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The Voice - Get The Look

Stylist Simone Harouche:
For tonight's show... We had a lot of looks to do with performances and the chair look. The whole glam team really wanted to shine for Xtina tonight!!!

Tonight for Christina's coach's performance, she wore a custom bodysuit with an isabel marant studded metal skirt. We wanted to have a glam rock look that was sexy and fun, which was perfect for Def Leopard's "Pour some sugar on me"

For Christina's chair look, I made a custom baby blue beaded party dress. We wanted one of the final chair looks to be a beautiful color and have a super cute and flirty shape.

Lastly, for Christina's duet with Jacquie, she wore another custom made red gown that I made for christina. We thought red would be really powerful and strong- which was perfect for the message of "We Remain"...

Hope you loved tonight's looks as much as we do! xo, Simone

Follow Simone on Twitter and Instagram @simoneharouche

Makeup Artist Scott Barnes:
Tonight's get the look! Welcome to the last moments of this season on the Voice! Tonight we decided to call this look 'Princess Cindy', as we dug back down into Christina's Disney roots, I wanted to create our very own Cinderella. Even with Adam at 2 contestants and Christina at one, we knew we had a woman who could come through even with the odds against her so the look had to match! I started out with Dior airflash to give her that smooth even porcelain look, then I added body bling all over her body to give her that natural glow. As for eyes, I used my own new products! Partyproof mascara, paired with neutral eyeshadow tones to set the stage. Blush came from my new Chic pallet and the eyelashes, of course,from Flutter lashes! How awesome they have been for this entire season. I finished off with a nude lip to crown the princess look down!

Don't forget to follow me on twitter and Instagram for more hints and tips at @scottbarnes68 and tune in tomorrow night for the finale!

Scott Barnes

Hair Stylist David Babaii:
Last night I wanted to give Xtina this sexy Boho beachy waves. It was such a great night as she had 3 different outfit looks and this look went well will all 3.

I start with drying her hair with a round brush adding a bend on the ends then sprayed some of my BOHO beach spray all over her hair. Using a 1in curling iron I took small sections and reaped the hair around leaving the ends out.

I did this all over. When done I used my hands to open the curls. Leaving it lose and sexy. I ended with Xtina's favorite hair spray my FINISHED hair spray, it has a great smell and holds without making ur hair stiff. She looked killer and it lasted all night.

Follow David on twitter @davidbabaiihair and Instagram @Davidbabaii

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  • para mi el 2do mejor look de toda la temporada 5

  • mpat5318 12.26.2013

    No one came from it like you did. And you had a nice
    one from the season. All in part to the pros. They all got gifted to the fashion. In a sense i was seeing those all too familiar things that are to
    you. And plus is for you and i like the dress...
    it seems every fashion is an interesting one
    and is as claiming as the next sensation
    looks. All is voice and preparing while
    singing! And all to the point. Close
    to everything, and just sounding
    like smooth...and things are well.
    This form of things has opened
    happy, and most are lasting
    As that none other is. Where
    has anything brought fashion?
    here. And kept part focus when
    we are only there listening in
    some making...All to the past
    and though we wait is in the

  • the style is beautiful, you're sexy and beautiful in every way

  • toda una barbie

  • afr1874 12.18.2013

    ¡¡¡ FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!! Que este día sea tan grandioso como los mejores que hayas tenido y que los que vengan sean un mejor. Eres totalmente HERMOSA, lo que daríamos muchos por poder estar contigo

  • swypr1 12.18.2013

    lookin hot as always happy Birthday welcome to 33

  • syvanah 12.18.2013

    happy birthday Christina!!!!!
    wishing you a lovely day. Thank you for just being you and making me a fighter. You are TRULY the BEST. Have a wonderful birthday, love you soo much xoxoxox

  • CarolinaBodor 12.18.2013

    Happy Birthday Christina =)
    I hope you enjoy this day as much as we do for ourselves.
    Not much to say just congrats for the success =)
    Cheers from Portugal and from one of the most craziest fan of yours
    Xoxo Carolina

    Love you *

  • X - jl 12.18.2013

    ......HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....!!!!

    LOVE YOU SO.......

  • X - jl 12.18.2013

    FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS X-TINA....!!!!!!!!!

    Recibe un gran abrazo desde Ecuador.... Te Amo, y espero que continues siendo la gran persona que eres, un ser valioso para Dios. excelente día muchas felicidades eres genial Christina....


  • Dearest Christina,
    First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    Love the dress. I also so loved your performance with Lady Gaga last night on The Voice. Now that The Voice is over, for now, we all will miss seeing you so very much!
    Yours Always HenryO

  • MaryTale 12.18.2013

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Christina!
    I made this video for you this year to wish you a great day and share my thoughts with you: <a href="" title=""></a>
    I really, really hope you get to watch this! This would be my perfect xmas present!
    I love you so much and always will! Thank you for everything you've done for me and us fans in general! Keep inspiring us and making the world a better place!
    xoxo Mary

  • Rosane_Xtina 12.17.2013

    She looks like a Barbie!!! she's totally a human doll...

  • AllaneZ 12.17.2013


  • Happy Birthday!!!! Chrisitna love you so much Smile

  • Merche 12.17.2013

    bella! Sexy

  • Andy66 12.17.2013

    CINDERELLA!!!!!.....just better and sexier!!!! <3

  • claudiaibeth 12.17.2013

    Muchos exitos en la Voz

  • We remain genial

  • OJALA jacquie lee gane...

  • se ve divina, pero para mi se ve el doble de divina y sexy con el pelo platinado... Aun asi que bonita se ve y esa sonrisa Laughing out loud

  • mis ojos no pueden soportar tanta belleza

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