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Tonight we were all feeling patriotic post election and what a better way to compliment the red chair than with a blue dress. America, enjoy!

Get the Look

Stylist Simone Harouche:
For tonight's get the look, we went with a gorgeous form fitting dress that we were both attracted to because of the stunning color of blue. We thought the cobalt blue of the dress would really pop against the red chair and it did. Christina wore a cobalt blue dress by Yigal Azrouel, jewelry from Roseark, a head piece from Jennifer Behr and Giuseppe Zanotti yellow suede shoes. Hope you like this look as much as we do!

Follow Simone on Twitter @simoneharouche

Makeup artist Kristofer Buckle:
I think Election Day was subliminally still in our system tonight getting ready for the voice. I really wanted to feature the patriotic blue in Xtina's dress, and since the hair was pulled back I wanted to really play up the angle of the eye and cheek bones. With a very long liquid winged eye (black track MAC)and a very defined blue crease (makeup forever) we gave the feeling of stripes and a large particle light blue glitter on the lid gave the feeling of twinkling stars. I kept the lips paler (champaign by lip sense with spice liner by MAC) to give a softer look.

Follow Kris on Twitter @kristoferbuckle

Hair stylist Mark Townsend:
For tonight's episode of The Voice I wanted to bring some glam to Christina's hairstyle so she chose this amazing head piece made by Jennifer Behr. I wanted the head piece to be the star of her hairstyle so we went with a side braid with new blue highlights. I prepped her hair with a few drops of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Anti-Frizz Serum and let her hair dry naturally. Next I gathered her hair to the side and braided it and secured with an elastic. To give the braid some great texture, I sprayed Sally Hershberger Genius Spray Wax all over and scrunched with my fingers. This style proves the power of a great hair accessory, it takes a pretty simple braid and takes it to a whole new level of glamour!

Follow Mark on Twitter at @marktownsend1

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  • angel p perez 11.10.2012

    christina, you touch my feeling whith your HURT

  • Andy66 11.10.2012

    Sexy and hot look!!!! Love u christina!!!!!

  • canweyes 11.10.2012

    u r hot love u

  • Musiclover25 11.09.2012

    Like the dress though

  • Musiclover25 11.09.2012

    I like it a lot:- though is she still spray tanning? sorry xtina- I don't like it

  • AllaneZ 11.09.2012

    Beautiful Sexy

  • safaripoet 11.08.2012

    Great look!

  • FrankLotus 11.08.2012

    I Loved That Look ♥ You're So Sexy

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