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Last night was a nail bitter but I couldn't be more proud of my girl Jacquie. For results shows its always so nerve wrecking and I didn't want my look to outshine the real stars who were all on stage. I loved this sophisticated sleek look we created, hope you did as well.

The Voice - Get The Look

Stylist Simone Harouche:
Tonight we went for a chic classic look. Again playing with one of Christina's favorite themes- of doing a playful twist with the masculine/ feminine...

Christina wore a blouse by comme des garçon, leather tie by saint laurent, trousers by frame denim and heels by louboutin. Ring by loree rodkin and meus Earrings by Roseark la.

Hope you like tonight's look as much as we do!

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Hair Stylist David Babaii:
For tonight, we went with a sleek polished side part with a low bun. I began by creating the side part and then combed her hair back and fastened a ponytail tightly at the nape of her neck. I took my time with this process to make sure it was as smooth as possible and secured tightly. I twisted the hair and then wrapped it around to create the bun, and secured with pins. To really give it that polished look, I sprayed David Babaii Finished Hairspray on a toothbrush and gently cleaned up the hairline and any flyaways that were left. To finish, I gave the finished look a good spray with the same hairspray to make sure the look stayed in place all night! She was totally giving me "I Dream of Xtina!".

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  • shinee 02.24.2015

    I really love your voice ..
    Good luck to your career

  • mpat5318 12.27.2013

    And just in case we were waiting for more...there you were. In on the coldest day and making a lasting moment not only on todays focus. But all of those for what this has stayed like at modest times. A rolling part of the chances like style.
    Nothing to make us guess more than the new coming.
    At most you should share your sense of the charting with the rest. One was casting your own emotion
    on the words. And being a starter not to finish..
    just to make those voices have to live up on the
    message. Hope's belonging has weathered a try
    and you have since managed all those solid ways
    for what you've done. Carry your sword of pride
    and defend those others...who fell weak...and
    that's hard to tell them. But just keep posted.

  • Christina !!! Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!)))))))) I wish you good luck!!!)

  • Dearest Christina,Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!))))))))I wish you good luck!!!)

  • Mr Sofrida 12.17.2013

    You look sobgreate! And i just realized that you always drink on sturbucks, I love that! I love you Xstina ❤️❤️❤️

  • love_her_voice 12.16.2013

    Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoy the day off. I am SOOOO proud of you for the recent change. I know it wasn't easy, but the difference is terrific! I have only known of you for about 5 years and love your voice and looks (making you a "cutie") but learning by watching the show, I've learned you are a real sweetheart (sweetie). You just can't get any better than being both!! Enjoy your little boy, my twins are eleven now and I really miss the little people (I look at them when they are asleep and ask "Where are my babies? Did you eat them?" May much love and happiness stay with you.

  • Marc-undertaker 12.15.2013

    Xtrina....your the best. end of story. I just purchased all your Cd.s You are the VOICE and no other female can imitate it nor, imitate your soulful twist to any songs.

  • Stelina Sallo 12.13.2013

    Hi from Greece.
    I love u so much please come in Greece!!
    Love your voice your look your eyes your body everythiiiiiiinggg.xx

  • arond 12.13.2013

    I like this look. Very classy, dressed for a James Bond movie perhaps? Does that ring shoot lasers because it looks like it should

  • siempre te ves hermosa, pero personalmente pienso que los "maquillajes naturales" te hacen ver el doble de hermosa y sexy Laughing out loud

  • elegante y sofisticada

  • lisaisa 12.12.2013

    Xtina please update what make up was worn I have been waiting to see what was worn on ur eyes it shined like diamonds! Please PLEASE what brand and name was the eyeshawdow and what was the lipstick worn and blush!

  • mpat5318 12.12.2013

    Yes it did look as it was one they would love to say all about. And here's perfect that's in our view. So let's always give a notion to those that are most powerful in speaking and just thinking. All what we're starting to say is sleek and nothing less than that for everything. So actually bringing more than is even possible is important. And my thoughts are closing in on the same.

  • Dearest Christina,
    You always look amazing, can not wait till next week to see what you are wearing. Hope you can find a great song for Jacquie, so both of you can win!!
    Yours Always HenryO

  • AllaneZ 12.12.2013


  • smassaro 12.11.2013


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