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With the holidays upon us I wanted to tap into that golden feeling to feel festive and sexy. The holidays are a time to really shine and to play up your glam. For a look like this top it off with a sensual fragrance like my Royal Desire.

The Voice - Get The Look

Makeup Artist Scott Barnes:
Hello my beauties! And now For the moment you've all been waiting for, GET THE LOOK! Tonight is one of my very favorites and I'm calling it the Golden Grateful Goddess! Seeing as how were fast approaching Thanksgiving and the holidays are pressing upon us, it's all about having that golden glow! So smooth & creamy, you just want to eat it! I started out with the signature Dior Airflash 300 for a light and effortless feel and followed up with Inglot blush in orange, nutmeg pencil from Dior, eyes to kill mascara from Armani, flutter lashes in Audrey mink, lips lathered in lip slick by scott barnes called Burlesque, and eyeshadow in metallic gold by makeup forever, with Christian Dior in sequin as a highlighter, all These yummy colors combined to create this perfect campfire golden glow look for the holiday :)

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Xoxo Scott Barnes

Stylist Simone Harouche:
Tonight we were feeling a little festive with the upcoming thanksgiving holidays approaching. What says holiday festive more than a little gold metallic?!!

Christina wore a shirt by Saint Laurent, jeans by Rag & Bone, lace up boots by Christian Louboutin Earrings by rings by meus.

Hope you love tonight's look!!

Happy holidays!

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Hair Stylist David Babaii:
Tonight I was inspired by the elegance of Grace Kelly, and of course by the glamorous Christina! We wanted to put a slightly modern feel on a very classic look.

I started by curling 1" pieces of hair with a 1" curling iron, keeping the curls clean and classic. Once finished, I used my hands to loosely pull the hair back and then secured with pins. I set the look in place by spraying David Babaii Finished Styling Spray all over.

Christina absolutely embodied a modern day Grace Kelly tonight!

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  • Richlee-2809 12.20.2013

    can this woamn get anymore gorgeous, omg omg wow she looks amazing.

  • I Am Fighter 12.07.2013

    BEST look you could ever pick!

  • Dearest Christina,
    Absolutely Stunning, your best look so far this year.
    Yours Always HenryO

  • millie0 12.02.2013

    can u make it any more obvious that you want Jacquie to win over Matthew. I chose to watch The Voice rather than Idol because I thought you guys would be fair. Wrong again. Please don't be smug and dismiss my comments there are plenty out here who feel as I do. I thought U was better than what you are showing me. Just because you did not get your big shot at her age U can't re-live that time and cost Matthew his chance.

  • Paul Thompson 11.29.2013

    Bring it

  • Paul Thompson 11.29.2013

    TLDR We all know you and we are beautiful, your point being.

  • ChefKent 11.29.2013

    Very magnetically atttractive. Happy holiday!
    Much love, Kent

  • Merche 11.28.2013

    perfecta. <3

  • candeetwo 11.28.2013
    Good lawd she's gorgeous!!!
  • bharat 11.28.2013

    Slim and Nice ,

  • AllaneZ 11.27.2013

    This is my favorite of the season, for now Sexy

  • te amo

  • xXtina 11.27.2013

    Loved this look. And thumbs up for David Babaii, he did a great job with your hair! And the golden shirt suits you perfectly!

  • el maquillaje "natural" te queda de maravilla y mucho mejor que esos colores intensos(opinion personal)

  • luces esplendida

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