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Listen to "Show Me How You Burlesque"

Haven't gotten your hands on the #1 Soundtrack to Burlesque?? Well take a listen to Christina's "Show Me How You Burlesque" below. This song is truly a Christina Classic. Have you seen Burlesque yet?

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  • xtinarox13 12.22.2010

    this is my favorite song from the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zigfrid 12.09.2010

    love it christina aguilera GREAT JOB AGAIN

  • AllaneZ 12.09.2010

    Very-very love this song Sexy

  • Fan_of_You 12.08.2010

    what it's the difference between the original soundtrack of the movie and just the soundtrack I don't get that. does it come with the same songs or are they different? somebody can explain me that please. Smile

  • xtinarox13 12.06.2010

    great song

  • Harel1444 12.06.2010

    This song and "bound to you" are the Best song from burlesque ! (:

  • lickylickyyumyum 12.06.2010

    Hopefully this will do well as a single but i think Express would have been a better choice.

  • xdrigo 12.05.2010

    my favorite song and dance from the movie..

  • Krisztina 12.05.2010

    Love you Christina and love this song too!
    You're amazing I can't wait to see Burlesque!!!!

  • Violeta Feier 12.05.2010

    I love this song!!!!the final is unbelivable, love y Chriss!!!!!

  • osquitarXD 12.04.2010

    y cuando se supone q saldran los demás videos de burlesque?? XD

  • mynix 12.04.2010

    I like this song, it would fit B2B so perfectly. Honestly all the Burlesque songs shoud be on that album.

  • ivie73 12.03.2010

    The movie is amazing great job Christina. Buy the cd it also amazing.

  • P.A.M.E 12.03.2010

    No todavia no la e visto es q al parecer n se precentara n PUERTO RICO :'-C creo pero si e escuchado'show me how you burlesque' y otras

  • ol1457 12.03.2010

    Cant take this song out of my head !!!! best ever Christina

  • Claudus 12.03.2010

    So good !!!!! I love it !! Christina I love you !!! Smile

  • therealme 12.03.2010

    I love this song,but the whole album is full of hits ,im so adicted to Bound To You.

  • Quintoia 12.03.2010

    Amazing vocals in this song Christina! Love it!! Smile

  • Quintoia 12.03.2010


  • AllaneZ 12.03.2010

    Release as a single!!

  • geoXge 12.03.2010

    Just coming back from seeing the film for the 5th time! And this performance at the end, OMFG! I cannot get enough! Now I cannot wait until the DVD is released LOL "Burlesque" should totally go onto Broadway!

  • karl 12.02.2010

    Saw Burlesque... Fantastic!!!!

  • ol1457 12.02.2010

    love this song , cant take it out of my head xxx

  • XRAY 12.02.2010

    LOVE YOU XTINA!!!!!!!!

  • X - jl 12.02.2010

    es excelente BURLESQUE....
    love you X-tina.........!!!!!!!!

  • jesus1974 12.02.2010

    i have been listening ever since i got my album cograts i love the whole album! keep it up christina!

  • chpchipichp 12.02.2010

    wow i looove the song and the album its amazing!!

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