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Get The Look - Voice Elimination Show Last Night

For tonight's result show our glam look all revolved around the color of my dress. I thought it was fresh and bright and I wanted to be sure my hair and makeup complimented the color rather than clashed with it. Below is what we used to get this look.


From makeup artist Jake Bailey:
For tonight's show we did a bronze smoky eye, big lashes, tawny cheeks and a rosy glossy lip. I started by lining her eyes with Covergirl liquiline blast eyeliner in black. I then smudged the liner with a small cone shaped eye shadow brush to soften the edges. I smudged even more liner up onto her eyelid and layered "bronze" shadow from M.A.C on top all over the lid and into the crease. I used a strip of false lashes from Ardell called "wispies" and coated them with Diorshow mascara. The blush was Covergirl's cheekers blush in "Sierra sands" I lined her lips with a rose colored liner from Inglot in shade #858 and over that applied Dior addict ultra gloss flash #856 for extra shine.

From hair stylist Mark Townsend:
I loved the color and silhouette of Christina's Roland Mouret dress so much, it was such a great fashion moment with a touch of sexiness so I wanted her hair to have the same feeling. I started by spraying Sally Hershberger Super Keratin Spray into Christina's damp hair to soften and condition her hair before blowdrying with a large round brush. To give her hair body and movement, I took 4 inch sections of hair and sprayed Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray on each section and then used a large 2 inch curling iron to give ER hair a very soft wave. I finished by taking a  small amount of Malin+Goetz Hair Pomade in my hands and rubbed my hands together to warm up the product and then "raked" my fingers through her hair for separation and piecey-ness.

From stylist Simone Harouche:
Christina was drawn to the Roland Mouret dress because of the amazing fit , which is so sleek and modern. She also loved the color of the dress, and was really drawn to the marigold shade. We thought the color of the dress would really pop against the red judges chair. I paired this look with amazing studded crystal pigalle louboutins and loree Rodkin jewelry.

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  • Criss Tareyton 04.16.2012

    This one is my favorite because you have the lipstick on that I love to see on your lips The Lethal Look

  • loverboy250 04.12.2012

    ooooh my goood you are sexy and good looking i dream to by your husband xxx

  • MarBarr 04.10.2012

    I love this look on Christina! it's classy, sweet, sultry, and sexy all at once. keep up this natural like look. it really highlights every beautiful natural thing about you.

  • MadamXtinaGurl 04.09.2012

    what a beautiful woman .. Christina the natural look fits you so well .

  • PeacE4LovE 04.09.2012

    I like her very much & more then that i love her songs .. I prefer her over Britney & yes she is beautiful offcourse

  • Fighter 04.08.2012

    I love your dress, your soft make-up, your hair style... Keep looking forward this way!

  • dan_pichardo 04.08.2012

    I love christina!! Gorgeous. I have been a fan for years. Bionic was great and I still listen to the songs off of it. please give us new music soon. love you always

  • vocalrangediva 04.08.2012

    Loved the look!!!

  • I like the (more) natural look better XTina.

  • jerrydione 04.06.2012

    so beautiful. love u xtina.

  • MatthewPat 04.06.2012

    Girl, you looked hotter on this episode than I have EVER seen you!!! WOW!!! Wink

  • MatthewPat 04.06.2012

    Girl, you looked hotter on this episode than I have EVER seen you!!! WOW!!! Wink

  • christine 04.06.2012

    I enjoyed the Voice but now I don't watch it due to the profanity, and of course there is Ms. Aguilera need to come on TV half dressed. She offends me and I can't let my children watch the show. I have heard from numerous people who feel the same way. I don't believe showing up half dressed makes you a good singer or judge.

  • SPewtress 04.05.2012

    Xtina - Love the fresh new look! You are always representing being an individual and a leader. I love your free spirit and fun personality mixed with alittle spice! I love the softer you, I think it gives you a stronger presence, and you have my attention and by the look of things, everyone elses as well! Your amazing! Im sure your son and family are proud and love you much just as your fans ( I'm proud to stand up and say I am ) are! Keep being you! Love a Utah Fan!

  • imashoein 04.05.2012

    So beautiful you don't need all that thick make up and big hair to stand out your voice makes you stand out!!

  • AllaneZ 04.05.2012

    For Christina or her management who read this, please change your twitter user name from @TheRealXtina become @ChristinaAguilera.. People know you more with the full name.. Please, this is really important (for me)..
    And, everybody must be agree that @ChristinaAguilera better than @TheRealXtina..
    Please read this

  • Kensho 04.05.2012

    You look absolutely beautiful! I love this look! So pretty and fresh!

