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Last night was filled with performances and surprises. We had 2 looks and I really wanted to play with the performance look. But with less than 3 minutes to change one needs to be creative. So we came up with this rock and roll fun look that took me from the red chair to the stage in no time.
Hope you enjoyed it

Stylist Simone Harouche:
For tonight's episode of the voice, Christina was not only a judge, but performing with her team. We had to choose looks that we're both fun and that completed the overall look with hair and makeup.

Christina loves to play with makeup and clothes when performing. For her performance of fighter, we wanted a rock and roll look. We went with a custom studded corset, boy shorts, Una Burke belt and gorgeous crystal and studded Christian Louboutins.

When it came to Christina's outfit in the red judges chair, we wanted to go with something that also worked with the hair and makeup of her performance. Christina wore a black embellished chiffon tunic made by Kaufman Franco, heels by Jimmy Choo. For jewelry, she wore a custom made "Xtina" knuckle duster, Loree Rodkin earrings and a Loree Rodkin diamond pyramid pinky ring.

Follow Simone Harouche on Twitter @simoneharouche

Makeup artist Jake Bailey:
Christina's look tonight was very Rock & Roll so we wanted something dark and edgy on the eyes but with some extra pow since there was a performance and it's always fun to bring a little something extra for a performance. I’ve done a lot of bright lips but I haven't done any brights on her eyes yet. We decided on a bright cobalt blue shimmer. I started by lining her entire eye with CoverGirl's liquiline blast eyeliner in "blue boom". I then broke off the tip of the same pencil and smushed it onto my hand turning it into a cream shadow which I then blended all over her lid and into the crease of her eye. I then applied a blue glitter from Make Up For Ever to the cream shadow using my fingertip. I used a major set of lashes from Smink and coated them with Diorshow mascara. I used the usual Nars bronzed ("casino")in the hollows of her cheek and dusted M.A.C. Blush in "pink swoon" on the apples of her cheeks and then lined her lips using Urban Decay 24/7 lip liner in "paranoid" I filled in the lip with a pale pink shimmer lipstick. I used YSL'S rouge pur couture #37 I finished the lip with a tiny bit of a pale beige shimmer gloss. The one i used was Dior Addict ultra gloss glow #216.

Follow Jake on Twitter @byjakebailey

Hair stylist Craig Gangi:
For today's look we decided to do something straight and sleek with a little separation to add to the Rock & Roll theme. I used Royal Blowout by Oribe. It adds a healthy shine to the hair and protects from heat damage after flat ironing. This look worked well with her icy, cool platinum hair color. When the style was complete I finished the look with Oribe Dry Texturizing Hairspray, which enhanced her sexy, piecey texture.

Follow Craig on Twitter @craigjgangi

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  • eirianna 05.01.2012

    you are so beautiful <3

  • AllaneZ 04.20.2012

    Follow my twitter <a href="">@AllanLDZ</a>

  • ellensue8 04.19.2012

    whatever your decision is, we respect it and love u even more...

  • AllaneZ 04.19.2012

    Love you so much Xtina!!

  • weeta95 04.18.2012

    I had to wait a few days before posting this because I really love Christina & didn't want to disrespect her in no way. But now that I have calmed down I will say this.... Does she realize that now that she sent Jesse home she has once again lost the competition? I understand her saying she wanted to keep the most "versatile" people but then why did she send Moses home? He was not only the most versatile on her team but on the show! Jesse was the most talented singer on her team! Not that the remaining contestants aren't good but Jesse was the best singer on her team & if I am not mistaken the show is called "the voice"! So congratulations Christina!! You have once again lost! Better luck next season~ Sad

  • nikalizbeth 04.18.2012

    I love you!

  • Gisele 04.18.2012

    Preciosa Reina !

  • linla 04.18.2012

    great style and great shoes!

  • Stripped713 04.18.2012

    I love the look! great hair, great style and great shoes!

  • Toa 04.18.2012


  • candeetwo 04.17.2012
    I know who Christina is, but I have no idea who Jesse is, I know Christina has won awards, gets millions for sitting in a chair, and has a webpage big as Texas, but I still don't know Jesse, so tell me how Christina with all of her accomplishments, can be jealous of Jesse...who? I understand the complaints and anger, Christina said she would get it for her decisiion, but please, be respectful and stop posting nonsense or your posts will be deleted.
  • atomiccrow 04.17.2012

    You take my breath away -- When they shoot you on the voice images are captured that make you look ethereal - The Queen of Goddesses. Stunning. I love your beauth and your power.

    A note about Chris Mann -- He should lose the suit and get a leather waist-length jacket, jeans, and expensive Italian/Brazilian loafers -- He looks like a young Maximillian Schell.

    I sugget he sing a song from the "Voice Of God's" repetoire ROY ORBISON -- He is one of few that has the power and range -- I sugget "Crying" "In Dreams" or even "Pretty Woman" OR anything from Roy and Bruce's "Black and White Night".

    This came to me in a very clear vision. If I got to you in time, and you follow my suggestions, he will WIN. Love to you -- Adom Crow

  • sandistew 04.17.2012

    did Jessie piss u off? Clearly he made a career mistake in having u for his coach... it must have been something he said because it could not have been his amazing VOICE. Maybe you're just a little too "" for the VOICE Christina. Adam we were right with you man when goldielocks pulled the chair out from under the true contestant who should have won this season's VOICE. Maybe just her usual jealous self...

  • jerry-Djxsite 04.17.2012

    You top the charts on the bangability scale...

  • sd_rider 04.17.2012

    Smoking usual!

  • dawnmturner 04.17.2012

    You looked amazing as always!!! I really like that dress.

  • candeetwo 04.17.2012
    Good lawd!!!
  • durbs21 04.17.2012

    Love it!! You rock girl!

  • omerr 04.17.2012

    Very Beautiful Xtina Fighter performans Wonderful We Love You Xtina

  • kirsty86 04.17.2012


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