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There are days I long to just be one of the boys. A more casual look, less glam time and last night was just one of those times. We wanted to have fun with the look and also add a pop of color. Believe it or not as much as I love the glamour of dresses and sexy looks there is a lot to be said for jeans and a mens button down.

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Stylist Simone Harouche:

Tonight we were feeling inspired by Annie Hall's iconic menswear style. We went for a cute but sophisticated take on men's style.

Christina wore a hat by Eugenia Kim, Button down by Dolce and Gabbana, Jeans by mcguire and shoes by Christian Louboutin, Jewels by Jacqui Aiche. Hope you loved tonight's look.


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Hair Stylist Craig Gangi:

Christina did sexy gangster tonight with the fedora hat I wanted to spark up her look with some sexy beachy waves . I curled her hair with a one inch iron then I used acai define polish by Brazilian blow out it adds weightless texture and definition. It creates that second day curl texture and takes all the frizz away

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  • i love your look ♥

  • you're very beautiful
    Sexy Sexy Sexy Sexy


  • christina cada vez se ve mejor

  • kamfighter00 12.15.2013

    She looks so pretty!!

  • triple3s 12.08.2013

    Always beauty...

  • I Am Fighter 12.07.2013

    Love it!

  • AllaneZ 12.06.2013

    Love this casual style

  • xXtina 12.06.2013

    Very casual and I love this, like always:*


  • WorshipChristina 12.06.2013

    Love casual, especially when you make it LOOK SO GOOD, but you could never be mistaken for a boy.

  • ChefKent 12.05.2013

    Looking good is one thing. Adding perfume is enchanting.
    Just an idea. To promote your perfumes, create & include a scratch & sniff perfumed card. Attached to your music CD's before Christmas. Ask stores to attach. Should encourage target market niche awareness & sales.

    Much love,
    Kent Brocks

  • WAdownunder 12.05.2013

    Doesn't Matter what you wear or how you look because it is always stunning, and awesome you are blessed to be as beautiful as you are on the inside and outside not that I know you that way just an impression I hope to meet you one day it would be an honour from Perth WA Australia

  • camilla 12.04.2013

    Christina é maravilhosa e genial de qualquer jeito.
    The Brasil love her so much!

  • christina como sea se ve genial, con pelo oscuro, claro,morena, blanca, gordita o flaca

  • nice...

  • ChefKent 12.04.2013

    I like the look! Ever want to go camping with me
    Just holler & I will teach you how to fish.

  • Dearest Christina,
    The next time you feel like being one of the boys, let me take you fishing.
    Yours Always HenryO

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