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Tonight we got to have a lot of fun with my look. Fashion meets rock n roll meets royalty. Sometimes a girl just wants to play and a tiara is perfect for that. XoXtina

Stylist Simone Harouche:
For tonight's look, we went a little more edgy fashion forward, while still maintaining a sense of playfulness. Christina wanted a break from the pretty sleek dresses she's been wearing lately. So we decided to go a little more edgy. Her peplum jacket is by Alexander McQueen. She wore shorts by American Apparel, fishnets by Danskin and boots by Christian Louboutin. Christina wore a custom made knuckle duster by Stephen Webster and a pinky ring by Loree Rodkin.

What really pulled tonight's look was the stunning hair by Mark Townsend and makeup by Jake Bailey. Mark Townsend created big sexy hair which complemented her Butler and Wilson crystal skull tiara. I am obsessed with Christina's look tonight!! It's good to change things up once in a while and keep everyone on their toes!
xo Simone

Follow Simone on Twitter @simoneharouche

Hair stylist Mark Townsend:
For the live show of The Voice tonight I was beyond inspired by the amazing tiara that super-stylist Simone Harouche found for Christina to wear. I wanted her hair to be full, sexy, and a bit rock n roll. I started he hair by applying a large dollop of Dove Nourishing Curls Mousse to her hair and blow drying with my hands until it was completely dry. Then I took a 1/2 inch curling iron and wrapped 1 inch sections of her hair around the iron (this can be a little time consuming but the amazing curl and texture you get are totally worth it!)

After all the hair was curled, I pulled the curls apart with my fingers to loosen the curls and create volume and texture and then I sprayed loads and loads of Sally Hershberger Salon Texture Blast Spray all over, I even asked Christina to flip her head over so I could spray all her hair while scrunching with my hands, this spray keeps the hair full and gives the hair super texture!

Follow Mark on twitter @marktownsend1

Makeup artist Jake Bailey:
Christina and I were both in the mood for red lips tonight and we found a killer combo to create this lip. I started by lining her entire lip with Inglot's Full METAL Lipliner #856. I then painted the entire lips with Make Up For Ever AquaCream shade #8 and coated them with Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in "Little Red Dress" for tons of shine.

To create the eye look I blended Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in "purple dawn" all over the lid, applied two strips of Ardell "Wispies" and coated them with CoverGirl 24 hour LashBlast mascara. The cheeks were my favorite combo of Benefit "Coralista" blush on the apples and NARS "Casino" bronzer under the cheekbones.

Follow Jake on Twitter @byjakebailey

Manicurist Farah Songharian:
Christina's nails complimented the sparkle of her tiara. I used Dashing Diva DesignFX in "look, don't touch" and she loved it.

Christina's finishing touch:
Tonight was a no brainer when it came to my finishing touch of fragrance. Fans, when wearing a tiara there's only one fragrance worthy of a queen and that is my very own Royal Desire, available at Sears.

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  • lIG 05.02.2012



    WELL for us Christina team fans, It tells me that Chris mann can win, if we all vote on Monday night. Yes fans I believe Christina's taste in contestants is right on. I think that out of the 4 last contestants, Chris has the full package and the most versatility. So lets all unite and vote for him next Monday.

  • Beautiful93 05.02.2012

    Monday was Queen's Day in The Netherlands Laughing out loud

  • RONITO 05.02.2012


  • jetgirl 05.02.2012

    Congratulations on the huge Bionic sales! Everyone should be listening that cd's awesome! A Prima Donna & bionic video would be freaking awesome too! Ok back on topic. I do love your ever changing look. Xtina fans aren't surprised. The boots the fishnet your gorgeous legs & Ty for the cleavage! No complaints here. Now the Tierra idk about. But every girl wants to be a princess. & you're looking pretty confident in your pose. I like that it makes you feel good! I love the strong woman in you! Would you consider going with darker hair again? Omg I loved that! Xo -jet

  • AllaneZ 05.02.2012

    Queen Xtina Shock

  • candeetwo 05.01.2012
    lol @ out of such thing when it comes to Christina and every fan knows that. when it comes to fashion, she is open to anything at any time so's Christina, and not Christina everyday Jones, but Christina Aguilera, recognize.
  • cypress 05.01.2012

    hate the look. she's been doing well with her normal outfits. this is so out of place and inapproriate. cmon please make her look respectable.

  • MianoMIchael 05.01.2012

    Christina Aguilera is herself, and she looks absolutely stunning with what she is wearing, her face is fine just the way it is thin or not. and what you say is just useless to be honest, because your no motivation.

  • MarBarr 05.01.2012

    Love her to death but was not pleased with the look.

  • candeetwo 05.01.2012
    Christina is gorgeous...and uh she is older.
  • slowdownbaby 05.01.2012

    U know u're my queen, but I don't like this look to be honest. I like ur face when it's thin. When it's chubby like that looks older. Hope u read my comments Smile)

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