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You can never go wrong with a little black dress and I loved this look as we added a pop of color.

Makeup artist Jake Bailey:
Christina was in the mood for some color last night. She wanted something fun and what's more fun than electric blue liner and giant lashes? I used an Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil aptly titled "Electric" to draw a thick line above the lashes and wing it up and out into a classic cat eye shape. These pencils have crazy staying power so you can use them to achieve very precise shapes without worrying if they will smudge or bleed. I then used a small cone shaped eye shadow brush to accentuate the crease of her eye with dark purple M.A.C. eyeshadow called "purple haze" I applied Ardell #113 strip lashes which are extra long and beautifully shaped and coated them with CoverGirl 24/7 LashBlast mascara.

I dusted her cheeks with a matte pink blush from M.A.C. called "Swoon" and lined her lips in fully with a rose colored lip liner from Urban Decay called "Wicked". I then applied a deep rasberry gloss from MARK called "wild extravagance" to deepen the lip shade and add major shine.

Follow Jake on Twitter @byjakebailey

Hair stylist Mark Townsend:
For the live show tonight I wanted Christina's hair to have lots of volume and movement, so I applied a large dollop of Dove Style+Care Amplifier Mousse to her damp hair and blow dried with a round brush. I then wrapped 3 inch sections of her hair around a one inch curling iron. The trick is to only wrap the hair around the barrel of the iron, and to not even open the clamp, or you could just use a curling wand which has no clamp on it at all. Next I sprayed Sally Hershberger Body Fix Spray all over and even had Christina flip her hair upside down and sprayed while scrunching the hair so I could really get the product in there and evenly distributed. This product gives the hair unbelievable texture, very rock and roll and beachy at the same time. Seconds before she walked out I sprayed Dove Extra Hold Hairspray all over to give Christina's hair great hold and shine. I really love when Christina gets her hands in her hair and touches it when I'm done, I think that means she really likes it!

Follow Mark on Twitter @marktownsend1

Stylist Simone Harouche:
Christina wore a black and blue sweater dress by Alexander Wang, and jewelry by Pamela Love and Erickson Beamon, and electric blue lizard Jimmy Choo heels. Hope you guys loved this look!! xo Simone

Follow Simone on Twitter @simoneharouche

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  • sexy!

  • lionardo22 04.30.2012

    WOOHOO Xtina Siempre Sexy And Beautiful

  • acine 04.30.2012

    you're wonderful chrstina i love you i'm a big fan follow me on twitter please!/

  • vale_zoee 04.28.2012

    preciosa... mejor que antes

  • Fantástico 04.27.2012

    I Love You A Lot. Besitos

  • boch2 04.27.2012

    You are a dream come true, that hopefully some day to meet and thank all the beautiful melodies that you put in the ears of my soul, thank you very much Xtina

  • rodrigovy 04.26.2012

    love her recent style!

  • ChaiyelovesXTINA 04.26.2012


  • AllaneZ 04.26.2012

    Love you!!
    Can't wait for the new album!!

  • Christina tine 04.26.2012

    love you <3

  • jetgirl 04.25.2012

    Yeah Christina that dress is hawt! Your hair & make up look amazing! I love your stage glam but wow you are so so beautiful! This is such a gorgeous photo of you. My goodness you're pretty!

  • samxtina fan 04.25.2012

    She is so beautifuul!! Smile

  • ijamseeds 04.25.2012

    best hair so far in the batch... christina i wanna see you wear denim and heels

  • Hermosaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tapXtina 04.25.2012

    Christina you are so beautiful! Don't listen to the haterz, you are and always have been one of the most beautiful women EVER! <3<3<3

  • LoveYourBody 04.25.2012

    You are ALWAYS beautiful!! Laughing out loud

  • omerr 04.25.2012

    beautiful blonde genie in the bottle. My Love

  • slowdownbaby 04.25.2012

    I love the ring and the make up. But I don't like Chubby-Xtina. Makes her look so old.

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