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Listen To Christina Aguilera's You Lost Me

Christina Aguilera officially unveiled the cover to her new single for "You Lost Me" and now you can listen to the new radio mix that's just been released. It makes the song that much more amazing! Enjoy Christina Fans!!

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  • magicangel 04.03.2011

    Hermoso tema =)

  • xicawest 09.23.2010

    me encanta esta canción

  • alezhon 09.23.2010

    Me gustó =)

  • SebastianOD 08.12.2010

    I Love It!!

  • beng694 08.02.2010

    beautiful song

  • I listen to this song at LEAST twice a day and I listen to half of your entire song collection every night before I sleep! I love you!

  • musiqnerd 07.15.2010

    Request Christina on the Radio..let's get this song on all the Billboard charts!!

  • gvergara 07.14.2010

    me encanta. esta cancion, bueno en realidad me encanta la musica que crea christina aguilera. Tal vez no soy el fan numero 1 pero tu musica ha estado conmigo en los momentos mas dificiles y tambien en los mas alegres gracias christina

  • carol 07.14.2010

    beautiful, you lost me

  • ALEJ88MEXI 07.13.2010


  • parcos80 07.13.2010

    Just bought it on itunes!!! I swear!!!

  • vince v 07.13.2010


  • parcos80 07.13.2010

    Come on guys, Love it or not, this is Christina's hard work and we have to support it, we have to make this song a BIG hit by requesting it on the radio and buying it on itunes, we are responsible for her success so do whatever it takes to make Christina #1 again!!!

  • cprice1000 07.06.2010

    EVERYONE, THIS VERSION IS AVAILABLE ON ITUNES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU LOST ME - SINGLE

  • pierejean 07.06.2010

    love it! can't wait to see the video! love u xtina 4 ever1

  • Peppermint3000 07.06.2010

    I'm not a fan of this version. I think it takes out the soul of the song a lil' bit and Xtina's voice gets kinda lost. The album's version is more pure and raw.

  • Boofuxckyouu 07.06.2010

    mmh. very disapointed in this mix. Why couldn't they just bring out the original. It's so emotional. It doesn't have to be with a beat. The whole emotion is now out of it.. i know if you brig out the original one, everyone will get goosebumps all over.. or even cry.

  • tiarne 07.06.2010

    love it Smile

  • carito 07.05.2010

    i justtt loveee ittt!!!!.... its so emotional!!! great choise for second single!!! i love it!!!!.... pleasee christina make PRIMA DONNA the third singlee!!!! its a must!!!! whatt a songg!!! its amazinggg!!!!

  • cmdavila722 07.05.2010

    I def like the original better...I think the first verse and chorus should be the original and add the remix to the rest of the song

  • McFairyland 07.05.2010

    Obviously there are mixed opinions about this version... but if u look through most of the comments, they pretty much say, that they prefer the original one!
    u should listen to ur fans and drop this version!...ok, it´s cool if u go out with this on the radio, but make the video with the original "more heartfelt" version!

  • parcos80 07.04.2010

    Does anybody know when the video is coming out???

  • riicardow 07.04.2010


    This version is.. ugly!, is bad!...

    the bass in the song.. is xtream out of the line.. and have nothing with the song.. please... DO NOT LET THIS MIX OUT TO THE RADIOS... JUST LET THE ORIGINAL GOES.!

  • sweetness123 07.04.2010

    yeah I love it.... where do you buy it?

  • Estuardo 07.04.2010

    this version is ok.... for me both are good..... but from all the cd my favorites songs are vanity, all i need and i am................ but this cd is terrific....i love it !

  • Alberto86 07.04.2010

    Favolosa.... Come sempre...

  • ItalianBoy 07.04.2010


  • parcos80 07.04.2010

    I love this song, original and mix versions, I can't wait to hear it on the radio, I know it's not an uptempo summer song but everybody gets their heart broken, even in the summer!!! Great Song!!!

  • dirrtyblack 07.03.2010

    hi JJC. I hope i can meet you. I have always been a fan. I am from the philippines.

  • hgtina 07.03.2010

    i love this song in first listen!

  • brokencage 07.03.2010

    I must agree with the other fans, the reason we loved and embraced this song was just that it was raw, and not over produced. The added beat just steals the emotion and cheapens the content. Don't make a video with this version please revert to the original.Lots of love!

  • kdmiranda 07.03.2010

    I L O V E this version!!! Way to go Christina!!! i read the comments before listening the version and i thought i was not going to be that much into it...but OMG is not better than the original but it kind of is in a way....i really loved it...the beats are great!

  • Sebastienne 07.03.2010

    that beat repeating over and over again throughout the whole song is SO ANNOYING Sad
    i agree the album version is much better, this song really didn't need a mix!

  • ckxtina 07.03.2010

    i like the radio mix but i really love the album original version, its full of emotions and very soulful......... so pls. really prefer the original version.......... LUV U XTINA!!!!!!!!

  • BackNDaDay90 07.03.2010

    Oh, and a video for "Bobblehead" as well. The videos don't even have to be expensive, but it would be great to have visual aids for Bionic, Elastic Love, Bobblehead, Woohoo, Desnudate, Glam, Prima Donna, Sex For Breakfast, I Am, Monday Morning and Birds of Prey

  • BackNDaDay90 07.03.2010

    I like the album version more, but us Christina fans want a video anthology. We want videos for Bionic, Elastic Love, Woohoo, Desnudate, Glam, Prima Donna, Sex For Breakfast, I Am, Monday Morning and Birds of Prey. This album is stellar and would be nice since we only got 3 official videos for her masterpiece album 'Back to Basics.' Please Christina and we love you!

  • eckawidia 07.02.2010

    cant wait to see a video from YLM..
    always love and support u Smile

  • RayRay 07.02.2010

    Vote Xtina! <a href="" title=""></a>

  • clloyd 07.02.2010

    aww what a shame, the album version was amazing, one of my all time fav songs. what made it work was the simplicity, it was all about your voice and the lyrics. this version had to much sound clutter and takes an amazing song and turns it into a song that anyone would release. you should release the album version thats the one ill have playing on loop.

  • bombfighter 07.02.2010

    This radio mix is not bad, but the original is way better. Christina, please release the original Sad

  • thesamegirl 07.02.2010

    I prefer the original. I don't think that change a really good song in something worst, to have a more commercial song is a good idea for a singer with talent like Christina.

  • parcos80 07.02.2010

    I will always support you Christina, no matter what, if you think this version if better then good, I can't wait to hear it on the radio...

  • albelnox 07.02.2010

    It sounds good, but, I actually like the album version better; it lacks the elctronic background heard in this version.

  • patrick 07.02.2010

    I love this version because it adds a more soulful beat meshed with Christina's bluesy souful voice. Just wish she would have took the soul up a notch or two not that anyone can match those vocals anyway. I also love the album version as well. 5 stars out of 5 Christina.

  • amy89 07.02.2010

    I like it, but the original is so much better..!!

  • ddtluna 07.02.2010

    i love the original but i understand why they added the beat for the radio, lets all request it on the stations to make it number 1, i love xtina

  • diepmayer 07.01.2010

    I don't like this mix. So cheap and not deep enough. I LOVE THE ORIGINAL.

  • I LOVE the original, but this is good too! Laughing out loud

  • kvmahlau 07.01.2010

    I love the orginal track best, but this is okay. I perfer the other one on the CD.

  • LEFOU IBIZA 07.01.2010

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