  • MrsOneal2u 04.05.2012

    Wow, what an amazing look! Xtina is the epitome of beauty and edge combined! I am a true fan of Xtina and The Voice and me, my boys and my husband were blown away when we tuned in...Xtina you are rocking hot woman!

  • AbelFighter 04.05.2012

    Beautiful Xtina!! ..Love u so much..

  • Ruffian73 04.05.2012

    Where can I get those earrings!?! I love, love, love them! Just when I think you couldn't get any do! You look fantastic! please let me know where I can cop those earrings!

  • sjbrown58 04.05.2012

    Everyone's jaw dropped; gorgeous! So soft and pretty, such a lovely lady should go w/this look more often.

  • animal101us 04.05.2012

    That is the most beautiful look she has ever sported.

  • Robbie 04.05.2012

    Beautiful =D

  • Rob599 04.05.2012

    i'm in love *-* Smile

  • Yapzer 04.05.2012

    Damn Delicious Smile
    she looks so much sexier without all that make up!
    you're da best =)

  • Ya1000 04.05.2012


  • HenryAguilera 04.04.2012

    Amazing! You are beautiful Smile

  • AllaneZ 04.04.2012

    Please release the new single asap Tongue

  • AllaneZ 04.04.2012

    100% Epiclera!!! I'm with you Smile

  • Epiclera 04.04.2012

    Christina always looks great, curvy or thin, curly or straight, blond or brunette, etc.

    Christina is the most beautiful and most talented of all the pop stars, worldwide. She is unmatched.

    Christina Aguilera will always be my favorite artist.

    I am waiting for that fresh new music to add to my CD collection!

    It's going to be soooooo goood, we already all know this!!!

  • AllaneZ 04.04.2012

    I loooovveeee you!!!
    First of all you never seen ugly!!
    You always beautiful and perfect..
    I respect you more now Sexy

  • FAMFVEVO 04.04.2012

    You look so f***ing hot!... I wanna marry you damn sexy girl!... YOU'RE HOT!...

  • xtinarox1113 04.04.2012

    I absoulutely LOVE everything from hair to makeup to the outfit! Best look I;ve seen anywhere in a while!!!

  • Criss Tareyton 04.04.2012


  • Criss Tareyton 04.04.2012

    I want this photo with your name signed sealed & delivered My Muse I gotta put this one on my personal webpage that has info on why u are my fav artist & muse

  • Criss Tareyton 04.04.2012

    I Can Dig It...The Lethal Look.....Great jobs guys.. The touch around her eyes made those baby blue even more deep & sexy

  • MWalker 04.04.2012

    I'm probably not the normal demographic making comments here. I am old afterall. I don't normally comment about such matters. But I remember watching Christina over the years and have always marveled at how she feels the music. She sings from the soul. Anybody can sing buy very few can feel it. She looked stunning last night. But, she never looks any less. What we have seen is the many different looks that she can pull off. Meanwhile, we watch and wish that we could.

  • MilyPires 04.04.2012

    P-E-R-F-E-C-T ♥

  • Ain'tNoOtherFan 04.04.2012

    I LOVE the look! Sleek, professional, and sexy. Keep it up Chrisina! <3

  • FlorieMaeXtina 04.04.2012

    you are so beautiful !!
    love you christina your the best !!
    i wish to see you !

  • duque 04.04.2012

    Amazing sleek look. 2 thumbs up!

  • omerr 04.04.2012

    are amazing makeup looks perfect.

  • Muse 04.04.2012

    Christina is gorgeous without any make-up. I prefer her look when her make-up is soft and toned-down, as it has been the last two nights on The Voice. I also like her hair better when it's like this.

  • Nikko1 04.04.2012

    Dear Christina,

    Love the new look! You are absolutely stunning! Can't wait for you to come out with a new album. Listen to your music 24/7. Thanks for sharing your beautiful voice & talent. My daughter & I have been fans of yours since the Mickey Mouse Club days. Your truly a talented woman! A true inspiration!

  • Glamaicolt 04.04.2012

    wow you're so beautiful my queen!

  • Bloodxgamu 04.04.2012

    Love Your Body Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  • JohnDynamite 04.04.2012

    Que hermosa te ves Christina!!!

  • Bionic.Girl 04.04.2012

    I loved it Smile I loved your makeup, really stand out your beautiful eyes!

  • Naachi 04.04.2012

    OMG ! Love U ! Argentina !

  • CharlotteVL 04.04.2012

    i love this look! it is young and fresh. Smile

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