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Tonight was all about paying tribute to the dear sweet angels whose lives were taken way too soon. We wanted the stage look to just be simple and pure to acknowledge the people of Connecticut. My prayers are with the families. XoXtina

Makeup Artist Kristofer Buckle:
Tonight The Voice took a moment to acknowledge the tragedy that took place this week in Connecticut with an ensemble performance. Christina wanted to keep her makeup understated because there was no time to change it after the performance. I used a simple pallet of coco brown in the crease of her eye with some gold shadow on the lid. I used her signature red lip and doubled up some demi whispy lashes.

Follow Kristofer on twitter @kristoferbuckle

Stylist Simone Harouche:
What a night for the voice! it was an amazing show tonight full of fantastic performances. For tonight's performance of "Hallelujah" Christina wore a Yigal Arouzel jacket, Kiki de Montparnasse camisole, belt by Temperly, custom leggings, black daffodil Louboutins and all jewels by Loree Rodkin. For Christina's chair look, Christina wore an Alexandre Vaulthier jacket, a custom crystal cat suit, Jimmy Choo crystal shoes and a custom top hat by Fiona Benett.

Follow Simone on twitter @simoneharouche

Hair stylist David Babaii:
Tonight's look sets the scene for the upcoming finale with a dramatic color change and rock in' hat. Christina's white bob was achieved with IT&LY HAIRFASHION'S styling products. Pure Water Drops Serum adds shine while Pure Definition Hair Spray holds every strand in place.

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  • Grandes 12.02.2013

    SO Gorgeous voice and i listen her so many times while heart touching voice

  • Xtian Cecilian 03.18.2013


  • sofi piana 02.25.2013

    Beautiful ♥

  • LeeGirl 02.24.2013

    i actually live in CT and it was scary, but heart warming of all the nice things people did just like Christina/ the voice

  • sashafromdonetsk 02.16.2013

    <a href="" title=""></a>

  • Johnny77 01.06.2013

    For the new year have another beautiful child. Who knows, the child may be another u. Wouldn't that be great. You and her singing a duet. Sounds great to me. Lol, Henry penta

  • karenj 01.04.2013

    Christina's voice is WONDERFUL--she puts so much heart and soul into a song--she makes you feel it and believe it AND she has such voice range and control--Hallelujah, her part is still with me. (maybe some day Cassadee will develope this talent!) I'd like to hear Christina sing Blake's songs--she would have gotten them handled!

  • cjmack918 12.22.2012

    Christina sings with her heart more than any artist out there so I, respectfully, completely disagree with you on that remark AceWeiss. Her lyrics have so much soul in them, and she shows that when she sings. Listen to the song "Oh Mother" and "I'm Ok". These songs are sung with so much heart and soul.

  • Luana Argento 12.21.2012

    I love you , I love you , I love you , You are very special ,You are very special , You are very special .

  • candeetwo 12.19.2012
    AceWeiss, Christina can take it just as fairly as she dishes it. This isn't the first time a fan of someone else's has come in here and disagreed with what she said. There is a difference between criticism and constructive criticism, Christina gives 'constructive criticism', if the person wants to be the best he or she can be, they will take it because Christina is a professional who knows what she's talking about. The only posts we delete are disrespectful ones, you stated your opinion respectfully, hopefully you will come to realize that Christina did also. She owes noone anything but what she gives with the best of intentions.
  • Beautiful93 12.19.2012

    Happy Birthday beautiful woman! <3

  • AceWeiss 12.19.2012

    I appreciated the tribute to those fallen in Connecticut. And happy birthday. But I do not feel the same now when I see your face. And I have to get this off my chest.

    I recognize that there's very little chance you, Ms. Aguilera, will see this, and even that it will be allowed to remain posted on this site. But I have felt compelled for some time to write.

    I have always been a huge admirer of Ms. Aguilera's voice--one of the best I've ever heard. In addition, I greatly respect your/her songwriting ability: efforts like "Beautiful" and "Fighter" have both deeply moved and inspired me.

    That having been said, I am very aware that there is a difference between singing from your head and singing from your heart. Ms. Aguilera is a technically brilliant--transcendent even--singer. The word "technical" means she sings from her head. Brilliantly, again, but from her head. It's evidenced by how you discuss music: it's about precision, not intention and emotion.

    That's not necessarily a bad thing. It just is.

    By contrast, though, I don't think she quite understands what it is to sing from one's heart. And I believe it is for this reason that she was so obviously unpleasant to Melanie Martinez on "The Voice" this season.

    Ms. Martinez is technically highly imperfect, and as far as I know is not a songwriter. However, she sings from a place that's connected to magic beyond these five senses. It's a place very few singers can access. That includes Ms. Aguilera.

    And I believe that is the reason she was so unkind to Ms. Martinez.

    I believe she owes her an apology, a heartfelt one (though, again, I don't know if that's something Ms. Aguilera can access). I'm sure she's not going to apologize. But I feel better letting her know, as a fan and admirer of hers, that she was in the wrong with her treatment of Ms. Martinez. Clearly, incontrovertibly, and unmistakably in the wrong.

    I'll see if this posting is allowed to last on the site. I'm betting against it. But I'd be delighted to see that objectivity is allowed its voice.


  • QueenXTinaLove 12.19.2012

    Happy B-Day Christina! I Love You! <3 You look amazing

  • ChristineA 12.18.2012

    Happy Birthday Christina ! You are awesome, and I absolutley love your voice. Keep on'a' singing !

  • Xtinaismyidol22 12.18.2012

    Happy Birthday! Christina you are still the best singer I have ever heard.And as always "Thanks For Making Me A Fighter!"Love you forever no matter what.Again happy birthday Legendina <3 <3 <3

  • boch2 12.18.2012

    Happy Birthday Queen, beautiful as always

  • AmiRoi 12.18.2012

    Happy Birthday Christina !! I have watched you grow up , not that I am that far ahead , lol, Love yah Girl ! You rock Diva!

  • AttyVette 12.18.2012

    happy birthday Christina..u r the same age as my daughter so I have watched u grow up on t.v. before my eyes. Hope your day today was great!

  • veruda1 12.18.2012

    happy birthday Christina!great as always!!!

  • Absent_Tone 12.18.2012

    Happy Birthday Christina. I love you. <3

  • hernan 12.18.2012

    happy birthday xtina
    i love u so much!!!!

  • LeidyVictoriaG 12.18.2012

    So beautiful *---* i love you my christina<3

  • Rafikolors 12.18.2012

    "Well, everybody got an opinion now, don't they? But it ain't no thing to me. It really don't make any difference now if you don't like what you see. I pay no mind to the negative kind cause that's just no way to be [...] And I know some people wanna criticize, makes 'em feel better about themselves, so say what you will, time will reveal, in the end I will be here still [...] Gotta get up, keep my head up, gonna keep on turnin' it up. Never let up, if I keep steppin' it up, imma prove that I ain't ever gonna be stopped, like it or not [...] I'm here to stay."

    Happy Birthday, Christina Aguilera!

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