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Tonight was about color AND graphics and we just wanted to have fun with a playful yet bold statement look.

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Makeup artist Kristofer Buckle:
With only 25 minutes for hair and makeup it was about getting it done quick! I used a liquid liner to paint on a giant cat eye with no blended edges (which can take time). I used a lower lash on the lower outer corner & whirl lip liner with a mix of light beige lipsticks for her soft mouth.

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Stylist Simone Harouche:
For tonight's get the look, Christina wanted to wear graphically striking prints. She felt it would really pop off the red chair. She wore Alphabet crop top by lazy oaf, over a black Silk camisole by The Row, Love Beatrice Polka Dot Tights and Christian Louboutin Suede pink platforms. all Jewelry from Roseark, West Hollywood.

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Hair stylist Craig Gangi:
Tonight on The Voice, Christina's hair was inspired by Japanese Pop art. I gave her a pop of color by adding flamingo pink streaks to her bangs and ends of her hair. I used Brazilian blowout texturizing cream to add shine and texture. Then I added a little wave with a 1 inch iron.

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  • maresan 08.16.2013

    It looks like the voice. You are so charming at present. I wish i can see more times in future.

  • SilvinA 01.07.2013

    Always you will be the best

  • Cafan825 12.22.2012

    I love that you look like an anime character! Rocking this look, as always!

  • QueenXTinaLove 12.18.2012

    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to Xtina!!!
    Happy Birthday to You!!!!!

  • eirianna 12.16.2012

    we want you with black hair <3

  • Xtina.Fever 12.15.2012

    I Love you Christina with all my soul Sexy
    All the best for you.

  • ChristinaBSITW 12.14.2012

    you are so perfect christina <3

  • QueenXTinaLove 12.13.2012

    Come To Holland My Beautiful Legend!!!

  • jennifer quiba 12.12.2012

    Come to Philippines my Queen !! LOVE YOU ..

  • MilyPires 12.12.2012

    Come to Brazil perfectina!!! Love you <3

  • dbutts21 12.12.2012

    Please Christina, Make a video for Just A Fool! Make it simple and romantic. Let your voice shine!

  • ItsCarolina 12.12.2012

    OMFG Legendtina Pinktina Aguilera<3
    Flawless Queen <3 ¡I LOVE YOU!
    Come To Argentina Christina!! Lotus Tour In Argentina PLEEEASE!!

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