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"Let There Be Love" Video

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  • caib99 10.27.2013

    i love your song xtina wooow and i like your voice is amazing

  • lotus.... amazing album

  • AllaneZ 10.24.2013

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  • AllaneZ 10.17.2013

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  • "let there be love" love it

  • AllaneZ 09.30.2013

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  • LuisalovesChri 09.30.2013

    un bellissimo messaggio d'amore!

  • lah2500 09.22.2013

    What a "POWERFUL" voice behind a great video. Love this video great job Christina!(:

  • Mohanned_oun 09.21.2013

    #LetThereBeLove #L Sexy

  • DavidCollins 09.18.2013

    Dear Xtina,
    This video is great. It maked me smile and cry. Everytime I hear your voice you move me. Can't wait to see you in concert again. Much love. David.

  • Steph1y 09.15.2013

    Xtina the song is great and so is the video! Romania Loves You!!!!!!!!!

  • farzfazrul 09.13.2013

    I love you so much christina. You're my biggest inspiration

  • kelvynpesso 09.10.2013

    Video perfeito! Christina nos surpreendendo cada dia mais! Somente quem é fã entende o quanto você nos faz tão bem! Parabéns por mais esse clipe maravilhoso ..

  • Rafikolors 09.07.2013

    This woman is simply amazing. A beautiful icon to follow in this bizarre times. I absolutely love you, Xtina, my favorite pop star ever. Go, girl, you are AMAZING.

  • Craig Falconer 09.05.2013

    She was like Barbados, her eyes tropical, her lips sweet as mango, island paradise. Luv ya! Christina.

  • Olistripped 09.04.2013

    Thank u for this amazing video. Can´t stop watching it


  • Craig Falconer 09.04.2013

    I turn to you

  • mikeinin 09.04.2013

    Already Love her, but really love her and this video,.. just amazing!!

  • joey127 09.02.2013

    this video made me smile with love! let there be LOVE BABY!!(:

  • Loved it!!!!!!! A great message. You rock.
    Just saw your boy Adam Levine in concert in Scranton PA....he was brilliant.

  • jpaul 09.02.2013

    Love you christina!!!

  • flooow 09.02.2013

    i love your voice,singing,style.......

  • caroburbano 09.01.2013

    Me encanta!!

  • Sandra Venezuela 09.01.2013

    Just Amazing Chris...!!! u look really amaxing like angel!!! xoxo Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud :D

  • Aali17 09.01.2013

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING SINGER AND PERSON!!!!!!!

  • Dirrtygirl90 08.31.2013

    OMG XTINA!! You look AMAZING!!! I love this video! Keep rocking on and pleasing your fans!! Much Love XOXOXOX

  • _ChRiStInA_ 08.31.2013

    This is so you! You're voice and music has always been there for me when I was down on my knees. You can be sure trusting in your fans - we will always be there for you too no matter what may come!
    I can't thank you enough for sharing all your special moments and thoughts with us and I hope you will be like this forever Smile You are real and a true artist - I am looking so up to you and your strenght. I love you so much and cannot wait for more, more and MORE!!! Keep on rocking and singing - you're the best in it <3

  • tato97 08.31.2013

    Add a commentyou're the only one who can do this! you're too good and there is none like you, you're wonderful, thank you for everything you do for us! You are the best singer I know! I've always defended you when everyone joked that you were big and had flopped! I believe in you! Your music makes me move and it is thanks to you that I have spent special moments, thanks to your music! Thank you, thank you infinitely! Thank you for accompanying me on my journey for making me made ​​me smile every time I listened to your songs! you're the best!!! thanks for not having forgotten and that we love you as you love us! thanks a lot! I love you! <3 Smile xo xo

  • BionicFred 08.31.2013


  • xtina gizem 08.31.2013

    OMG Xtina this video is wonderful Laughing out loud you're amazing but please make a TOUR Turkey and all countrys are waiting you Sexy

  • ChefKent 08.31.2013

    Christina's Love Attack video. Muah! Love always, Kent

  • gabriel 08.31.2013

    I love you Christina María Aguilera, You are my inspiration, always i got you in my mind, i'm Gabriel lemus from Guatemala & I'm a Fighter \O/

  • candeetwo 08.30.2013
    almost at 970,000...looks like we will make the million before too long. awesome!
  • ILG 08.30.2013

    Thank-you Christina that was a great video..I can't wait too see more new music videos from you.. We all love you and you look happy and healthy.

