians love you too
    I particularly
    Please send me a picture to your signature
    I am Ali from Iran
    <a href=""></a>
    <a href=""></a>

  • Ashleyelmore 05.10.2012

    OMG I love it!! that jacket is gorgeous! and I love your hair like that <3

  • MOVEitGIRL 05.10.2012

    I think you look great, and your weight is just fine Wink <3

  • JeTGirL 05.10.2012

    Did I mention we'll miss seeing you every week? Oh I did, huh? Yeah It's true. I'm a miss ya! Enjoy your summer all!

  • JeTGirL 05.09.2012

    You always look like you're ready to sing for us! Lookin like the Georgeous star that you are. Makes us crave Christina on stage singing to us! Gawd I love your concerts! You're lookin pretty hawt in your little black & white tux style Xtina gear! Your so beautiful Christina! The camera loves you! I'm gonna miss the voice now sigh. Hope to see you doing some shows or something before season 3. You should go on Ellen again! Cause we'll miss you! Sigh... xx -jet

  • ijamseeds 05.09.2012

    Ms. Christina, I am a massive DC comics fan. Your wardrobe screams Zatanna and Black Canary most of the time-- so, do you take inspiration from them? I am always fantasizing that you would get to play Black Canary someday since you have alot in common-- style and attitude wise-- and the fact that she BLOWS arch-villains away using her VOICE (Canary Scream).

  • MIGUEL DELGADO 05.09.2012

    beautiful my quee!

  • MarBarr 05.09.2012

    I like this picture but i sort of agree with alwalser

  • Juan_Carlos 05.09.2012

    Voz de mis sueños...cuando venis a cantar a la Argentina?

  • Emreism 05.09.2012

    I am a real fan of yours queen. I will always stay along.I always support you and love you in any situations... good or bad.I'm a teen boy called Emre and you inspired me(soul).Your music inspired me.I'm not in The Voice but im in TeamXtina always.You are my fighter queen.You're so adorable. love you so much.KİSSES ! -Emre (dont forget this comment baby i love you!) This is my twitter account for you : @EmreXtina tweet me if you want #Superfan

  • Apit Gambler 05.09.2012

    christina aguilera sexy ! i like Laughing out loud

  • alwalser 05.09.2012

    you'd be SO much prettier with less makeup and less straw-like blonde hair. you're so young and when you wear less makeup your softer beauty comes through.. just saying -

  • omerr 05.09.2012

    My Love

  • The_Real_Mafi 05.09.2012

    absolutely stunning xxx

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