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I wanted to bring the color back tonight and what a better way than with fun pink hair similar to the color I used in my "Your Body" video. This is an example of having fun and not taking glam too seriously.

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Makeup artist Kristofer Buckle:
Xtinas look last night was a dramatic black smokey eye with a pewter metallic lid and a pale lip. I used a very soft brush to blend out the black eye shadow, keeping it concentrated in the crease of the eye. I applied a shiny loose shadow dust to the lid and pale peachy lip color i made with a concealer mixed with a drop of bright lipstick.

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Hair stylist David Babaii:
Sexy in pink is the look for tonight and who better then Christina to make this such a sizzling look. IT&LY HAIRFASHION'S color experts helped me create this amazing pastel pink. To keep your color from fading use IT&LY'S Advanced Color Protection Shampoo and Condition along with Pure Water Drops for a glistening shine. To finish spritz with IT&LY'S Advanced Color Protection Hair Spray for color protection style hold. Pretty in pink never looked sexier!

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Stylist Simone Harouche:
For Tonight's episode of the voice, Christina's bright pink wig was the main attraction... We wanted a look that was fun and quirky, but didn't scream and complete with her hair. Christina wore, Earnest Sewn Jeans, a custom made black tank top, custom made studded vest, all Jewels by Jacquie Aiche and Christian Louboutin heels.
Hope you like tonight's look!

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  • AllaneZ 12.06.2012

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  • khalil shehab 12.06.2012

    you are the most beautiful latin i have never seen in my life

  • MR YIKES 12.06.2012

    love the pink .. pink hair pink lips congrats #1 video true art at its best -MR YIKES- oxox

  • QueenXTinaLove 12.06.2012


  • _kolo 12.06.2012

    <3 very beautiful!!!!! when a new video for the new single?? *.*

  • AllaneZ 12.05.2012

    I don't like the wig tbh..
    But you still beautiful Christina Sexy

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