  • Xtina Prince 08.30.2013

    Thank You Queen! I Love You Forever! <3 Let There Be Love!!!!

  • dawnmoore74 08.30.2013
  • universe66 08.30.2013

    That's my girl Cristina ..let there be love.

  • Christina1991 08.30.2013

    Thank you very much Christina for such a positive video! This is a very great gift for us - your fans! I'm happy! Thank you for all! Love you! =`)

  • RitzyRitz 08.30.2013

    <3 Thank You Christina for being so appreciative to us, your fans. You're a role model to each and one of us and gave us words of wisdom that help us deal with our own insecurities, fears and obstacles in life. We are just behind you in everything you do and we will support and love you deeply just like how you appreciate and show your love to us deeply. You just don't thank your fans like other artists who would just say "thank you" But you go extra mile to show how much you appreciate us and to let us know that what we do for you is noticed and recognized by you. This song ( Let there be love ) is very special to us because you dedicated it specially for us and so is the "THANK YOU" song in the Back to Basics album. You always include us in everything you do Christina. We are proud and happy that you are the one we love and support as our "Queen of music" "Queen of reinvention" and our Iconic legend genuine musician, OUR VOICE. We love you and continue doing what makes you happy, because this is one thing we learn from you, to do what makes you happy and be happy for one another's choices. All we want is that your happy. I am writing this as one of your fans/fighters, but I am pretty sure that all of your fans, us your fighters wants to say the same thing. although some finds it hard to express their self in the english language. But in our hearts you will forever be LEGENDTINA. We love you Christina Aguilera. <3

  • amaruchan 08.30.2013

    You can't even imagine how happy I am right now. Thank you, Christina, this is just plain awesome! <3 Let there be love! Smile

  • ChuckieS 08.30.2013

    Thank you so much for this Christina!!! I was so hoping you would make a video for this song. I love it! Means a lot to the fans that have stuck by you and supported you! Love you

  • LaraFIERCE 08.30.2013

    Thank you so much girl! Love you! #lettherebelove

  • Xtina09 08.30.2013

    God I love her.

  • angelicaruso 08.30.2013

    Hi Christina! te escucho desde hace años, desde "genio atrapado"...(si, tus temas en español),hasta hoy... con tus canciones de Lotus, y el single "hoy tengo ganas de ti"... transmites sentimientos cuando cantas... gracias por lo que escribiste ayer.... saludos desde Chile!!!

  • Fernando85 08.30.2013

    what a great teaser!! Love you always and Forever!! Rise up Lotus, rise!!

  • Susie2412 08.29.2013

    WOW! Christina Thank you so much for that letter and this video! I have been by your side every single step of the way, since you were forced to be the genie in the bottle to the now when you have become this true amazing woman with such an incredible talent and spirit! Thank you so much for this letter! It really proves that you are real and genuine. You are truly a woman of your words. You are my ultimate inspiration in life! I honestly don't know where I would be in life were it not for your music. I thank God everyday for you and am so happy that you have succeeded. You are so amazing. Thank you SO much for all that you do and please don't ever stop doing all that you do! I love you forever!!!

  • AllaneZ 08.29.2013

    I don't want to be delusional but what are the dancers doing there? Seems like they're in intensive practice. Is this for tour??

  • AllaneZ 08.29.2013

    This video is everything, thank you for showing your personal life for us. You got so great family and friends. Love!

  • I LOVE U XTINA !!!!!

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