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There’s nothing like a little leather to start a Monday off. I loved this dress and wanted my glam to compliment it without being over the top so we settled on sleek hair and smoking eyes to let the dress take the lead.

The Voice - Get The Look

Note from Christina – sometimes an entire look can make a lasting impression and I like to ensure that I am unforgettable by using fragrance. That lingering scent is something people remember. Tonight's look is really complimented with my fragrances By Night or Unforgettable for that bold and sexy empowered feel.

Stylist Simone Harouche:
For tonight's chair look, we wanted to go with a sleek and edgy vibe. I love the look of the Versace dress Christina wore tonight. The high neck makes this dress very strong, paired with leather and metal embellishments make this dress also has a super cool element. She wore Christian Louboutin heels and jewelry by Loree Rodkin.

Hope you liked tonight's look!

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Celebrity Hair Stylist David Babaii:
Tonight's look is a side part which is very clean and all about the A-line bob. Love the T3 flat iron to get this sleek and smooth look. This look is great for anyone that wants a sexy fresh look.

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  • Christina tiene una voz increible y aparte una belleza increible que cada vez se pone mejor

  • este me parece tu 2do mejor look en esta temporada

  • doug12345 11.19.2013

    Ilove you would you ever consider a normal guy thats not rich and has a normal job be your boy friend. if so iam your guy.

  • karenviejom 11.19.2013

    She looks good :')

  • WorshipChristina 11.16.2013


  • You are great! You exudes beauty, stardom, talent, strenght and confidence. Keep on doing your thing, girl! The Lotus rises!

  • Dearest Christina
    Love your smoking eyes and you are smoking hot!!!
    Yours Always, HenryO

  • ChefKent 11.13.2013

    I'm in love with you! I offer you my friendship as a gift for your upcoming birthday.
    As long as this Internet doorway is open, I will be available to
    You as a friend. If you want more, let me know

  • AllaneZ 11.13.2013

    OMG debuttina

  • Djrobylove 11.12.2013

    Simply amazing ...wooooooooooooooow

  • Michael6015 11.12.2013

    you look amazing xtina

  • todo lo de ella es hermoso, la voz, el cuerpo...

  • MTB_Rahimi 11.12.2013

    You look WON-DER-FUL
    I LOVE YOU ♡♥

  • tus looks anteriores estuvieron geniales, pero este simplemente es fascinante

  • O: definitivamente eres hermosa, una mami

  • Rafikolors 11.12.2013

    Wonderful mama!

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